Monday 4 January 2016

Lord Muruga with His Ladies - by Raja Ravi Varma

Ms Diannah Paramour
Australian Activist in Sri Lankan matters
7010 Huon Highway, Dover,
Tasmania, Australia - 7117

Dear Ms Paramour,
The Bra Fiasco and Its Ramifications

Your open communication to the official Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission in Australia, on the above subject matter,  found its way to me through fellow Sri Lankans. I respond as a person common to Australia and Sri Lanka.

You have introduced yourself as follows:
‘In 2004 I founded a small group to promote positive outcomes for Sri Lanka.
"Duplicity...Truth & Forgiveness In Sri Lanka" (C) 2004.
Our aims and objectives are to bring about the truth before forgiveness can be given.’

My  discovery – largely through my AUSTRALIAN experiences -   is that Truth is realized and is not limited to the seen and the known.  We particularize Truth – to facilitate our own thought processes. Hence when you have ‘Objectives’ – we need facts. Fact like the human person is the physical presentation through which Truth/Soul  is recognized by the average person. As an Australian you would need more facts to participate at the same level as a Sri Lankan, to identify with the Truth in the Sri Lankan experience. Otherwise you need to be a global person Common to all Nations.

Also it is my discovery that once we realize Truth – forgiveness is confirmed. Truth makes us One person. Hence there is no need for one to forgive the other, except in confirmation.

You state in your communication:
[I need to mention that I have learnt that not all Tamils are Tamil Tigers and this also is something I would like the western world to acknowledge. ]

Where majority Tamils have identified with the stated cause of the Tamil Tigers – i.e. – Self Governance – we are all Tamil Tigers. Just yesterday I was taking to a Tamil in Vaddukoddai – the birthplace of the first Political Declaration of  Tamil Independence was made in 1976 – who introduced himself as having been part of the LTTE Navy and also was supported by Mr. Douglas Devananda – a Minister in the Rajapaksa Government to which Government – the LTTE were officially - Terrorists. Where majority Tamils of Sri Lanka identify with this self governance cause – the whole Community is taken to include Tamil Tigers as part of themselves. Hence as a Community – we come as a package – LTTE as well as Douglas Devananda. This is now being confirmed through the latest Tamil formation Tamil People’s Council. Hence making the distinction between LTTE Tamils and other Tamils is irrelevant to us – insiders. Bu including ourselves, we are also diluting the negatives that have gone beyond their correctable period to become sins. Only those with true positives in Equal Opportunity values have the ability to redeem the negatives that have become sins.

Lord Murugan Murugan with his wives by Raja Ravi Varma

This distinction between inherited values and merit based rights and wrongs is clearly recognized in migrant rich countries such as Australia – through Anti Racial Discrimination laws. It is represented by the two Ladies of Tamil Hindu Deity Lord Muruga (in whose honor we have a temple at the Sydney suburb of Westmead) – Theivayanai & Valli. Theivayanai depicts faith based values already residing as our Reserve Energy and Valli depicts merit through current activities. They are known as Itcha Sakthi (motivating Energy) and Kiriya Sakthi (active work Energy). To my mind they are Static Energy and Dynamic Energy. The two cannot be indiscriminately combined to work out majority value. Hence the need for Separation of Powers through Devolution. One could identify with the two forces through oneself –  one motivating us through Reserves of Energy accumulated over Time and the other by freezing time to current period and including wider world through knowledge common to us.  Those choosing the latter are Activists.

You introduce yourself to the Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission as ‘I am 5th generation Australian born from Celtic origins

 This to my mind, means that a large doze of your knowledge base is from this Reserve accumulated from the past. This naturally blocks the path of  Multicultural Observation that is part of Democracy. The Australian Police who according to my interpretation of the law arrested me unlawfully for Peaceful Assembly at the University of NSW – listed me as Indian and then Sri Lankan. Under cross examination by me – one officer who could not find fault with that description stated that he was ‘fourth generation Australian’. Yet the Court ruled that it did not amount to unlawful discrimination. To my mind, the Court jumped on the Racism bandwagon of Negative Energy / Sin due to using the wrong measure – the measure of desire that kills Itcha Sakthi (Static Energy). The court failed to undertake the rule of Equality to start on Equal footing – Australian to Australian. The sad part is that the Court itself blocked insight to recognize that it was using the old measure to judge new dogs like me – from Asia. I was asked to pay $10,000 to cover the cost of Police – effectively to block this insight through clever lawyers using technicalities. Bringing out this ‘fact’ - that to the Police, I was an ‘outsider’ was the return value that goes directly to Policy even though no other Australian may recognize it. It is now up to the Australian Government to make amends – with compound interest. Otherwise it would be global as far as I am concerned while Australian investment in Equal Opportunity values would continuously get diluted at the official level.

