Monday, 7 March 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 07 March   2016

Lepers and Tamils

Tonight most Hindus observe Mahasivaraathri (the great night of Lord Shiva). As a child and teenager I also observed this all-night vigil from time to time. That was more physical as per Hindu culture as practiced by those around me. Now, I do most of the physical rituals I learnt from my family – through regular / everyday practices as per my own structures in family, workplace and social services. Today I realized without conscious knowledge that it was Mahasivaraathri – a deep message about the Mind:

1.      Those who identified with and lived in their own Truth – saw themselves through that Truth and had strongly steady mind in any environment.
2.      Those who saw themselves through the minds of their environment – lived harmoniously in that group.

Recently, I read about some Sri Lankans who were isolated due to leprosy finding their own harmony within the leper colony. This to my mind is better than trying to ‘fit’ them into normal society where majority  fear leprosy. Likewise victims of HIV, terrorism and caste labels allocated beyond functional purposes.

 Until we are able to see ourselves, recognize and accept  that we are physically lesser than others it is better for our mind that we live amongst others who are like us. Likewise in terms of Community living. Tamils who are able to see themselves as being partly violent (mental disability) – and accept that comfortably, would take their place in any society and live in Peace. Others who seek external harmony need to see themselves through the minds of others in their environment. Laws help us in this regard. Knowing our environment is important towards this harmony. Devolution is needed for Tamils due to the attribution of Terrorism label through the LTTE.

The Measure used needs to be common and the outcome must confirm it. To majority Tamils LTTE are freedom fighters. To majority Sinhalese Politicians representing their race – LTTE are Terrorists. Judging  the other beyond functional purposes – would lead to mental disorder in the Judge. Hence the need to separate Political minds driven by land  based demarcations, from Judicial minds that need to be Common to all cultures.  

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe states in his message:

It takes much to achieve freedom, co-existence and equality in challenging times – especially when various attempts are underway to force the country back to dark times; with certain elements striving to create racial and religious disharmony, let us make this a momentous occasion to overcome such pettiness and work towards a constructive engagement with all.
I take this opportunity to wish all Hindu devotees in Sri Lanka and the world a happy and a blessed Maha Siva Rathri Day.’

Ravana – the Hindu king of Lanka was a strong worshipper of  Lord Shiva. It is reported that King Ravava established Thirukoneswaram Temple in Trincomalee – where there is a natural harbor. So long as Ravana driven by brawn power - remained within his environment and saw himself through the eyes of his environment – he lived harmoniously. The moment Ravana imagined  himself as part of the higher/wider world – he disturbed the harmony in his environment. Armed forces that defend are legitimate part of good government. Those that attack cause damage to the harmony in their environment.

There are Ravanas in all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka – where the Common Law does not reach rural areas and those from rural environments – to see themselves through the whole of Sri Lanka by using the Common law. The laws as they exist in paper are also often not the common mind of the Sri Lankan.

At this time when the Constitution is being amended – it is important to identify with major cultures – such as those using the brawn like Ravana and those using higher mind through which they see themselves for themselves.

If we are Ravanas and we are driven by the desire to rule the whole – including those who are far higher thinkers than us – then we would keep stealing their structures and positions – as Ravana stole Rama’s wife Seetha. Seetha was not just an individual. Seetha was wife of Rama who inherited Higher Governance from his Raghu dynasty. Such inheritance confirms higher mind order – with ability to see oneself and live within that Truth.

In Sri Lanka, those Hindus who are able to recognize themselves and live within their Truth – are independent Sri Lankans who spread the glory of Sri Lanka – beyond its borders. Those who need cultural pathways through which they would live in harmony – need appropriate ‘privacy’ including through devolution – as lepers have made out for themselves. To the extent Tamils have been painted with the Terrorism brush – they are entitled to this privacy from the rest of Sri Lanka where similar rebellion was accepted as normal crime. 

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