Sunday 22 February 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 22 February  2015

Global Minority Power & the Local Nugegoda Man

In his article entitled ‘The birth and rise of the Nugegoda Man’ (Ref: The Rapidly Changing Sinhalese Mind at, Mr. Mahindapala – former editor of the Observer newspaper - states:

[the role of  the minorities will not have an over-determining impact in the parliamentary election as they did in the  presidential election. Electoral demographics do not add up like the way it did in the presidential election. In  parliamentary elections the Nugegoda Man will play a dominant role reducing the minorities to the margins.]

This then means that in the mind of this journalist there was no share for the Lord’s participation in those elections – whether it be in the form of Buddha, Kathirgamam Murugan or Thirupathi Balaji.

When one recalls the 1977 election outcomes following the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976, when also Tamils were in the minority – one would identify with the role of Truth that overrides majority force to confirm the earned rights of minorities. Truth develops the most reliable order of mind. Truth discovered by one person  becomes the Common Law and the source of Common Process for those who follow in the path of that person. The above statement confirms that Mr. Mahindapala is not such a discoverer of Truth.

I myself was more inclined towards Mr. Rajapaksa becoming the president – as, as a Tamil I did not know Mr. Sirisena at all until he became the Common Opposition candidate. My investment in that position was more active through Mr. Rajapaksa. But when Mr. Sirisena won – I took it as my investment in the position through Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga,  had won. To me it is still an internal win to make Mr. Rajapaksa the opposition – as Sinhalese are for Tamils in the big political picture. We need this larger opposition until we develop reliable Administrative systems based on our own Truth. When the two sides are Equally balanced in power - knowledge is born. I accepted the win  to be inclusive of   the Lord's contribution. 

The emotionally driven take the one way path. Politics is therefore one way path and is balanced only when we include our ancestors. LTTE and JVP failed in Sri Lanka due to their elimination of political memory by eliminating their seniors.

 Unless there is an Equal Opposition – emotion does not become knowledge that would lead us to Truth / Sovereignty. Hence we need the equal other side to register and complete the picture. So long as Tamils keep following the discoveries made by our ancestors – we would continue to influence Governance outcomes at National and international levels. We must continue to invest in good governance through everyday life – including at family and group levels. We must actively participate through Common Pathways – to present our completed governance values. The Lord would do the rest – including through Sinhalese leaders like Mrs. Bandaranaike and Mr. Sirisena of similar mind structure.

Ultimately we  - the indirect participants get our returns through restructures of our minds. The higher our purpose – the higher our mind structure. The lower  our mind structure the cheaper our government becomes. If Mr. Rajapaksa is returned to power by the Sinhalese voters – so soon after the Presidential elections through which he lost his job – it would confirm that the Sinhalese vote has become a cheap vote – changing with the wind – Vaasi Pathatta Hoiyah!  The result is that majority demoted President and Diplomat to local Nugegoda politicians while minority power became global. 

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