Wednesday 30 March 2022



Sri Lankan Tamil Saint – Yoga Swami said to know ourselves. I feel I have done that and am knowing others on the basis of that discovery. On 28 March 2022, Samugam media reported that members of the British Tamil Community were protesting against the recent announcement of the opening of investment borders by the Sri Lankan President. Yesterday the indicator came through  a professional member of the UK Tamil Diaspora as to the root cause of such protests. I was seeking and the Truth came as sharing in a ‘free environment’:

In my batch in the University there 105 Tamils and 45 Sinhalese. Of these numbers 

all emigrated except a few (Only a handful Remained).


In 1972 I visited the Head Office of PWD in Colombo and found out the office was almost empty because most of my seniors including Sinhalese all left for UK. The remaining staff laughed at me ‘so you are one of the Che Guvara Group.’

I went to the British High Commission in Galle Rd, Colombo 5 and inquired about the employment in UK straight away the lady officer (I remember her name still now Mrs Morrison.) who took all my details and by the time I went back to Badulla Office after two weeks in Colombo and an offer of employment by the British Council was received in Badulla.


That was the start of my life in UK but it helped me as I was able to look after the families in Jaffna as well as able to call all my brothers, sister and cousins and brothers in laws. All together 11 of them. Now their off springs are GPs, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Finance Advisor and Computer Wizards in Artificial Intelligence).]


I responded by stating that it was Reverse Colonization. It is also interesting to note that as per this Affidavit – those who stayed at ‘home’ considered those who left after the 1971 Southern rebellion, as Che Guevara group. This is true also of Tamils who stayed at home considering Tamils who emigrated after 1983 from when India got involved due to the 1983 pogrom against Tamils in multicultural areas. They are recognized as LTTE by those who stayed at ‘home’.



According to Samugam media, some Sinhalese also joined the recent protests by LTTE Tamils.

Self governance happens when one governs oneself. When we get ‘handouts’ to elevate our opportunities in Western countries – we confirm ‘Reverse Colonisation’ . It is when we develop our own heirs in the land that facilitated our independence – especially financial independence in the case of Sri Lankans – that we confirm to ourselves – that we are self-governing.

We also sponsored / helped sponsor Vaddukoddai folks to migrate to Australia. But when they became financially independent – due also to handouts – they started ‘telling us’ – especially about ‘Home/Vaddukoddai  Affairs and Property’.  When one is sponsored – one has the responsibility to surrender to the Sponsor that which he thinks is hers/his. Then there is no debt owed, The sponsor in turn needs to be free of debt to her/his homeland. Since those whom we sponsored failed to settle their debts to Vaddukoddai – we are now clearing on their behalf. We did not need the President’s invitation to do so – BECAUSE WE ARE SELF GOVERNING.

Tamil ancestor Thiruvalluvar – has shared this as follows in this regard:

En nandri Kondraarkkum Uyvuntaam Uyvillai
Sey nandri Kondra Makarku


There is redemption for anyone who fails to thank ;

But there is no redemption for one who kills gratitude that satisfied a need.


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