Thursday, 10 March 2016

Whatever happened, happened well; Whatever is happening is happening well; Whatever has to happen will also happen well
What of yours did you lose for you to cry?; What did you bring for you to lose it?; What have you created for it to be wasted?
Whatever you took you took from Here;Whatever you gave you gave Here What is yours today is someone else’s tomorrow
The day after it is someone else’s.  This is how the world functions and This is the essence of   My    Creation’

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 10 March   2016

Hindu Jihad?

“The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera today charged that there was an ongoing conspiracy by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and several other personnel to chase out Sinhalese from their native lands in the North and East with the intention of re-merging the two provinces.
The Northern Province and the Eastern Province were merged into one contiguous Northeastern Province with the implementation of the 13th Amendment. Later it was again divided into two provinces.” - Daily Mirror - Conspiracy to remove Sinhalese from North and East: BBS

As a student I learnt in Auditing that Internal Controls using Separation of Duties would strengthen the security and reliability of an Accounting system. The risk of collusion is minimized through Separation. Given that Chartered Accountancy is part of the Sri Lankan Administrative mind – I would expect it to apply also to Public Administration.

So, is the Buddhist organization - Bodu Bala Sena – recommending separation of Eastern Tamils from Northern Tamils for purposes of Internal Control? Mergers happen at three levels:

1.      Socially by the People.
I already witness such mergers in Jaffna – where vendors often talk to me in Sinhalese. Sinhalese who come to Jaffna voluntarily – are contributing to natural mergers. I did not encounter any block to this from any Politician in Jaffna. If Bodu Bala Sena did, then they must reveal details of it so Tamils could take corrective action. If Bodu Bala Sena does not reveal details – we have the duty to conclude that they are expressing their own fears. The details revealed are as follows:
The Ven. Thera was referring to the houses that were being rebuilt by the Government in these areas.
“There are about 325 fishing families, who are permanent residents of the Kokilai village without proper houses. The money given to reconstruct 65 houses that were given by late Ranasinghe Premadasa had been used to resettle Tamils in that village,” the Thera said.
“A 50 acre block of the ‘Kok Eliya’ land , which was the only Sinhala village in Vavuniya had been bulldozed by a member of TNA (Sinnamon), who had been a leader of the LTTE pistol gang and taken steps to resettle Tamils in that village,” he said.
“We ask President Maithripala Sirisena why the Government couldn’t take any action against the TNA and other Tamil organisations. Do only Sinhalese have to be law abiding citizen of this country?” he said.

The Government must act if the above damage was unlawful – not at Presidential level but through Due Administrative processes. If the Govenrment fails to act then Tamils may conclude that mentally – the Government fears the LTTE.

In response to my article - Ghosts & Angels of War  - one resident Tamil wrote in relation to fears of the Government that Tamils may takeover leadership from Sinhalese -From what I understand that is how the Sinhalese are being taught by their politicians and "brain-washed" ; teachers are teaching their students.’
I responded as follows:
If the driving force is ‘desire’ for political power – then the fear comes with it as per the Lord’s system of Truth. Then they would manifest as Acts of God when they go beyond their valid time for correction.
Does Bodu Bala Sena fear Buddhism losing its foremost place in Sri Lanka? If yes, could this be cured by separating Tamils from each other? Socially, the war brought Tamils together – closer than ever before – including from wider world.

2.      By law
In this instance through elimination of ‘Sinhala only law’ and replacing it with 13A, the law confirmed the internal merger – largely due to LTTE power supported by India. As per my observations – there has been no conscious use of  13A by Tamils in Sri Lanka – for whatever reason, at People’s level. 13A confirmed the merger that already existed due to common cause. In fact Eastern LTTE broke away from Northern LTTE despite 13A. This confirms that with such rebel groups – the trick is to have custody of the power of law that is already in existence through natural behavior – so they look elsewhere for reasons for fighting..

3.       Through Natural Forces of Karma

The merger of  Tamil minds is largely through religious pathways – Hinduism and Christianity. Hence the strengthening of bondage between Indians and Sri Lankan Tamils – especially those who lost faith in Buddhist government leadership. To the extent such loss was beyond the control of Tamils who suffered – they were naturally empowered by their faith including through Indians with similar cultural practices. All those who genuinely practice their respective religion merge minds with other genuine practitioners of that religion. When they do – the religious pathway becomes the more natural pathway accessible to all genuine practitioners. India with Hinduism as its major religion, is therefore a Natural Protector of Sri Lankan Tamils – as the Middle East is of Muslims.

Given that over 80% of Indians are Hindus and only about 3% are Buddhists – it would take stronger practices of Buddhism in both countries for the Hinduism merger to be overridden by Buddhism merger. In terms of land connection – India is the closest and strongest relative of Sri Lanka and  hence the Natural forces that merge our minds will continuously protect Sri Lankan Hindus – without us consciously seeking such protection. It is Hindu Jihad / Dharma.

The war in Sri Lanka was strongly influenced by this invisible Natural Merger of Hindus. When such merger happens between Buddhists in Sri Lanka and  China -  we would have Buddhist Jihad. On their own it is highly unlikely that Sri Lankan Buddhists would develop this power to override Indian influence in Sri Lanka – the real and permanent power which would be invoked by any genuine Hindu.

As Lord Krishna said to the seer of Truth – ‘Whatever happened, happened well
Whatever is happening is happening well; Whatever has to happen will also happen well.’

If Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera meditates under a Bo tree and sheds all worldly expectations – he would also identify with the above and share his strengths with Buddhist civilians – as Lord Buddha did. 

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