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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 09 March   2016

Ghosts & Angels of War

I walked up to the Bali Memorial in Coogee. I removed my shoes (Hindu style) and went close to the Memorial. I read the words of honor and then prayed in my own way. To the extent I could, I felt the pain of families and friends of the dead – highlighted  as follows:

[Twenty locals from the eastern Sydney suburb died in the bombings at Kuta in 2002.
Kirsty McKeon, who lost her sister and mother in the attack, said she still has vivid memories of the bombings.
"It was our last night in Bali and everyone was having fun at dinner, celebrating the fun times we had enjoyed," Ms McKeon said.
"I remember the bomb going off, being on the floor and trapped under the roof, escaping in a panic through a hole and then reaching the back wall and being hoisted over as the fire grew.
"I remember dad being badly injured and being flown back to Australia and mum and Rosa still being missing. [I remember] feeling alone and confused at what had happened, it hadn't sunk in.
"From that night on, my life was never the same. I spent lonely nights in bed wondering why it had happened to us. I would finally fall asleep only to be waken again by nightmares."] ABC news

The above account is not too different to some of the accounts highlighted by war-victims in Sri Lanka. My experience of the pain of Coogee victims was consolidated with the pain of Sri Lankan victims of ‘bombings’.

Majority Sri Lankan victims of ‘bombings’ were/are Tamils. Does that make Terrorists of the Government soldiers – given that the Bali bombers are labeled Terrorists by most Australians known to me? These questions were/are important to Australia due to Terrorism anxieties and to Sri Lanka, at a time when the Sri Lankan Government is embarking on Truth & Reconciliation efforts – the latest report stating as follows about this:

[Technical team sent to South Africa to study TRC process

A technical team has been sent to South Africa to study the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) process established after the abolition of apartheid, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told Parliament today.
However he said while there are many ideas Sri Lanka can take from South Africa, the final solution will be one which will address the needs of Sri Lanka.
The Minister also said that the Government is committed to address the issue on missing persons and will setup an office on missing persons.
He however said the Government has no intention of creating mechanisms simply to satisfy the international community or meet any deadlines.
The Minister said the Government is not meeting its commitments to its people to appease the international community but since it believes the country can move forward only by addressing the past. (Colombo Gazette)]

So what is the Truth about Bali Bombings? Is it that the Indonesians who threw the bombs were Terrorists? If the physical act is the measure – then given that majority victims of the Sri Lankan war were/are Tamils – and those who used the bombs were part of the Government Armed Forces  then are the Armed Forces, Terrorists?

They say in Tamil ‘The seen and the heard are lies. Only the discovery through deep inquiry is True’. Reality is often presented as Truth by the hasty. The Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW who allocated a ‘small’ slot of time in his schedule to meet up and hear me said to me about himself ‘That’s my reality’ . In other words, he was saying he was accepting ‘what happened’ as his base. This was from the Administrative head of an institution with the alleged core purpose to seek and find the Truth. I concluded that to him I was as small as the time he allocated to me at surface level only.

In terms of Sri Lanka’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission – going off to South Africa – they could only learn about South Africa’s reality for which they do not need to go physically to South Africa spending tax-payers’ money.

In my case – I went to meet with the Vice Chancellor to share my Truth – the Truth I had discovered about the University’s Financial and Human Resource systems – beyond the terms of my employment – as an owner fulfilling the core purpose of the University. But the Vice Chancellor was not ready to receive that Energy. The example that comes to mind about such lack of faith - is from the Indian epic Mahabharatham:

[Thuriyothanan – the leader of majority force went to his mother Gandhari asking her to bless him so he would be the winner in the war against his cousins – the minority opposition group (like Tamils of Sri Lanka). Gandhari – the queen – had blinded herself and had denied herself the physical eyesight to match her blind husband the king. In addition, Queen Gandhari prayed deeply and accumulated strong Energy. As a mother she had the duty to bless her son. Hence reluctant though Gandhari was for the Good Opposition to lose – she owed her son her blessings. Gandhari asked her son to take a bath and come naked. Thuriyothanan did so but when Lord Krishna teased him – he covered the private part of his body. When Gandhari removed her eye-covering – the stored Energy went to Thuriyothanan as blessing but not the covered parts. Eventually Thuriyothanan was killed due to injury to his thigh.]

Nirvana as used in Buddhism is nakedness. One has to be naked of all superficial / external attachments and be Natural to share Common Ownership Energy.

This Energy is the strongest force and cannot be recognized by the physical body and is beyond calculations. Truth cannot be known without this Energy as the base. When one blesses the other – it is this Energy that gets shared. It is also known as the Root Cause of Problems and Opportunities.

In terms of Bali Bombings – I have felt an Energy connection due to my feelings for Coogee and my pain as a migrant in Australia. The University of NSW where I experienced pain due to unjust discrimination (as per my belief) – is within the same legal geographic boundaries as Coogee. As is the case with most national and global events – there isn’t a single force that manifests such outcomes. There are the surface influences – such as majority strength and there are the intellectual influences using common values – through practice of common laws and principles. Deeper than this is the Natural Energy – the force of the Soul. Once this level is reached – the value is exponential. Deep seekers learn the true connection through their investment in this.  This Energy could be invoked consciously or otherwise – by such a seeker. I believe I am able to invoke this to know the connection between cause and effect in most of  my experiences. This is the intuitive power that all of us are capable of but most are blind to due to being conscious of  excessive external powers.

