Thursday 7 January 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 07 January   2016
Tamil Youth taking over Private  Facilities in Vaddukoddai

Transformation of the Disenfranchised Tamil

My dear friend and supporter Gwen wrote in response to my article ‘Is India more Democratic than Sri Lanka?’:

Dear Gaja.   It is so good to hear of your everyday life in Sri Lanka.   Cooking the
ceremonial food etc.  I can enjoy your time there through this information.   Looking
forward to your return.   Gwen

Gwen was able to enjoy the experience due to her own investment in Democracy and her faith in me through our Common experiences at the University of New South Wales.  If we had kept the relationship going – instead of completing it once we knew the Truth about each other – Gwen could not have shared in my Sri Lankan experience. I now realize that I had to leave the University to prevent reverse discrimination through my return to ‘community’ of which the LTTE is a part. We become ‘free’ and natural in our home environments and this often pushes us to go along with majority. Had I taken up any official position in that structure – as allocated by those already in that structure – I would have demoted myself as per MY measures and would have become dysfunctional in a global environment. Relatively speaking, the status allocated in that community would have been certainly higher than the one at the workplace but not higher than the status I enjoyed in Sri Lankan workplace due to my qualifications.

I did not make conscious decisions in this regard. I just let myself be guided by my intuition – according to which my Sri Lankan qualifications were my highest.  In my case that intuition was developed through my pain in Australian workforce – the main place of multicultural challenges for me.

It is therefore sad to note the level of disrespect in Northern Sri Lanka – especially in high risk zones. Just this morning, I had to go out of my gates to discipline  a group of 4 teenagers - all males - who were howling and laughing while standing on the wall of the well that we have allowed for common use of those around the temple – as they did not have their own well. Unable to make them oblige – I went inside the house and came back with my camera. My previous complaints to the Vaddukoddai Police did not bring out serious warnings – confirming to me that their standards were low. We have already made arrangements to cover the well area with our security cameras due to this kind of hooliganism – but the installation is yet to be completed. I used my normal camera – the same camera with which I took the photos of TNA’s legal advisor Mr. Kanageswaran’s home in the neighborhood. . Two of the young males tried to cover their faces whilst the other two tried to make fun of it. This is risky as they could attack me when I am on my own in the house or in their area of power which has been strengthened due to LTTE allocating higher status to them for  killing the  more educated Tamils. They may not have planned it on the basis of education. But to the extent they ought to have as per the investment made by the community in whose name they were fighting – the outcomes confirm the causal force – beyond the control of the user and is natural to the user. These youngsters are of the caliber that protested against Mr. Sumanthiran in Australia.

If  I feared such attacks – I would become dysfunctional in this area for the core purpose of being here – transformation of the disenfranchised Tamil. I believe I have the blessings of my own Truth in this pathway. I  may be physically injured or even get killed in the process  but I would rather complete my mission than run away due to the dangers which have become intrinsic part of this community. In this regard I was sharing just this morning – with my husband who spoke to me from Sydney – my admiration of Saint Yoga Swami who walked the streets to serve the poor. Looking at him one would think he was a nobody. But those who have had the ‘experience’ with him  - directly and/or indirectly by identifying with his divinity through his philosophy – would allocate the highest status in the community to Yoga Swami. Such allocation helps us share in the Dignity that was/is a natural part of Yoga Swami.

It was therefore saddening to read the Ceylon Today news ‘Wigneswaran debunks Siva Pasupathy refusal as media mischief’. As is my way – I took my mind immediately to my own experience with Mr. Siva Pasupathy as a Common  leader of the group of devotees of Yoga Swami as well as Senior  Citizens in New South Wales, Australia. Mr. Siva Pasupathy always expressed appreciation for specific projects undertaken by me here in Northern Sri Lanka. It boosted my self-confidence and I felt that Yoga Swami himself was blessing me. More importantly I have, from time to time, felt that I was deriving value from Mr. Siva Pasupathy’s own investment in Legal Administration. It’s an intuitive sharing which happens when both are open to commonness. In terms of the Northern Provincial Council – I am yet to receive such support from the top.

