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Politics v Military



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விடுதலைப் புலிகளை அழிப்பதற்கு முன்னர் சம்பந்தனிடம் அமெரிக்கா - இந்தியா கூறிய முக்கிய செய்தி(Video) - தமிழ்வின்


You state: [Most of us ( we are now 80 plus of age ) who have been  dispassionately watching the passing scenes in politics - from Sir P., GGP, C.Sun , SJV ,Appapillai A..,Velupp8llai P.]


VP was a military leader and does not qualify to be addressed as Politician. A successful politician in democracy is confirmed by successful election to represent her / him in Parliament. VP blocked this in 2005 and disqualified himself from participating in the democratic process.


You state:

[The Tamils as a whole , who pride themselves as possessing high IQ , having produced several erudite, eminent professionals, academics & administrators have revealed an extra ordinary hind sight in electing our members of parliament.  Our people have been deceived by DS, JR down to Ranil and Sirisena.]


One who deceives her/himself would easily be deceived by others. Hence these politicians who failed to discipline VP defeated themselves in Democracy. How can you group Mr. Amirthalingam and VP together? It is an insult to that gentleman who led the Vaddukoddai Declaration. The legitimacy of that declaration was confirmed by the 1977 election outcomes. Our high  IQ worked through Sinhalese voters who valued education above military. Then we spoilt it all by accepting military above politics. To my mind, this happened due to our fear of junior castes against whom we discriminated to fulfil our desires. The two – desire and fear become polarised when we take the emotional route which causes one-way traffic.


As per the system of Truth, the other side comes to us as ‘sin’ when we do not balance the system during its current period. In democracy – the apparent junior side which gets second highest is raised to Equal status as the first group with most votes. Where the gap is filled by higher thinking – referred to by you as high IQ the second side actually leads the outcomes if they consider the whole to be common. Otherwise, the culture of the whole is demoted to that of majority. The balancing power is with the believing minority who may or may not have high IQ. When we believe and act as per our own conscience, we invoke the Universal power of truth. The UN’s role is to facilitate that space. Within that space, our first duty was to discipline our side which was influenced by India’s might but without respect for those who died to protect India’s sovereignty through the Political pathway. Thus, they invoked the military power of Sinhalese as their Opposition – very like Ukraine at the moment. Ultimately our karma – once recorded cannot be reversed through current actions. Wrongs must be ‘captured’ during their current period to prevent them from becoming ‘sins’ . In accounting – the Balance sheet reflects these prior period transactions as assets (virtues) and liabilities (sins) . Any prior period adjustment needs to be shown separately. Those who desire war victory are not likely to close the books of war. We ‘created’ the space for USA to takeover the show. They in turn wanted Tamil Politicians to alienate themselves from the LTTE. If successful Tamil politicians would have become the puppets of USA or met with the same fate as Mr Amirthalingam and others physically eliminated by the LTTE. But their true work would continue to support genuine politicians.



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