Monday 11 January 2016

Cargills Food City - Jaffna

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 11 January   2016

Knock and It shall Open

The Government is preparing the Third Republican Constitution and what we do now genuinely in Sri Lanka, to share our Truth with our respective home environments is a natural power that would Energize the Constitution of this Land of ours. The Land becomes one through Truth. When manifested – this Truth empowers the Time & Place of manifestation.

Truth is Absolute and therefore is independent of the medium/media through which It manifests. One who manifests the Truth proactively is empowered by that Truth to work the pathway through which the manifestation happened. Truth when manifested becomes Fact. If Truth is the soul, fact is the human. What happened as we remember it is the Body.

In terms of the Constitution – the document is the Body. The Truth that was identified with  in the name of this Nation is the Soul of the Constitution.

Truth  becomes relative when manifested at the physical level. The deeper our experience – the more positive the manifested Truth / Fact would be for that place and time. The shallower the experience – the more negative the manifested Fact would be. It’s like good relations and bad relations in a family. The good ones enjoy high natural status and the bad ones enjoy low natural status – when the One measure is used. Until manifested Truth is neither right nor wrong. But what happens is that when someone has a desire – and feels ‘free’ to fulfill that desire – the forces that would be negative if manifested through the measures/laws that the person claims to be committed to – and are the demons in waiting, add themselves to the new entrant who thinks s/he is ‘free’. If the person/s with positive value become observers instead of active participants – this combined force would manifest Itself. In democracy which is based more on current values than on heritage, the risk of such combination of negative forces is high due to voters claiming ‘rights’ at National level while damaging the earned rights of those in their physical environment. The LTTE which claimed sole-representation of Tamils and killed Tamils using their own measures have added much negative force to Democracy in the environment which they claimed to be home – largely through physical attributes. To the extent the Tamil Community had visible leaders who manifested themselves but had greater positive value when measured through the system of Democracy and Equal Rights until known otherwise – the Tamil Community preserved its Independence Heritage.  The call now is to Transform the Tamil Community rather than Reform.

Commonness is essential for Transformation to happen naturally. Reformation through knowledge requires conscious adherence to Rules and Regulations. Today’s Tamil Community is comfortable with the ‘freedom’ at the bottom. The reason is the emigration of those who could have completed their life here and added value to this land by showing their Truth. LTTE Leadership was practicing autocracy – without having earned the higher status with the educated part of the Tamil Community. That would happen with any armed force – official or otherwise. When Tamils idly state that something would not have happened if the ‘Boys’ were here – it means that the Tamil Community is lacking in intellectual leadership in official positions.

As per The New Indian Express article ‘TMP Watchdog of Lanka Tamil Politics’:
[The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-majority Northern Province, C V Wigneswaran, has clarified that the Tamil Makkal Peravai (TMP), which he has floated, is not a rival to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), but is a non-partisan, civil society watchdog meant to see that the basic interests of the Lankan Tamils are upheld by their leaders and not compromised for petty gains.]

In terms of Politics in Democracy -  that role is the role of the Citizen of each environment. Only the voter has that right at political level.  In terms of Mr. Wigneswaran – he needs to complete his experience by coming down to the level of the highest practitioner of democracy in his environment at that time – to complete the experience and write the Truth of the completed experience as the lesson/constitution from then on for that place. It’s a collection of such completed lessons that need to be sent to the Sri Lankan National Parliament – through all Tamil representatives. As a member of the Judiciary – Mr. Wigneswaran has the responsibility to submit the Consolidated value of this to the Constitutional Council. THIS ought to be the core purpose of such a People’s Council. No Politician has the right to monitor another politician. They are all queens and kings in their own areas. Given that the National laws are different to the local laws of faith that Tamils govern themselves through – the Tamil Community has the responsibility to add itself to the Constitution – through a consolidated version of Truth that we need to enjoy the freedom of  expression but without damaging another’s earned right to that freedom at a higher or lower level to us.

Democracy and Autocracy are like our two hands. Where we have Equal Opposition – the manifested Truth will be our constitution until the next manifestation. Where Democratic benefits are greater than Autocratic benefits – we need to use  Democracy as our Right hand and show the world our outcomes and /or processes. Hence Transparency & Accountability. Where Autocracy is the stronger influencing force and it would be to the extent we rely on our past – then we need to use it as our left hand and keep it confidential. To the extent we do not get our earned benefits due to this ‘confidentiality’ – that contribution empowers us from within to become heritage in waiting for the next generation. A good example is Thesawalamai for Tamils of Northern Province.

Now that this Tamil of Northern Sri Lanka has manifested this contribution to the making of the next Constitution – it is the DUTY of the Tamil People’s Council to give it recognition as that of Australia’s contribution to the Tamil Community. It may go through the National Constitution or may bypass that level. But it would surely open the door of Independence to any true seeker who knocks on the Facility.

Now I have to go to my regular job at this time – to train staff and customers at our Vaddukoddai Training Center - in managing hygiene – including by allocating Equal  level of importance to toilet habits as we do to food habits.  I doubt that the CEO of Cargills food stores uses the toilets in his outlets with the same comfort as he feels when using his home toilets. So some of us need to fill that gap through our global standards of democracy at the place where we enjoy highest status in this autocratic environment.  

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