Thursday 12 February 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 12 February  2015

From Sinhalese Frying Pan into Indian Fire?

As per recent  news reports, the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka adopted a resolution in relation to alleged Genocide against Tamils. The Council is invoking UN principles as follows:

It also said that the UN Security Council should refer the situation in Sri Lanka to the International Criminal Court for prosecutions based on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide adding that alternatively or concurrently, domestic courts in countries that may exercise universal jurisdiction over the alleged events and perpetrators, including but not limited to the United States, should prosecute these crimes.” (Colombo Gazette)
Along with the above report came the reference to the book released in this regard in India :
Mysuru: “India has played a significant role in bringing back justice for Tamil Eelam and to remove extermination of Tamil race in Sri Lanka”, said former IAS officer M G Devasahayam on Saturday November 29. He was speaking during the book release of ‘Unfettered genocide in Tamil Eelam’ and 'Enlightened Rule of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar’. ‘Unfettered genocide in Tamil Eelam’, has been authored by Karnataka State Open University V-C M G Krishnan, Paul Newman of Bangalore University and professor G K Nathan. The authors have clearly mentioned how, in the face of a series of exclusionary acts by the Sinhalese dominated parliament, Sri Lanka’s Tamils came to the inevitable conclusion that they could never achieve equity under a Sinhalese dominated government”, he added describing the book”

Achieving equity is in the mind of the citizen. Sri Lankan Tamils who continue to practice the dowry system – without separation of powers between the functions of man and woman – are yet to appreciate the equality of women.  Where majority in the Tamil Community practice the dowry system without the above mentioned separation of powers – their definition of Genocide is emotional expression using hearsay. In any case – I am at least One Sri Lankan Tamil who realized equity as a Sri Lankan – through the Administrative path and my own Truth discovered as Equal partner of Sinhalese in various Sri Lankan institutions. Wherever there was an Administrative path  I became independent of politics to get promoted to the Administrative level. Where there was no Administrative path – I took my position as per the other person’s Truth and discovered that they did not think I was less than them but that sometimes they desired excessive benefits for their  higher status  – just like Tamils also do. It is disappointing to note that the Northern Provincial Council of Sri Lanka is practicing politics above Administration.

Relying on the  UN  to solve our problems is like relying on the king and abandoning the husband (Tamil saying). The role of the Provincial Council is to manage with lesser powers than the National Government and not add itself to global politics. The LTTE added itself to Indian politics and we ended up with IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) problems. Those of us who claim that members of the LTTE and other armed groups which are included in the Tamil National Alliance – are war heroes then there can be no claim of genocide. If we claim that there was genocide – then all those who died – including Tamil combatants – are victims of war. To the one mind, the same person cannot be both at the same time in the one issue.

Some may conclude that what happened amounts to Genocide. In that case for the Sinhalese side – what happened due to LTTE is Terrorism. It would be to the mind driven by Dharma/Righteousness. Truth when surfaced would manifest outcomes with equal opposite sides. If both sides produced – then both must be included in the decision making. A society using such balanced knowledge would be a wise society. Those who produce emotions as knowledge promote ignorance.

 The Academics of Karnataka State Open University who have authored the above book – should have discovered the Truth as if they had the experience. Towards this one has to renounce all political / emotional benefits at the physical level. Emotion is the flow of the physical. It takes double the time to become knowledge – complete with both side emotions and  be promoted to the higher logical level. Through the above resolution, the Northern Provincial Council has confirmed that like the National Government, it is also driven more by politics and less by Balanced Administration. My concerns were raised when earlier this month a group of Health workers in North approached me after the Provincial Council failed to structure their problem administratively. The above resolution is alarming considering the level at which the failure has happened.

The Hon. C.V. Wigneswaran – the Chief Minister of  Northern Province – due to his previous portfolio as part of the Judiciary – is expected to have appreciated the need for separation of powers between two parties of Equal Status – each delivering their own independent decisions in relation to particular matters. Mr. Wigneswaran who is known for his knowledge of  Thesawalamai Law particular to Northern Tamils of Sri Lanka – would appreciate that dowry is given to a daughter to honor her as head of a new branch of the family. The daughter passes that on to her daughter. The son similarly gets Muthusum (inherited property). They are both Equal only when they are diverse and therefore cannot be related at the physical level.  If we do not recognize this diversity – the woman is of lesser status than the man in a family practicing the dowry system. Likewise – Tamils who seek special settlement as minorities. To the extent we consider ourselves Equals – we need to demonstrate diversity in our position responsibilities and lineages. If Tamils seek the assistance of the same UN which listed the LTTE as Terrorists – then we list ourselves under one Administration. Then to make and publish our own decisions/judgments – we ought to ensure that those decisions were made as per the laws and principles of that Administration. UN has confirmed that  LTTE did not fight as per UN policies. TNA needs to distance itself from LTTE and other armed groups – if it is to judge itself and its opposition through UN policies / conventions.

In terms of individual countries and bodies within those countries – there is no Administrative jurisdiction to decide on behalf of the whole Community. Karnataka State Open University  for example does not have the jurisdiction to decide for the purpose of supporting global administration -  that what happened in Sri Lanka was Genocide unless it  publishes its decision as to whether  the LTTE were terrorists or Freedom fighters.

In both instances one using the  subjective path must establish that  the cause of the damage was due to Genocidal intentions and Terrorism intentions respectively. The measures used must be global. A person using the ‘effects’ and therefore the objective path – needs to use majority judgments published by all independent participants using the global path. That is the message through Lord Muruga’s six faces of Equal importance.

If therefore the Sri Lankan Government is guilty of Genocide – then so is the UN.  If the LTTE is guilty of Terrorism – then so is India.

In terms of the Diaspora – a Tamil who is hurt / damaged by a Sinhalese has the right to take action as per the laws of their country of current residence. The Diaspora can politically influence through their governments – but to make one-sided statements directly, amounts to hearsay – even when published through a University or through the Provincial Government. It has no administrative value. An Australian Tamil has the Administrative power to take action against and Australian Sinhalese  but not against a Sri Lankan Sinhalese.  The more we receive information / news through the regulated path – the less likely we are to make mistakes.

The way we bring information into our mind is important if we are to practice reliable Administration. In a family for example – emotions need to be received and expressed through our positions and/or common processes, if one seeks to develop strong structures and systems. Traditional values were developed through such one-sided path due to Trust / Common faith. A family driven by emotions needs to ‘wait’ until time tells and this waiting is supported by Trust/Faith.

Where such Trust / Common Faith is weak - Democracy facilitates for us to surface both sides at the same time – without waiting for ‘time to tell’. But unless juniors / minorities – pay their dues – they would not feel the independence to produce their own outcomes.

LTTE sought the power of arms to ‘show’ equal power.  But within the LTTE leadership there was no parallel of the Other Half – the Equal head for Internal Administration confirming Equity between Operational head and Administrative head. As wise Hindu elders say – those who maintain Dharma (Righteousness) are maintained by Dharma. To the extent we maintained global laws – we would be looked after by the global community. One expecting more is expecting handouts. That is disrespectful of our traditional values on the basis of which we claim to be a sovereign community.

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