Monday, 21 March 2016

Multicultural sharing in Sydney  under the Leadership of the Hon Philip Ruddock

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 March   2016

Ownership Power

‘No one can topple this Government – PM’ – reports Sri Lankan Daily Mirror. I spy  with my little eye – something starting with ‘V’ already working from within to topple this government. Here is the path to that root:

Last week, I rang the Northern Province chief electrical engineer  asking him whether they had raised the credit as agreed – for the excess charges of Electricity to our cottage in Thunaivi Vaddukoddai. We were charged four times above the expected amount for my  December 2015 consumption. When I rang to find out – why ? - I was asked to bring the bill. When I went to the office in Chulipuram – there was no one and the door was locked. A field worker who was walking out of the gate asked me to wait – saying they would be back soon. I waited patiently and finally the security officer opened the door. When I asked to speak to an officer he asked me what the problem was an took the bill – saying he would hand it over to the officer. I concluded that the offers were not going to return that afternoon.

Later when I rang I was told that it was Chunnakam problem. When I rang Chunnakam I was asked whether I had lodged a written complaint? I did one but there was no response. I rang again and was asked to send another. I sent another. On and on it went. Eventually – a team of three came – checked the meter; said there was nothing wrong with the meter; sealed the meter – and was about to walk away. I asked them to check the Temple meter (because no reading was recorded for December - for the temple serviced by the cottage). They looked at it – and said that they needed to change the meter as it was an old one. I asked them why the meter-reader had not reported it when he came to take the readings? There was no response. The chief inspector just repeated that the meter was too old.

Through my experience I worked out that the meter readers had not been recording with care which sometimes resulted in high level bills. Once before when our Training Center bill was high – I discovered that the later reading showed a lower reading  than the previous one. When I pointed this out – the reader said they would not take any reading for a few months but charge us only for the minimum. I agreed but noted that the Electricity Board was not committed to good service. This was a bit sad for me given that I had close relationships with two of its former General Managers – Mr. E.C. Fernando – through work and Mr. N. Sanmugarajah as my close family. Their dedication to good administration was not upheld in Vaddukoddai. As a customer with feelings of ownership I filled the gap.

But try as I did – I could not do so with the Temple & Cottage. To the surface reader – it may seem just high consumption  by us or mistake by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). That would be the parallel of  Prime Minister Ranil’s ‘No one can topple this Government’ claim. But the one with the True Experience would know that that high bill was a manifestation of accumulated karma – remaining there to render each one their share of blame – as per each one’s Truth.

After the Dismissal of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, followed by the removal of former Australian Prime Minister Mr. John Howard – and related experiences, I have learnt that a true owner always invokes the Truth – often subconsciously. The purpose of Laws – especially the complex ones is also to protect ourselves from such manifestations by investing in the positive on regular basis. It is our true investment in the law that works this Energy at its roots. As I said in my draft appeal-submission sent to our lawyer in relation to the Testamentary case of my brother in law that went before the Mallakam Courts:
(a)   this being a Testamentary case of a Hindu and the Common Hindu belief that we carry only our True virtues / p<]f]iymf and sins / pavmf into our next life and that our loved ones and relatives – add to the True values we take with us – by adding their own through various ceremonies. For these reasons the Court for its part needed to show the highest possible respect and value for the Estate of Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan – a Hindu covered by Thesawalamai Customary Law – so that our Heritage would be preserved.
(b)   Truth v Knowledge - Where the Truth brought to Court through Due Process forms a bigger picture than the picture presented to Court as per the knowledge of legal experts – such Truth must be recognized for the purpose of changes to the laws and policies. Legal Experts whose experience in that issue is weaker than their investment in the law and court processes – would tend to block the path of  Truth brought to Court by  the litigant with deeper experience – especially where such experience has been painful. If that were to happen, the Court system would have failed the very society that it is required to serve.”
I realized more and more after my Australian experiences – that once we feel true ownership – we work the system – naturally and often subconsciously in the case of those with lesser status than they have earned. When such persons are in need – Truth manifests Itself to protect and support them – so they can balance the books for their own purposes.

Mr. Howard’s makeup – as a Politician was not conducive to upholding Equal Opportunity principles and laws. Mine was/is  very strong in this regard. Hence by engaging with him through his position as Prime Minister – I established a relationship – even though Mr. Howard the Person did not directly interact with me. Had he been truly committed to Equal Opportunity values – he would have – at least as per my mind – as the Hon Philip Ruddock did.

Mr. Howard’s father  is reported to have been  an admirer of Sir Winston Churchill and I come from a family that respects highly – Gandhi who was called a ‘half naked fakir’ by the Englishman. Such followings determine the order of the mind that receives the seen and the heard and strongly influence the known. When the known is largely as per one’s own Truth it is a Natural force through which we influence Nature / Truth.

Last September after I returned to Sydney – I arranged for additional security cameras and fencing for the Temple. The Temple camera system was powered by the cottage for security reasons. Those who did not want the camera system – due to their own reasons – reported that the electric connections were sparking when it rained and the Electricity Board just disconnected supply without any inquiry or discussion with our staff. It was just before the 9 day Navaraathri (9 nights) celebrations  at the temple in honor of Goddess Saraswathy and we used battery power to make up for the Electricity stoppage. We installed expensive Solar Lights during our most recent stay in Vaddukoddai.

The Camera and the Lighting system are to improve the Security in that area – especially for the working women. Through such purpose - we became the government in that area. When the apparent government – represented by the CEB cut off supply – our pain and difficulty and the extra cost – reversed itself exponentially – affecting even the President. THAT is true Citizen’s power.

CEB may not have the resources to serve the higher needs of development taking place in Northern Province. But Human Resource can always more than make up for lack of money resource. The CEB officials are rude as if they are masters and the consumers are servants. Where the consumer is more law abiding than the supplier – the supplier must take the consumer as ‘right’. Otherwise – any show of power – due to custody of the supply key – would go towards toppling the Government in charge at the time the customer had the pain.

They say – that there is a god within each of us. Owners place themselves with those who have faith in them. Where such owners are ordinary customers / citizens – the reversal being exponential is far greater than when a supplier / government is right and is rebelled against. The current Sri Lankan Government may be more right than the previous one. But it is not immune to customers/citizens returning the karma due to weak Administration. The solution is not to take higher position than an unknown customer/citizen but equal position until known otherwise. To know the reasons why something happened, each one would make the karmic connection as per their own Truth. Such Truth will be right for that person and would merge naturally to manifest the true picture of the whole – for better or for worse.

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