Tuesday 5 January 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 05 January   2016

American Take Over of Sri Lanka

How Democratic is the American in Sri Lanka?

I was washing the front verandah of our cottage in Thunaivi-Vattukottai – and  was thinking about yesterday’s experience at a business concern in Jaffna town. The guy who drove the truck that transported the goods to our training center said to me ‘They are so fearful of you; I have provided transport facilities from this place,  to so many – but this is the first time I witnessed such attitude of fear’. I smiled and asked him ‘what did they say?’. The driver said ‘they kept saying to pack the goods properly – so the lady would not get upset’. I thought back and realized that the staff of that store of National reputation did demonstrate respect by opening the doors for me and that their attitude was one of ‘Respect’. The driver called it fear. To me it was respect. The cause? I disciplined them about the way they had misleading material regarding Discounts. The words ‘ on selected items only’ were written in small letters. I still bought the goods and this meant that I had provided them with training. Yes, customers also can train suppliers – but only where the customer is ‘Common’ to the system. I realized then that where I had invested in the higher system – the Commonness in my investment is recognized by another in the system who may even be a primary level investor. The ‘rules’ followed by the worker in such an institution – would connect that person’s mind to the mind of the customer and bring about a Common understanding of how to conduct oneself in the presence of the other. That is the way the Lord’s system of Truth works. As an extension to this recollection – I was thinking in the morning that in Sri Lanka – Democracy ceases almost at voting level. This is fine so long as ‘rights’ are not assumed by the voter once her/his side is in power.

Later when I read the news – and came across another mind that confirmed this – I knew that the above was no coincidence – but was a call for me to share my own discoveries in this regard. The Diplomat article ‘Sri Lanka’s Maithripala Sirisena Is No Stranger to Politics’
by Taylor Dibbert http://thediplomat.com/2016/01/sri-lankas-maithripala-sirisena-is-no-stranger-to-politics/ confirmed the common connection – including as follows:

[Democracy promotion is an important component of U.S. foreign policy, but for far too long the United States has had an elections fetish. By now we were supposed to have learned that elections are just one part of genuine democracy and thoughtful democracy promotion efforts]

Mr. Dibbert’s article focuses on a recent article “Could Sri Lanka’s 2015 Elections Signal a New Era of Democracy?”  published at  USAID blog by Anil Liyanage and Angelina Hermon on Tuesday, 29 December 2015.     

The above USAID article included the following:

The news media framed the outcomes as a signal that citizens were voting against a history of nepotism, corruption and abuse of power.

Nepotism, corruption and abuse of power – as measured by an American actively practicing the system of Democracy to get the ‘right-ticks’ – irrespective of whether s/he believes in the system or not – would have a different value to the discoveries made by a Sri Lankan using the Democratic path – as it exists in Sri Lanka. The question therefore is whether Anil Liyanage and Angelina Hermon were writing as Sri Lankans or as Americans? Mere employment in USAID does not entitle them to express as if they were Americans. These reporters singing the praise of USAID are reported to have stated:

During the parliamentary elections, we noticed how USAID-trained election monitors worked with polling officials and the police to immediately stop a political candidate from campaigning at a polling station on Election Day—a violation of electoral law. They took him away from the crowd of voters and brought the situation under control so well and amicably that no one seemed to notice.

The Tamil saying ‘Peethal Paranghi’ / ‘Broken English’ – comes to my mind to picture the causal force that manifested the above. At Sri Lankan elections – all non-Sri Lankans have to be Observers and not participants. This applies to USAID also. By becoming a participant – the American institution has interfered with election outcomes. As is suspected – we did NOT have free elections. The President for his part – confirmed on 02 October (Gandhi’s birth anniversary)  how we got cheated:

