Thursday 22 June 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 June 2017                                          

The Terrorism Label

[On Friday, Vaiko was barred from entering Malaysia on the grounds that he was a supporter of the banned outfit Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and a threat to the country.
The MDMK leader told reporters that he would be writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to seek an explanation from the Malaysian government.] First Post

Who is right and who is wrong in this matter? The Common aspect between the three nations is the Tamil culture. As per Tamil culture Relationships are important and duty comes before our emotional likes and dislikes. Mr. Vaiko who is a Tamil Politician has the DUTY to act as per Political relationships. LTTE separated itself from the Politicians of the area they claimed as  Tamil Eelam  when they failed to obey LTTE orders. Often, Tamils within the Diaspora say that the ‘Boys started off well but lost their order along the way’. My response to that is that the Boys ‘sold’ the relationship for money. Mr. Vaiko is part of the legacy that the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr. M.G.Ramachandran (MGR) acquired when he funded the Militants and they in turn called him Anna (Big Brother). That was the first indicator that the LTTE were deviating from Tamil Tradition. This led to the Sri Lankan Tamil Politicians being placed below Indian Tamil Politicians who gave money. If the militants were fighting to defend  Traditional  Land, their relationships needed to be on the basis of those to whom that Land was ‘home’. North-Eastern Sri Lanka was never the homeland of MGR. Eventually by killing Tamil Politicians LTTE demoted itself to mercenary status. Then the Natural Forces of all those who sacrificed lower benefits for self-governance in various institutions along various pathways – worked against them. The inheritance from militants at the family level is reverse autocracy by children.

If Mr. Modi ‘supported’ Mr. Vaiko, he would also inherit this legacy. As per the above report:
[Speaking to reporters on Chennai on his arrival, Vaiko, when queried on whether he was treated like a criminal in Malaysia, said: "It was not like that. The common courtesy, genuine courtesy was lacking." ]

It is the DUTY of the officials to uphold the values of their Administrative family above outside Politicians. Had Mr. Vaiko paid his respects to Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam who led the Vaddukoddai Resolution – he would have been entitled to that common courtesy as per the system of Dharma. If Malaysian officials showed Common Courtesy to Mr. Vaiko who openly claims mental relationship with LTTE – they would be failing in their duty as Administrators, leave alone promoting militancy within Malaysia.

To my mind, the deepest value I have brought with me to Australia is this commitment to institutional structures and duties. Australia needs it due to majority race having its origin in the penal community. I left Northern Sri Lanka in 1968, to make a ‘home’ in Colombo. It is that legacy at the time of my completion of home-relationship that I carry with me wherever I go. Rule by guns, swords and knives had no place in that ‘home of mine’. It does not mean that I alienate them. My duty as an educated Tamil is to always take the higher status with such groups – even though I am seen as unpleasant and disorderly by those who takeover power through weapons along a pathway that has deviated from Tradition of relationships. I realise now that this was why I assembled peacefully at the office of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW after completing my work as per the requirements of my POSITION. The Administrators who were actively connected to their origins from the penal colony called the armed officers, confirming their lack of commitment to the Intellectual pathway as per the Institution of Higher Education.

In my article headed ‘If you are all Australians we are all Indians’
I quoted Mr. Abbott as follows in relation to ANZAC day celebrations:
[The modern world is unimaginable without the legacy of Western civilisation,” Mr Abbott said.“It will help the Liberal Party if we place ourselves firmly on the side of Western civilisation against its critics, and of Australian values against the politically correct wreckers and cynics. But we shouldn’t do so to win elections; we should do so because it’s right. “If you are an Australian, you have to believe in Australia.” He said “all too often” Australians were hostile towards their country and its values, including part-time ABC host and Muslim activist Abdel-Magied.
Government MPs have called on the ABC and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to sack the 26-year-old from the national broadcaster and a government board, run by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, after she wrote: “Lest. We. Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine).”

