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A Tamil Diaspora leader forwarded a message from a fellow member, which included the following:



[The pictures and reports from Ukraine are disturbing, perhaps more so because I can do nothing to help: no longer, as in past calamities, even with a bit of money.


Their trauma reminds me of the Tamil experience; of  what was sacrificed and endured - voluntarily or imposed. Please see the two attachments below.


All that pain and loss brought nothing. On the contrary, it has resulted in a worse situation. The Tamils are now under permanent occupation: "Woe to the vanquished".


Why I wonder is the focus now on the Muslims and not on the Tamils?

Is it because the former are seen as still being a force while the Tamils are thought to have been crushed, and are no longer to be reckoned with?

If so, leaving the Tamils alone is not a positive sign!


I hope that the brave Ukrainians will fare better than the Tamils did.

After all, they have international support - unlike with the Tamils.]



Is this person an owner of Sri Lanka and  therefore is allowed to use ‘indicators’ or is the person an outsider and therefore needs ‘evidence’ to be credible? In terms of Ukraine, he is an outsider and needs evidence to conclude legitimately, one way or the other.


The writer laments as follows:

[All that pain and loss brought nothing. On the contrary, it has resulted in a worse situation. The Tamils are now under permanent occupation: "Woe to the vanquished". ]



As per my discovery through the theory of Karma – we inherit the good when we believe in the group and /or the leader and the sins when we are indebted to the group and /or the leader.


The focus of the active part the Tamil Diaspora is largely through the last stages of the war between the LTTE and the government forces. If LTTE is endorsed as the Tamil side army then we are accepting their Tamil Eelam separation goal. The way we ‘view’ the other side’s actions would be not as Sri Lankans disciplining through Common rules but as outsiders who need ‘proof’.


To the above person, the Sri Lankan forces are ‘outsiders’. We then look to further war to declare that we were ‘right’ rather than seek Peace. The great mind of Sir Albert Einstein shares this as follows:


[The real ailment seems to me to lie in the attitude which was created by World War and which dominates all our actions; namely the belief that we must in peacetime so organise our whole life and work that in the event of war we would be sure of victory. This attitude gives rise to the belief that one’s freedom and indeed one’s existence are threatened by powerful enemies.


This attitude explains all the unpleasant facts which we have designated as symptoms. It must, if it does not rectify itself, lead to war and to very far reaching destruction. It finds its expression in the budget of the United States] – Sir Albert Einstein – Symptoms of Cultural Decay – published by the Bulletin of Academic Scientists


This fits that part of the Tamil Diaspora which has inherited the war effects experienced by Tamils. They are the ‘unpleasant facts’ that would perpetuate the war in one form or the other.

To identify with the feelings of the LTTE forces that fought on the frontline, one needs to  feel part of them – isolated and left to their own culture.

I do not know of any political Tamil leader who has done this. It is left to civilian society to make amends that caused the ‘isolation’ and the resulting ‘separatism’.

This means identity with those looking for ‘war opportunities.’


This was highlighted by a fellow Tamil Diaspora leader:


[At last someone is standing up for truth and exposing all the hanky panky from NATO to destabilize Russia using the patsy - Ukraine. They are already working on China using the Patsy - Taiwan. The same process will be used and when Taiwan says that it will accept nuclear weapons to be stationed in its country, China will be forced to invade - again the storm of sanctions.

India's patsy will be Sri Lanka.

Why does the developing world never understand beforehand and take precautions / support each other?

We are heading towards world hegemony by the NATO countries, even if it means World War 3.

Thanks so much for this video, . I am proud of this gentleman for saying it as it is, proud to be of this ancient race of highly civilized vedic people.

It is time to lose our colonial coolie attitudes!]


My approach was presented as Sri Lankan:


[Thank you for sharing. Each one would relate to the conflict through their own pathway. I connected through my home nation – Sri Lanka and hence my last para and the first picture in my article of 05 March:


[That confirmed that my belief based conclusions were valid. Further confirmation came through the difficulties experienced by the Sri Lankan government that brought in 2020,  visitors from Ukraine, while Sri Lankans were still battling with the unknown Covid – as presented by the Government. As per the difficulties – those Ukrainian visitors became closer relatives of the Government than Sri Lankans. Hence as per Dharma – both would share Energies – be they positive or negative. That is the way of the Universal system of Karma.]


Dr XXXX’s intellectual conclusion merges with my discovery of the Covid racket in Sri Lanka. The Truth in both is One. The forms are diverse]



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