[President Maithripala Sirisena invited American investors to come to Sri Lanka without any fear, stating Sri Lanka is now a most suitable country for foreign investments.
The President, who made an official visit to New York to participate in the 70th session of the UNGA made this invitation when he met American investors yesterday (Oct. 01).
He said the goal of the new government is to make Sri Lanka a paradise for investors before long. He stated that the required infrastructure facilities to establish Sri Lanka as a center of commerce and investments are already in place in the country. “It is the government’s plan to develop them practically according to local and international requirements”, he said.]‘President invites American investors to Sri Lanka’ - http://www.pmdnews.lk/president-invites-american-investors-to-sri-lanka/

If Sri Lanka already had the infrastructure needed – then it must have happened during the previous government as well governments  before them. Then the claim that Sri Lanka suffered from a history of nepotism, corruption and abuse of power – is false and v.v. Since the highest official – the President has made the claim – we need to conclude that the statement by USAID - that Sri Lankans were voting against nepotism, corruption and abuse of power is false. Also if that were the case – then the Terrorism fear could not have been as great as it is made out to be. The excess cleared the way for ‘takeovers’ by foreigners – including Americans.

Where we know that the two groups/nations do not have Common system – and that officially – the two are of Equal status – we need to use the pathway of Sovereignty – Truth. To work out a Common pathway – we as the providing side  needs to come down to the level of the side with lesser status in the wider  system, merge with their Truth through our Truth and then workout a special pathway to the same destination.  This has the blessings of Democracy – due to respect for the Sovereignty of the other group that seems of lesser status. Dumping excessive money and buying over the minds of locals – is cheap Democracy. To the extent the earned credits in Sovereignty of even one Sri Lankan is damaged by Americans working as part of their Government – the karma returns to America – through ‘activists’/ ‘rebels’ who have no knowledge of democracy and therefore use their ‘free’ thinking to capture, occupy and claim ownership – as land was occupied by lower status groups in Northern Sri Lanka – well before the arrival of Sinhala armed forces..

USAID which it is reported stands for United States Agency for International Development – is NOT part of the UN Administration. The American Government has failed in its responsibility to train its Aid workers on how to become Customers of Sri Lankan institutions investing in democratic services and to merely observe autocratic suppliers of services. A Zero Base Budgeting system requires this ‘business-approach’ even amongst various arms of government where common faith has become weak – so weak as to make us outsiders to each other. Once we recognize others as outsiders – we need to have little difficulty in drawing this line of Separation of Powers. Otherwise, Sri Lankan rebels are likely to join forces with Muslim extremists. This was confirmed by that driver who continues to sing the praise of the ‘Boys’ / the LTTE. To those who are under the influence of the Boys – any power that would elevate them to prominence – would be attractive. Hence they are likely to bypass Sri Lankan groups and go global through the enemies of  governments of high global status – led by Americans. The  need in Jaffna is for large democratic business structures promoting democracy on the basis that the ‘Customer is Right’ until known otherwise.

 A Government claiming highest status in Global Governance – needs to make policy contribution. The more money donations we get – the cheaper the investment value is. Even though we do not recognize it – karma of a nation happens through its common values – be they positive or negative. The LTTE while it was ‘local’ was a threat to Americans due to the risk of collusion with Muslims. By helping to get rid of them cheaply and outside the Democratic pathway – the American Government has taken over the Sri Lankan Government’s weakness as its own. Dumping money and making cheap claims through the voting system – would render this weakness exponential value and would invoke such negative forces in ‘free’ environments – including in Northern Sri Lanka that is without a dictator nor a true investor in democracy at the top of the official ladder. Most of them are now pre-occupied with the Constitution while Tamil areas are being sold-out  because the dependent Tamil mind is low due to LTTE losing the war. The Tamil mind became dependent due to dumping its right to democracy in LTTE – an anti-democratic leadership using the claim of Democracy!  Truth is the only measure that would uphold order in such a chaotic system.

Both sides to the Sri Lankan war have suffered due to this ‘dumping’ attitude that comes with cheap investment by rich countries like America to whom Sri Lanka is cheap dumping ground.  

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