“Why is it that only some opinions get you sacked, or investi­gated by the Human Rights Commission?” he said.
“An over-promoted, politically correct 26-year-old is merely the symptom of the cultural cowardice that’s penetrated to the very heart of our institutions. While officialdom wrings its hands in nervous self-doubt about anything that might be labelled anti-youth, anti-women, anti-black or, perhaps worst of all, anti-Muslim, Australians show what they think of our country’s knockers by turning out in ever-increasing numbers and ever-greater enthusiasm on Anzac Day” ]
There are different pathways through which we make our homes in Australia. ANZAC day is part of  the Traditional pathway through which majority race maintains its orderly pathway. Those of us who respect the orders in our own cultures would have little difficulty in appreciating those celebrations. They are certainly part of Australian structures through which Common Australian values are produced. The above post “Lest. We. Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine).”  was made by Ms Yassmin Abdel-Magied when the lady was holding office in ABC. To even think those comments on ANZAC day, amounts to an attack and not in defence. They are Australian values but expressed on a day when we were honouring fellow Australians who represented us in wider society. Whatever we may be on the inside – we Australians show an image as law abiding society of global standards, to wider world. It’s a Common pathway used by most successful migrants, to make our homes in Australia. This includes Australians of British origin.  Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine are part of the exterior and is about those to whom Australia is not yet home.

Ms Abdel-Magied , through her actions acknowledged that they were inappropriate. They reflected lack of respect for her position in ABC which is Nationally funded. Mr. Abbott’s response / reaction that ‘the modern world is unimaginable without Western civilization’ is also an attack on those of us who bring our positive values with us and integrate it with previous Australian values rather than ‘enforce’ from above as Mr. Abbott’s ancestors did. While in Democracy we have the obligation to show our achievements through objectively measurable outcomes – such as majority vote – we have no authority to diminish the value of Time-based seniority of a group at a particular place. Just because they are quietly treasured and practiced does not mean that we have embraced majority rule. If not for my Tamil culture which includes respect for elders while we are in their ‘home-territory’ – I would have assimilated the easy way and would have damaged the pathway through which the blessings of all those who follow those position based structures coming Naturally to protect Australians during their times of need. As a member of the Tamil community which includes militants – I have the ability and willingness to confidentially educate them towards expressing opposition through higher pathways. I believe that I also made this contribution towards the Tamil National Party becoming the leading Opposition in National Parliament.
I wrote on 20 June, under the heading ‘Value of Advocacy’ :
The boundaries of a relationship are important in developing institutional values.  I was unhappy therefore when I read this morning that our Foreign Minister the Hon Julie Bishop is planning on going to Sri Lanka in relation to Dengue Control which is outside her portfolio.]
I was hurt by the Australian Foreign Minister giving priority to Australian work in Sri Lanka, outside the current order of priority in Sri Lanka as per Sri Lanka’s needs. That amounts to ‘using Sri Lanka’ and therefore Sri Lankans to promote the particular interests of the Minister’s culture. The timing, like that of  Ms Abdel-Magied is disorderly when Sri Lanka needs to earn its eligibility as part of the Community that is bound by Common Global culture based on UN laws. Like Ms Abdel-Magied, Ms Bishop is also publicly funded and has the obligation to stay within the boundaries of the UN. There was dead silence on the part of Australian Government, starting with the Prime Minister in response to the involvement of international minds in regulating the Justice system in Sri Lanka.
Now that Australia also is challenged by Global Terrorism of which LTTE with its origins in Sri Lanka’s North is part – one would have expected Australia to invest in the  Justice system  before the physical health system.

Lack of Self-Confidence to take the higher position with Sri Lanka? – that is how the Truth comes out in a ‘free environment’. The laws through which we receive benefits including status benefits – show the pathway to Australian values.  Yet we hear no criticism of Ms Bishop’s lack of respect for her tax-payer funded position – along the lines we heard when Ms Abdel-Magied demonstrated similar disrespect. Australia’s commitment to law and order is strongly protected and nurtured by those of us who carry those traditional values as our Nature. We would protect and nurture them even when threatened by the official armed forces of majority race. 

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