The brief report goes as follows:
[Northern Chief Minister and one of the co-chairs of the Tamil People's Council (TPC) C.V.Wigneswaran debunked the news item published by some Indian media, which stated that the former Attorney General and the member of the Constitutional affairs Committee of the LTTE Siva Pasupathy, has rejected the invitation to participate in the TPC sub-committee for drafting proposals for solutions to the national question and told the CM that he did not think that forming a separate outfit like the TPC was appropriate as mischievous news against the council.
The Chief Minister on being asked regarding the refusal by Siva Pasupathy, said it is mischievous news and carried against the Council and that he does not have any need to answer the question.
When the second meeting of the Council was held in Jaffna last week, it was announced that two of the 15 members who are nominated to the sub-committee to study a political solution will be nominated on behalf of the CM. On behalf of the political parties each party proposed two members at the meeting. It is in this context that the Chief Minister Wigneswaran had taken action to nominate the former Attorney General, Siva Pasupathy as his nominee.]

If indeed Mr. Siva Pasupathy were invited  by Wigneswaran – would that have been appropriate in one Tamil upholding the other’s earned status? Mr. Wigneswaran continues to carry his title of Justice despite having become a politician. Mr. Wigneswaran is also known to describe younger lawyers as his ‘students’. This shows that he is living off the past. As per my discovery of the workings of the system of karma – such living happens when one is yet to settle one’s dues to the old system to become independent of it. It is fear of the lower status of one’s current environment that resorts to adding the past as is – instead of including the Truth of the past as the spirit of the current position.

Relatively speaking I have never heard Mr. Siva Pasupathy use his past position to score a point over me or anyone else in our common community. He is therefore available to all who seek his advice and/or presence at functions. Using Mr. Wigneswaran’s measure  – Mr. Wigneswaran would need to take a junior position with Mr. Pasupathy in legal Administration.

The LTTE situation was different due to its own make up. We had to therefore ‘include’ ourselves and I believe that that is what  Mr. Pasupathy did. But now that we are back into the world of intellectual administration – we need to be asked with respect by our juniors and nominated by our seniors. The former would be Advisors and not active  part of the Committee. The wrong approach would activate those living off the past on both sides.

The LTTE activated reverse discrimination forces in the lower caste by allocating high positions to those who had little knowledge of law and order in educated society. While some abused lower caste folks,  majority used the caste system for functional basis. The oldies in the lower castes remember the oldies in the higher caste fondly – confirming the successful completion of Oneness through a caste system that was job-based. The higher the caste the greater the responsibility for the Common Wealth – representing Common Values. Due to the distance with Colombo – the Common system was limited to the educated – whilst others continued with the local system – which was caste based in Northern Sri Lanka. This was still better than no structure or weapon based structure. The reason? – there is no motivation to use higher laws and ownership is usually by physical possession. Money based hierarchy influences loss of  consciousness of how that money was earned. Hence the enjoyment of immediate pleasures – as if there is no tomorrow is on the rise. By claiming high use of pleasure drugs in Sinhalese areas also – the President is confirming this problem of majority power being falsely raised to become ‘higher power’ of One. Only those who include others as part of themselves are entitled to that higher power. Mr. Wigneswaran is NOT one of them for the more educated Tamil. Mr. Shiva Pasupathy is considered to be one by his group – however small that may seem relative to the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Tamil Politicians who keep finding fault with Sinhalese Politicians for ‘occupation’ of land by armed forces – need to first clean up their own backyards of those who ‘see’ and ‘own’ due to looking like the LTTE. Despite my regular updates – not one Tamil politician other than the Hon Mano Ganeshan, has even responded. Hence to me their work is for selfish reasons and is not for the common good of the Tamil community. Devolution is needed only where leaders are able to focus in small areas due to their common faith. If they are not able to feel the risks faced by this Tamil woman – they are deaf and blind to Democracy – as deaf and as blind as the Central politicians.

Every politician who activates the past controlled by weapon power – is working against citizen’s democratic power.  We need to facilitate its natural death and not activate it for selfish reasons. Even the highest intellectual mind drafting the National Constitution would become a victim of her/his own lies when a true self-governing person is diminished in her/his area of representation. Physically this may be just Jaffna for Mr. Wigneswaran. But intellectually it is the whole of the Tamil Community covered by the Constitution. 

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