Tuesday 13 June 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 June 2017

Lankan Government Ruled by Armed Forces?

[A delegation led by former Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara is to leave for Geneva on Wednesday to attend the 35th session of the UN Human Rights (UNHR) Council.
He said they intend lobbying in favour of Sri Lanka and to handover a petition against UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Al Hussein for interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.] Daily Mirror Report ‘Sarath Weerasekara to submit petition against Zeid’
The parallel example of the above that comes to mind is the Tamil militants’ meetings with Governments (Indian and Sri Lankan) instead of elected politicians leading Peace talks.. In both instances it is a confession that the armed forces were/are  in control rather than elected representatives of the People. The Truth has surfaced  Itself yet again, about the real leadership in Sri Lanka – as earned by the People.  The picture that has surfaced is that majority Sri Lankans are NOT self-governing. A self governing person gets the self-governing governor-administrator during her/his time of need.
The UN is the institutional example of self-governance. Irrespective of whether the individuals occupying lead positions within the UN have earned their position status or not – we would have the UN experience if we follow the protocols of our position as juniors to complete the experience. Once we find fault with a system / institution, we place a ceiling on our own growth. If we keep going until we are opposed in doing our Duty as per our junior position, then we escalate the issue beyond the existing level and our contribution becomes the foundation of new laws and / or new entities – such as Tamil Eelam or Sinhala Nation respectively.
As per my observations, Tamils of my generation were more firmly structured in terms of institutional positions within family, than they are now.  Researching through my own experiences – I realise that the status that I earned in family but did not get – came to me through my work institutions.  At the higher level of thinking, we complete the experience and therefore carry the essential values and lose consciousness of  the form. Those driven by benefits/wins – by ignoring the existing institutional structures – carry the past with them and hence their life becomes burdensome. Whether it be Hinduism or Buddhism – this is the value of rebirth principle – that we carry beyond death –our sins and virtues only. As an ordinary White Australian said – Easter Sunday also confirms this. At death we are moving towards another form – which is also a sovereign structure. When we fail to use that appropriately to live a balanced life – we invoke the past – for better or for worse. This activation force becomes stronger when we are one-sided – more and more in this life – again for better or for worse.
If we truly believe that the war is over – then we would leave the land area of war – North and East of Sri Lanka as the ownership was prior to the war. By Sinhalese Armed forces occupying the Land previously occupied by Tamils and Muslims, the Government is confirming not only that the war is not over as far as they are concerned but also that they fought to ‘invade’ by making Jaffna Terra Nullius.
When we sacrifice benefits in our custody, we naturally develop higher structures. The fighter who fails to pass her/his skills through Higher Common   Structures, kills to show wins.

Mr. Sarath Weerasekara who continues to carry the title Rear Admiral – would lack the mind structure needed to appreciate Human Rights of  multicultural nation – leave alone the globe. The Government has the duty to discipline such a person – starting by ordering that he be stripped of his Army credits if he sought to hold elected position in a democratic government, unless the Government seeks to confirm that Sri Lanka is under the control of armed forces. 

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