Thursday 21 January 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 January   2016

Tamil Nadu Parliament

Sri Lankan Constitution & the Power of India

Tamil Nadu Governor Rosaiah demands justice for war victims in Sri Lanka’ says the Hindu on behalf of Indian Media. What right does Tamil Nadu have over Sri Lankan Tamils? Should such rights be recognized through our changes to the Sri Lankan Constitution? If no, does that mean that we are saying that there is no need to pay attention to the opinions and demands by Tamil Nadu? Likewise the Muslim Countries?

Sri Lankan President
‘Intense discussions have been underway ever since the government announced its decision to bring about constitutional changes. Numerous seminars, symposiums and open discussions were held by various interested groups from all communities to ensure their rights in the proposed constitution.
Emphasizing the need to ensure the rights of all communities President Maithripala Sirisena said, “We must safeguard the rights of all communities, to prevent re-emergence of terrorism.”
“Public would be given the opportunity to decide whether they need a new Constitution, Constitutional amendments with an Executive Prime Minister and a nominal Head of State. The government has not taken a final decision on the proposed Constitution. We do not know whether it would be a new Constitution or amendments to the current Constitution. We also have to decide on the electoral reforms and what to do with the much criticized Preferential Voting System” he added.

However already a section of the Sinhalese community declared that they wanted a unitary constitution with Buddhism as state religion, but failed to speak about the rights of the minorities and status of other religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
Muslim politicians so far seem to be indifferent and have failed to get together leave alone discussing means to protect the interest of the community. They remain divided though the forthcoming constitution will seal the fate of the communities and the country for years to come.’ - Constitutional Changes: Muslim Politicians’ Indifference By  Latheef Farook of Colombo Telegraph

Which pathway should Minorities follow? – the religious pathway or the Common pathway?

The Constitution could be read through a combination of three levels:

1.      Hearsay – known as Sittrarivu in Tamil (Body)
2.      Discriminative thinking using Common measures – known as Pagutharivu in Tamil (Mind)
3.      Common Belief – known as Shakthi in Tamil (Soul) - where one does not need either of the above pathways but be driven by Truth.

Those using 1 above would need majority endorsement to maintain harmony. They are driven  by the seen. This needs to be transparent for it to be valid.
Those using 2 above would maintain order as individuals. This requires commitment to  Common Measure – by custodians of power for it to end up as Policy
Those using 3 above would exponentially empower all members of the whole that the Believer feels a part of. As per my conclusion, Gandhi was of this category. Such souls are the  writers of  the real constitution of the whole. Their discoveries are the structures  that confirm true order and even though not recognized through official pathways they stay in waiting as Energy – to support the next generation as well as the wider world.

We do not know of a Sri Lankan political leader who is strongly committed to Gandhi’s pathway. Our recent history / actuals confirm that we have naturally separated on the basis of language and religion. .  Hence we are relying on religious leadership and/or de facto relationships using current merit only.

In the system of Democracy, Separation of Powers between the Executive and the Judiciary is expressly stated to prevent physical separation through Conflicts. We need to recognize this consciously and promote Equal status until established otherwise through Common Measures – as in 2 above.

It is reported that Chief Minister of Northern Province had stated that  ‘Devolution of power on the basis of shared sovereignty shall necessarily be over land, law and order, socio-economic development including health and education, resources and fiscal powers…right to self-determination” but within a united Lanka should be recognized and that the Northern and Eastern Provinces should be merged to form a single Tamil-speaking province with adequate safeguards for the Tamil-speaking Muslim community

It is reported that Prime Minister, the Hon  Ranil Wickremesinghe had stated in response – ‘As a Buddhist, Sinhalese and a Sri Lankan, I will not break up the country’.

Both leaders are confirming their ignorance of Democracy. One who seeks to be under a system using religious / cultural measures – is using ‘project basis’ – where we identify with the beginning and the end through visible inputs and outcomes. Only the lesson learnt from that project is taken to the Program. Mr. Wigneswaran suggesting Language based devolution is automatically losing the right to contribute to Unitary structure. Likewise Mr. Wickremesinghe who calls himself a ‘Buddhist, Sinhalese’ naturally loses the right to claim One Nation credit as Sri Lankan. One could be a Sri Lankan of Tamil, Hindu/Muslim/Sinhalese/Buddhist  origin but  cannot be structurally both at the one time. When one maintains both – one naturally divides and Sri Lankan gets separated from the Sinhalese/Buddhist. Likewise the Muslim from the Tamil.

Where Buddhism is included actively in the Constitution – a Buddhist has the foremost responsibility to use the Buddhist pathway in Governance. Majority Buddhists need to therefore meditate and bring only their final discoveries to National level. Likewise, Tamils using Tamil culture and Muslims using Muslim culture.

In both Tamils and Muslims – the natural cultural investment makes them self sufficient and both are outstanding in Business – to the extent they do not expect high status due to participation in policy. Lawyers who do not bring their discoveries to the Policy level – likewise close their gates on the Public and have their own secret deals. Recently, a lawyer expressed expectations that I ought to sign papers regarding termination of his services – at the same time I was signing consent to him withdrawing from the case. When I pointed out that both could not happen at the same time – he said that such was acceptable practice in Court. It confirmed to me that the Judiciary was using its own de facto practices to such an extreme that one could not identify with the Spirit / Soul of the law inherited from our predecessors. Like the low caste folks of Thunaivi – Vaddukoddai – Sri Lankan legal fraternity have disenfranchised themselves and have started practicing reverse discrimination / telling. This particular lawyer and I have both invested in Swami Sathya Sai Baba – and hence he did not argue when I declined to sign.

The Constitution unless written in the language of the ordinary member of the Public – would be hijacked by Politicians and the Judiciary – to ‘show’ outsiders and not to work the system quietly. The more money-minded we become the more we would produce to show outsiders. The more we show – the less we use ‘confidentially’ to develop internal human resources and therefore the Common Mind.

Those who produce outcomes without knowing the root causes – need to be driven by the effects. The basis of karma is that at total level – every Sovereign Unit is equal to every other Sovereign Unit. Sinhalese or Buddhist cannot therefore be of lesser or greater value than Sri Lankan. A person who is legally Sri Lankan – has the option of using the religious pathway or the common secular pathway but not both. Every Politician who claims to be both at the same time – is using hearsay which would naturally make a mockery of their contribution to the Constitution where at least one Sri Lankan of their times is writing the real one through her/his conduct – to empower the whole of Sri Lanka.

I am Australian Tamil not Australian separate and Tamil separate. Until the Australian Government punished me and the Sri Lankan Government failed to support me  – I was Australian of Sri Lankan origin.   Not any more. I have the full right to call myself who I am. The language used by me would confirm which category I belong to. Mr. Wigneswaran and Mr. Wickremesinghe are both of category 1 and I am of category 3. They need majority vote to influence externally. I am power of One. 

If the real National Constitution is not recognized – it is highly likely that the stronger practitioners would form networks of cultural connections using their true practices as the Constitution for the global group. National Governments may call them Terrorists but the true seeker – would know that it was the failure of such Governments that leads to such natural spreads at the lower level. Where a community is truly self-governing – such blessings happen through God’s system –as India’s Tamil Nadu is to Tamils of Sri Lanka and the Middle East is to Muslims of Sri Lanka and the West is to Christians. That’s the way god-power provides Equal Opportunity where National leaders fail. 

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