My assessment on the basis of your statements is that you are an outsider to Sri Lanka and therefore I need to use only objectively verifiable outcomes to include or reject the validity of your statements. You state in relation to the Sri Lankan President’s proposed ‘ban’ on bra-throwing:

[My current reason to contact you relates to the shocking ramifications caused by the Presidents careless public comments concerning the girl removing her bra. I have been interacting with my FB Sri Lankan friends unaware that the story was going to break here in Australia. Now yet again I am forced to try to rectify concerning matters. Firstly I agree that the girl certainly shamed her family and country.
That's not open for dispute. If she were my daughter she definitely would be punished. Young people are given the privilege of stupidity, they will learn. This girl will be publicly vilified if she is revealed that's for sure

If as per your assessment – bra-throwing is shameful then I conclude that in your mind you are more like the Australian Muslim female to whom covering the body is culturally ‘right’ and exposing the body is culturally wrong. You are not like the lovely Australian ladies who in their bikinis, make our Australian Beaches look more beautiful – a reported  reason for  the manifestation of Cronulla riots.

As a Sri Lankan I do not feel ashamed by the above youngster. That kind of culture comes with McDonalds and KFC that are not banned in Sri Lanka. Also, the Sri Lankan male consuming arak – is not banned from the armed forces, despite the damages caused by pleasure rendering intoxicants. The culprits who are reported to have raped women during war time have not been officially banned from being part of the armed forces. We just demote those who seem ‘negative insiders’ as per our culture or list them as Equal outsiders with different culture. We do it all the time in Multicultural Australia – especially when we are addressed by our Christian names by those who are our juniors. You confirm this cultural problem as follows:

[If  the President had not opened his mouth and dragged Sri Lanka back into the dark ages, it would have by now been all water under the bridge. I understand that he is a fool, that's not open for debate either. He probably thought if he called upon ancient beliefs and values, that his falling popularity might get a much needed resurgence. However it's quite to the contrary. ]

Our Australian Prime Minister – would not have made such statements. To honestly and legitimately call the Sri Lankan President a fool – you ought to have identified with his Truth through your own. Hence the Equal status with other cultures. Thus you needed to first declare publicly that you were a fool as per your assessment of yourself, and thus you identify with Mr. Sirisena also to belong in your group/community as per your Truth which makes you and Mr. Sirisena become One.
To so conclude as an outsider – you need knowledge based assessment using  facts &  Common measures. This has been done by the UN – on behalf of Australia also and the conclusion is that Mr. Sirisena  is a capable and reliable person committed to his current position. To my mind – as a person common to Australia and to Sri Lanka – Mr. Sirisena is a compassionate person relying heavily on his inner cultural force. His claim that he is a politician confirms this.

Belief based ancient values would empower us naturally within our home-group. Hence the blocks to discourage migrants from Sri Lanka coming by boat to Australia. But given that you find Sri Lanka more interesting than Australia  to play the political game – I conclude that Truth overrode hearsay – that we Sri Lankans are either Terrorists or Fools, needing refuge in Australia or supervision in Sri Lanka by Australian citizens who have paid time and money to merely scratch the surface. You confirm the fate of such floating costs as follows:

[Professionals working in medical repatriation have suggested that Sri Lanka has been put under covert travel warnings since the hybrid court started their vilification of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family.

Travel visas have now been extended which means urgently needed funds will be injected into the economy.
We cannot afford for anything to make intended tourists to feel unsafe. Remember our televisions are telling us that everyone who is not white must be a terrorist. The good work I have done has been crashed down in only two days.

My EXPERIENCE in Sri Lanka confirms otherwise. Sri Lanka feels more safe than previously, due to the current Government being more open to criticism than the previous Government. I did not feel threatened under the previous Government either. But I had to frequently activate my thoughts of life with Sinhalese in Colombo to naturally take higher positions with armed officers as per our Truth. I achieved this by giving form to Divinity through Buddha. Then I would expect the officer to do his duty. Now I do not have to surface such powers.

Our fears are the other side of our desires. The less we earn our benefits – the stronger the force of this desire and therefore the fear. If Westerners feel unsafe in Sri Lanka – then it is due to their own inner  knowledge that migrants from Sri Lanka  are outsiders even if their families  have lived in Australia for generations.  The Truth manifests Itself through pure media – be they negative or positive to the observer or activist looking for an opportunity. If you are one of them as per your own assessment – then you are likely to invoke the negatives in all ethnic groups where they are in majority. This could result in you being fooled by them and/or making a martyr of yourself – the reason why we have the threat of war-crimes inquiry hanging over our heads.

Yours sincerely

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

CC: All Concerned

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