Tuesday 17 February 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 17 February  2015

Indonesia – Demoting Itself

The news reports say ‘Bali’s Governor Made Pastika has called on Australians not to boycott Bali and for the Australian Government to respect Indonesian law.’

Every true Australian will boycott all places of Tourism in not only Bali but all places covered by  Indonesian Law. The Australian Government does respect Indonesian Law. It is the Indonesian Government that does not respect Australian Law as an Equal and that therefore Australians are  outside Indonesian jurisdiction. Any Australian to be punished by Indonesians through a structured path  as opposed to Natural path - has to be covered by Regional or Global agreements and Conventions including UN Conventions. Indonesian actions in killing Australians through its own local laws is without such agreement or higher authority beyond its own.

 Our Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott said ‘I feel sick in the pit of my stomach about what is possibly going to happen to these youngsters’.  My heart went out to him for being a ‘good prime minister’. The commonwealth of Australia in terms of Human Resources has been strengthened by such feelings by the Prime Minister including for migrants of this nation.

Gandhi boycotted British-made clothes during his struggles for independence. Balinese need to appreciate that this is also about the Sovereignty of Australians. Even at family levels – we do not have the right to enter what we believe to be another’s home, without their approval and we do not have the right to kill someone who has entered our home – except in defence. Indonesia killing Australians without the authority of Higher Laws is of the latter category. It is like sending Indonesian troops to kill Australians in an Indonesian home. We entered with permission. We did not trespass. We did not enter Indonesia for the purpose of illegal activities against Indonesians. Hence the killing of these two Australians amounts to Murder. Where the law is flawed it becomes the weapon for emotional expressions of dislike. The suffering of Indonesians committing the same acts as Australians would have different value in their minds due to the difference in forms and paths of  belief.

Yesterday, my attention was drawn to the site Gaja Wines - Buy at Berry Bros. & Rudd. I am a teetotaler by culture. This does not mean that I look down upon those who drink wine. I would however do my best to prevent excessive use of wine in all places that are home to me and all groups that are family to me. Where I cannot prevent consumption at the physical level – I would do more to strengthen the mind of those to whom I feel connected – through my own credits with the system of Truth – the best medicine for an unsteady mind.
A fellow Sri Lankan wrote ‘Gaja, Dr. H    thinks wine is very good for both mental and physical health!  Even Christ’s first miracle was changing water into wine despite the drunkenness of his disciples at the wedding feast in Cana.’

I responded as follows:
In  my own way  I think that wine or any intoxicant – including sugar is good so long as we keep it within healthy limits. To have wine to be active in service is confirmed by wine being served by Christians in Church. It’s the parallel of sweet rice for Hindus. The brain likewise needs to be balanced by limiting information to functional levels. If we register someone praising us without disciplining us – from time to time – we are likely to become unsteady / intoxicated. If we know that we do not need it – just submit those excesses to the Lord.’

To the Australian mind, use of weapons by unauthorized persons would be the parallel of drug offenses to Indonesians. The reason is that our freedom to react with weapons has been denied and regulated through Australian Legal system – to a much stronger level than in Indonesia or Sri Lanka. The Australian Government invests strongly in such systems to protect our freedom of movement.  Those found guilty of Terrorism through the Australian mind would therefore be punished more deeply in those minds, than they would be by the Indonesian mind – that failed to prevent Bali Bombing or Sri Lankan mind that failed to prevent the killings through the ethnic war.  Ultimately it is the mind that punishes or gets punished. The law is only the pathway.

 If therefore these young Australians had consumed the drugs in Hindu temples of Bali – at a time when Bali Hindu culture was based strongly on abstinence of intoxicants, they would have earned the severest of punishments by Hindu Balinese. Such punishment should not be in excess of the value of the Balinese mind that was damaged.  Indonesia has the moral authority to give form to such punishment through special Balinese Customary Laws and NOT through General Indonesian laws based largely on Muslim mind structure. To the extent Balinese are naturally ‘free’ in terms of tourism their laws need to be different to those of Mainland. Possession alone does not confirm ownership. On the other hand, belief  without possession – physical or legal – is higher ownership. The former then needs the approval of the latter to ‘use’ the land. Hence Indonesian Government made up largely of Muslims needs to take its place as ‘user’ of Hindu Bali and not take up authority as ‘owner’.  

The applicability of  Customary Laws to local populations was respected by Dutch Rulers of Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Hence the law of Thesawalamai for Jaffna Tamil Community that Sukumaran is part of.   Myuran Sukumaran may not be conscious of this structure. But to the extent he and/or his family feel included by the Tamil community – this independent mind structure would influence his own thought process. Ultimately – if he is ‘free’ of any guilt after  balancing the actual damage caused – by serving  jail sentence – and yet is killed as if he did not repent and compensate for damage caused to the minds of those who believe Bali to be their home – his death  places a curse on Indonesian Sovereignty. When we are genuine – the effects happen through God’s system. To the extent we become messengers of God – our efforts as if we are Chan and Sukumaran – would strengthen our feelings of Sovereignty and also protect all communities that we feel part of.

Death is a certainty for all of us.  How we die confirms the Truth not only about us but also about those involved in our death. Gandhi who deserved to die naturally  was killed by a Hindu Indian.  Jesus was also killed by the Government of His time. In both instances the individuals were killed due not only to their Truth but their FEELINGS for their fellow men and women which influenced Them to share their Truth to heal the minds that had been suppressed by servitude. The killer as well as the killed are brought together through such high souls who have surrendered their individuality to commonness. Their death therefore surfaces the ‘outsider’ for whom also they died. Thus the killer’s status is lowered to the bottom when such souls die due to the actions of  others.

Chang and Sukumaran are not Jesus or Gandhi. But as Christians they have the power of Jesus in them. In addition, Sukumaran with his Sri Lankan Tamil origin carries the power of Gandhi in him – to the extent that Community has invested  in Gandhi’s path of Truth. I am part of that community.  Both men now represent their families, Communities and Nation in real and natural terms. These are of exponential values through family, community and national feelings. The parents of these two young men have confirmed their family values through their open support and always being there for the young ones. The Tamil Community has petitioned against the death penalty. Australia as a nation is continuing  to protect its Sovereignty in various ways.  Killing these two men  is killing those families, Communities and Nation in the minds of  the killers. Indonesia has NOT suffered pain equivalent to death of its core values to punish these individuals by death. If it goes ahead – even after knowing the FEELINGS of Australians – Indonesia becomes an outsider to Australia and needs to be demoted to the lowest ranks within the Global Community.

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