Thursday 19 February 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 19 February  2015

Australian-Sri Lankan Diplomats

Most folks known to me believe in God in one form or the other. Not many identify with God’s role in outcomes produced. These days I keep making the connection and am in awe of this system of Natural Justice which delivers returns to ALL genuine contributors. The latest connection was in relation to Dr. Palitha Kohona who has been recalled from the UN by the new regime in Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka’s new president has recalled more than 50 diplomats from across the globe who were seen as “political” appointments made by the former regime - including the high commissioner to Australia, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, and UN representative Dr Palitha Kohona, a dual Australian-Sri Lankan citizen.

In March 2011, I complained to the Australian Human Rights Commission against Dr. Kohona and they dismissed the complaint. But four years later the return has happened. In my letter dated 05 April 2011, to Dr. Greg French of  our Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, I wrote in this regard:

[I just learnt from the Australian Human Rights Commission that there was no mechanism to investigate my complaint against Dr. Kohona through Racial Discrimination Act 1985 (RDA), on the basis that the RDA applies to acts or practices that have occurred in Australia. I need to find out whether this interpretation is valid. But in practice, we do seem to be very much limited to ‘local’ attitudes. That means we lack international substance in such issues.

You say in response to my comments concerning Dr. Palitha Kohona in particular “the Government is aware of media reporting indicating that the ICC’s Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) has received communications alleging that Dr. Kohona has committed war crimes. Such communications do not initiate an investigation automatically. Under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court the Prosecutor can start an investigation on the basis of information provided in such communications. This first requires the Prosecutor to form the view that there is a reasonable basis to proceed. The OTP’s practice is to open a preliminary examination of situations the OTP is studying in order to make a judgment in this regard. The OTP has not announced the opening of any preliminary examination in relation to Sri Lanka to date. If the Prosecutor forms the view that there is reasonable basis to proceed, he must next seek the Pre-Trial Chamber’s authorization to initiate an investigation. This requires the Prosecutor to satisfy the Pre-Trial Chamber that the threshold of a reasonable basis to proceed has been met. The Chamber must also be satisfied that the case appears to fall within the jurisdiction of the Court. Depending on the outcome of an investigation, the OTP may decide to seek an order from the Pre-Trial Chamber issuing an arrest warrant or a summons to appear against specific individuals.”

Dr. French thank you for sharing all that with me. I will in turn share it with my groups of common faith. I take your substantive response as valuation of my investment in this issue. I do believe that as a truly self-governing Australian, I also should have had the parallels of the above protections and more, before being sent to prison as a criminal and later being labeled as a mentally ill criminal. The most scary part of the experience was when I was threatened with enforced medication. I prayed to the God/Truth within me and believe that that helped me save myself. Later, I felt that it happened because a fellow Australian Lady who prayed every day to Our Lady, and who was being given medication for mental illness, came out of prison because she took advice from me. That to me, is how Natural Justice works. We help each other any way we can]

I did share with my groups of common faith. They were not necessarily Sri Lankans or Sri Lankan Tamils. Just yesterday, a Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin, with a Military background wrote to me ‘I admit that amongst the Tamil journalists/MEDIA contributors, I find that although I may not agree with some of your observations on the national question, you have at times impressed me with some of your views.’ My groups include Sinhalese with Military background also.

When I first met Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe here in Sydney through the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney and Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe referred to the LTTE as Terrorists – I stated that it was inappropriate to call them Terrorists in his current role. I stated that it was understandable that he would call them Terrorists as per his former position – but that as Ambassador – it was damaging to his relationship with us.

To me out of the two dismissals – Dr. Kohona’s  has greater impact on all of us Australians of Sri Lankan origin. To the extent we are subjective in the use of our authority – whose voice do we hear? – the Australian leader’s or the Sri Lankan leader’s? If it is Sri Lankan Leader’s – be it Tamil or Sinhalese – we are Australians for lesser purposes and we are likely to ‘sell’ our Australian citizenship for high positions in Sri Lanka – including in Tamil areas when we Dual Citizens return to the country with lesser status. This to my mind is what happened to Dr. Kohona.  

When I complained to the Human Rights Commission on the basis of my belief – the complaint was submitted also to the higher authorities. The higher authorities are all those who have invested in the related global principles and values and beyond that to the Court of Natural Justice – where Truth is the only witness. One who identifies with her/his own Truth would identify with the Truth of the other who manifested outcomes. The dismissal then happens when the position held by the appointer / elector  is ready to become the medium for such purpose. Sometimes this takes a long time to happen. One who waits for Natural outcomes of Truth – would identify with this path of karma. To have such insight – one ought to have participated through one’s Truth and having done one’s best – ought to have left it to the Lord to deliver the outcomes. To such a person – the identity will be with  the outcome that matches her/his contribution – no more ; no less. I felt I participated in the dismissal of Mr. Howard through my complaints against him to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. I did not identify with this karmic outcome through the Commission’s verdict nor the Australian Federal Court’s verdict that followed the Commission’s verdict.  The Common People delivered my verdict. The People are those to whom I felt connected – not only at voter level but also the opposition mind – which at that time was  Beazley-Rudd combination. Mr. Beazley  is now our Ambassador to USA.

I believe I invested in the position of Prime Minister when I worked as per my portfolios – as citizen as well as worker. When I invest beyond the junior’s duty in those relationships – I invest in the senior position. When I do not get the returns through the occupier of the position – I become that position. One who continues to invest despite apparent failures / defeats – provides service and therefore influences through God’s system. To me Dr. Kohona as well as Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe were dismissed due also to my dissatisfaction over their abuse of their Australian positions. I was able to influence not only because I am Australian but also because of my ongoing contribution to Australian policies at national level. 

Thus I believe that Sri Lankan Tamils who work through their junior positions actually become the driving force of the relationships – including at government level . That opportunity to continue until completion is lost when we react at the lower levels. Those who desire to become the seniors for the immediate benefits would not identify with this opportunity. 

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