I have felt a connection between Bali and Coogee through their ancestral makeup.

As per Wikipedia:
The name Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word koojah which means "smelly place". Another version is koo-chai or koo-jah, both of which mean "the smell of the seaweed drying" in the Bidigal language. or "stinking seaweed", a reference to the smell of decaying kelp washed up on the beach. ………. The Aboriginal population had largely relocated by the mid-19th century after being decimated by disease and violent clashes with early settlers, though some Aborigines still live in the area today.

If indeed there were violent clashes with migrants – then the Aborigines to whom Coogee was ‘home’ would have been ‘displaced’/ ‘unrooted’ unjustly. Those who so unrooted the Aborigines may have acted within their own laws but would have been  unjust if it was ‘home’ to Aborigines as per their laws - especially if that ‘Home’ became place of ‘amusement’ to the new residents. Wikipedia reports:

[In 1924 construction started to build an 'English seaside style' amusement pier at Coogee Beach, on 24 July 1928, the pier was officially opened, reaching 180 metres out into the sea complete with a 1400-seat theatre, a 600 capacity ballroom, a 400-seat restaurant upstairs, small shops and a penny (machine) arcade. Unfortunately Coogee's rough surf damaged the pier and it was demolished in 1934. Life guards have recently discovered remains of the pier on the ocean floor about 50 metres out from shore]

Even though the new settlers may not have identified with it – those Aborigines to whom Coogee was home – would have left behind their pain and loss – as Energy  to the extent Coogee WAS their ‘home’. The Land holds such Energies as Heritage – negative as well as positive. Hence ghosts and angels.

The current generation to whom also Coogee is ‘home’ will not usually surface those old Energies. But when they damage the ‘home-value’ of another – be it an Aborigine or later arrival -  who identifies her/himself along Natural pathways (beyond the seen and the known) as an owner of Coogee  - those negative forces invoke themselves. The question is whether such forces were part of the root cause of Bali Bombings?


[In ancient Bali, nine Hindu sects existed, namely Pasupata, Bhairawa, Siwa Shidanta, Waisnawa, Bodha, Brahma, Resi, Sora and Ganapatya. Each sect revered a specific deity as its personal Godhead.
Inscriptions from 896 and 911 don't mention a king, until 914, when Sri Kesarivarma is mentioned. They also reveal an independent Bali, with a distinct dialect, where Buddhism and Sivaism were practiced simultaneously. ………
Balinese culture was strongly influenced by Indian, Chinese, and particularly Hindu culture, beginning around the 1st century AD. The name Bali dwipa ("Bali island") has been discovered from various inscriptions, including the Blanjong pillar inscription written bySri Kesari Warmadewa in 914 AD and mentioning "Walidwipa". It was during this time that the people developed their complex irrigation system subak to grow rice in wet-field cultivation. Some religious and cultural traditions still practised today can be traced to this period.] Wikipedia

Hindus who believe in their ancestors would naturally invoke the spirit of Hindu Bali. Such force  would manifest Itself through current forms to prevent the damage to those heritage values – when It finds an appropriate medium and when there is need by one of  Its members to make the deeper/root  connection.

Most of us do make such intuitive connections from time to time and most are not conscious of it even later. Usually it’s when we experience deep pain – and do not know ‘why us?’ – that we seek at root level. The Energy that was killed/eliminated  through the Bali Bombing was the anti-Hindu Energy that was damaging the Heritage of Bali. The bodies that died in that war  included the bodies of Heroes – including from Coogee.  To the extent Coogee was their ‘home’ they purified Coogee heritage. One who threw the bomb would have been such a hero if s/he had done so to ‘protect’ the positive heritage of her/his homeland.

Likewise, the bodies that died in the war in Sri Lanka included Heroes to whom that land was ‘Home’. A soldier who killed in the line of duty – believing Sri Lanka to be her/his ‘home’ and believing that the rebel territory was as much her/his home – as her/his home in other part of Sri Lanka through physical residence, was a hero.  Such a hero leaves at that place her/his Energy for all those to whom that land is ‘home’ – now and in the future. Likewise – Rebels and Civilians who died in the war or were physically injured in the war and/or were displaced due to the war.

Where however, that land where the physical killing happened was ‘not home’ to the soldier/rebel – the Energy at that place is negative for the killer and her/his people – now and in the future. If even one person to whom that place is home – due to inheritance and/or merit – is accused as a terrorist / war-criminal – by such a killer and/or her/his descendants – there would be ‘acts of god’ manifesting at that place. We may call them ‘acts of terrorism’ but that would only be limited to current answers to satisfy externals.  

Acts of God need to be identified with and eliminated before any inquiry into war events are undertaken through current measures. Common Laws and Principles help us form a common base on which we receive facts. How much does South Africa have in common with Sri Lanka? In South Africa minorities suppressed majority. Does this mean that the Sri Lankan government is claiming that Tamils suppressed Sinhalese?  

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