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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 March   2016

Blessed are the Meek

The garden lights in Thunaivi powered by Solar Energy worked to render feeling of security to the ordinary folks even when Sri Lankan electricity service was blocked. Custodians of Electric Power in Northern Sri Lanka cut off supply to our temple during holy period. Now during another holy period in that area – the Electricity Board is facing the return karma. In addition to the above there was an excessive charge made during the December-January period – and the Engineer said about a week ago that it was due to leakage in camera lines. When I explained that those camera lines were there before and after – he just did not want to hear me. But Someone above confirmed that He did and delivered the message through the Minister. As per the latest news (below) the return karma was clear to me:

[Weaknesses of the electricity lines have been the cause of the recent countrywide blackout, Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya informed Parliament today.]

To my mind, the authority that blamed me is now taking that very blame onto itself.

In Hinduism as well as Buddhism – it is common for elders to be respected by humble juniors. While this may seem lowly to those who are quick to take Equal position – the humble person realizes the deeper value. Usually elders – especially those who have retired from active life – would be taken to have discovered Truth through their experiences. This accumulates Energy as do those who neglect to correct their wrongs within the boundaries of the system they were part of when in active service. As practitioners of Pranic Healing would confirm – such Energies are carried by all of us. When good elders are worshipped, this Energy is shared just like when a priest blesses devotees. The beauty of this deep level sharing is that it does not diminish the power of the one who shares. That is the way of Sovereignty.  At money level – the giver loses and the receiver gains. When money is so given and received – without particular relationship with the person through Human hierarchy – it is business transaction. Where direct human resource is given and taken without money being part of the basis – the persons concerned are internal relations. They have natural subjective power to influence each other – due to common ownership.

In a job – where one is driven more by money outcomes – than by human values – such person becomes an outsider. One who is driven by Policy is an owner and – would never be wrong in spending money. This may not be visible to the surface reader. But the real owner knows. I absorbed the loss resulting from the stoppage of electricity supply  due to my acceptance that law and order would be low due to the war. But now I realize that law and order is low due to excessive money paid to workers – relative to the value derived by the customer. Hence the customer who acts as per the rules in using, becomes the internal relation in organizations where internal law and order is weak. The Australian Prime Minister has confirmed that to be the case with our Parliament – by declaring that he would go to polls if passage of his union related legislation was blocked by the Senate. Hence voters are now ‘insiders’ in terms of Australian Parliament.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull demonstrated his lack of feelings in relation to Brussels bombings – which was reported as follows by the ABC:
Malcolm Turnbull linking refugee crisis to bombings 'dangerous', Belgian ambassador says’.

It is reported that Mr. Turnbull stated "For all intents and purposes there are no internal borders in Europe ... and the external borders are difficult to manage.
"Recent intelligence indicates ISIL is using the refugee crisis to send operatives into Europe."

The ABC however highlights as follows:
[But Belgium's Ambassador to Australia Jean-Luc Bodson has cautioned against linking the issue with the deadly attacks in his homeland this week.
"It's dangerous because it's precisely what ISIS wants — that we would make a confusion between terrorism and migrants and between terrorism and Islam," he said.]

Given that I carry the positive energy in relation to racial issues and war-related refugees – I identify clearly with the response by the Belgium Ambassador. Mr. Turnbull has confirmed that he is an ‘outsider’ to Europe and to the issue of war-refugees. Mr. Howard was an insider – as a negative force and hence his presence with the American President -  during 9/11 attack. To my mind, ISIS attacking non-Muslims is driven by shows of ‘cleverness’ – the same way Mr. Howard tried to show off his political cleverness through the ‘children overboard myth’.  One needs global feelings in such issues. If one does not have them – one must limit oneself to the known and the seen. One who lacks feelings in the issue and/or the place – would tend to make up by ‘producing more and more’ which at one point makes her/him an outsider to the issue and/or the place. That was how Mr. Howard invoked the sins of the past residing in Australia as negative forces against indigenous Australians who arrived before Mr. Howard’s ancestors. To qualify as an inner relative in today’s Multicultural Australia – Mr. Howard needed to strictly renounce Subjective powers over Persons of different culture to his – however wrong they may seem to him. Those particular persons may be wrong but even one true person who is wronged will invoke the past karma in her/his favor.

Mr. Turnbull may have made these statements against a particular group but even if one Australian Muslim is hurt due to such judgments  from the top – Mr. Turnbull would have imported the war into Australia – just as Mr. Howard did and we had the Bali Bombing. At times like this we need to identify with the pain of the victims and not try to show how clever we are at judging from outside.

In Hinduism Mothers are recognized as Shakthi/Energy due to accumulation of unrealized credits for their work and pain. Minorities who accept losses due to feelings of ownership – will be the real owners. Hence the Christian saying ‘Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth’. 

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