Friday 29 September 2017

Vidya Daughter of Saraswathi
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 September  2017

Today, we Hindus celebrate Saraswathi Poojah – in honour of Mother Saraswathi, the Goddess of Education. To my mind, it was no coincidence that the verdict in the matter of Rape and Murder victim Miss Vidya Sivaloganathan happened during Saraswathi Poojah. Yesterday, when we as a family learnt more and more about the Judgment delivered by the three judges the Hon  Balendren Sashi Mahendran, the Hon Ilancheliyan Manicckavasagar and the Hon Annalingam Premashankar, I registered that the name of Vidya’s mother is Saraswathi. The timing of Judgment happening during this holy period means to my mind that the judgment has been blessed by Mother Saraswathi – the Goddess of Education. This meant also that Vidya died for our education and will resurrect herself to educate her People. Divine beings resurrect themselves.
While getting informed, another ‘commonness’ that struck me was 13 May being the Anniversary of the Allaipiddy murders :
‘Allaipiddy murders refers to the May 13, 2006 killing of 13 minority Tamil civilians in separate incidents in three villages in the islet of Kayts in northern Sri Lanka Wikipedia
Vidya was also raped on 13 May. To my mind that was the natural connection needed to educate many   in that area to whom women were ‘substance of pleasure’ rather than respectable beings. I learnt through this matter, that there were toddy tappers in that area. By being part of Thunaivi community (known as toddy tapper community) I learnt about how their mind structures were designed. Now that they are coming out on their own - meaning without the supervision of the seniors by profession / work they often do not know consciously what the right code of conduct is – especially with those who are more educated amongst their own group. The likes of Vidya in the meantime become attractive to those with least investment in education.
A few months back I said to our coordinator in Thunaivi that I had cancelled plans to build accommodation in our land there – because the intrusions from youth (mostly young adult males) were worrying. I said for example I could not think of bringing our granddaughters there and be comfortable and relaxed. Then our coordinator said words to the effect ‘they would not do anything to you madam or your family’. This was said within the Energy circle of our family temple at the place where I sit and meditate during the early hours of morning, while residing  in Thunaivi. I believe that my lessons learnt at that place happened due to my mind being clear through meditation. I may be the medium or another may be. But I know intuitively as to what I ought to do.
On one occasion, I started writing a cheque in response to a request from a lady who usually repays her loans promptly. But I made a spelling error and because I was seated there – I took the ‘mistake’ as a spiritual warning against that payment. I immediately cancelled the transaction itself. Later I realised that the lady was asking for it for her son to start a business and when the money was not forthcoming easily, the lady did not even come to see me during my following visit. On previous occasions, the lady would visit me and have long chats. Her absence meant she did not feel a deep need nor gratitude for my previous assistances. Had I paid her – I would have denied another more needy person and/or task of that money. Such ‘warnings’ have happened to me through Saint Yoga Swami also and I have shared them through my book ‘Naan Australian’ which to my mind found a home in the National Library of Australia – through the spiritual pathway of the Soul. I did not make any physical or mental efforts towards this passage. To me that is a big confirmation of Soul power. Hence my identity with this power that Miss Vidya had/has in terms of Education. Once we identify with this Soul value – we would feel the eternal presence of Vidya in that area. Many of us have contributed  in various ways towards this elevation. The Judges have given it a very high form.
When we have no conscious knowledge of the causes of a manifestation, but we identify with the ‘reasons’ for manifestation Naturally and Intuitively – this means that we have been part of the Causal forces. One of the less sensational parts of the Judgment came from his Honour Justice Ilancheliyan as follows:
[Justice Illancheliyan criticized Deputy Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran’s  conduct over aiding & plotting the escape of the main suspect Swiskumar from arrest.]
Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran who is currently the State Minister for Child Affairs and formerly the Deputy Minister for Women’s Affairs, would resign from her   position if the lady had any dignity as a woman and mother. According to news report by
 [Prof. Thamilmaran got involved due to Children’s Affairs State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran. She had called him and said, “This boy is good. He is known to us. He is in the Swiss. Help him now and he will help you” and got him to release Swiss Kumar through Jayasinghe, a pupil of Thamilmaran. There is another secret behind Vijayakala’s request – Thamilmaran hopes to contest at a future election from Pungudutivu on the TNA ticket. Shashikumar is a racketeer in the area and his help will be needed for Thamilmaran to contest an election.]
Elected members share their belief through their Soul connections. If we women  do not respect ourselves as women, we would share our weaknesses and fears with others in a ‘free’ environments. It is possible that until now Mrs. Maheswaran did not identify with her lack of respect for herself as a woman. But the above judgment needs to be taken into account at least in terms of structures that would protect the women and children of Sri Lanka.
This is not the first time his honour Justice Ilancheliyan upheld the higher values in life – especially family relationships. During the primary hearing of my brother in law’s Testamentary case at Mallakam Local Courts – the Magistrate failed to discipline the other side lawyer Mr. Yogendra, who kept referring to me as non-family because this marriage to the brother of the Deceased  is my second marriage. This led to me declaring to him that I was not a Prostitute (Appendix). The judgment at the primary level was to dismiss us and uphold the sisters of the Deceased who were aliens to divorce and remarriage, as the more legitimate heirs. When we appealed and the matter came before appeal judges including his honour Justice Ilancheliyan,  the very first time Mr. Yogendra mentioned that I was not family due to being married previously – his honour asked him words to the effect ‘It’s lawful marriage isn’t it?’ 
Within our society, we have the parallels of both sides – Justice Ilancheliyan and Magistrate Gajanithibalan. The former had firm boundaries as to what was relevant and what was not. The latter to my mind failed to uphold the dignity of the laws of marriage which were already integrated with the Thesawalamai Customary Law applicable to Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka. Likewise politicians and law-enforcement officers. When a true practitioner is damaged the damage to the system is exponential.
Manifestations such as rape and murder happen due to the consolidated value of all our investments in that issue and in that area. Those who contribute beyond the physical and mental returns personal to themselves get naturally connected through their Souls. THAT is the basis of ownership rights. Without the soul-value – the transactions are for business and relativity purposes and/or are towards frivolous gossip.
Except for the guy known as Swiss Kumar – the rest of the accused in Vidya’s case  did not seem to have networking capability. Swiss Kumar made business out of ‘freedom’ in enjoying sexual pleasures, demonstrating that he had seriously ‘cheated’ the Swiss authorities who by law were required to respect even same-sex marriage in a highly civilized system that facilitates all types of genuine relationships. But such freedom to someone from an area where even heterosexual marriages are not firmly upheld, would overwhelm someone like Mr. Kumar who seems to hail from a background similar to Thunaivi which is basically a toddy-tapper community. Majority there do not share in the family values of those trained through the higher pathway, largely through the system of education. Punishing Swiss Kumar is likely to put fear in the minds of others who migrated on false claims to nations that respect ‘freedom of the individual’ much more than those who are driven by ‘majority’ power or gang power.
Of  most serious concern is Mrs.  Maheswaran who holds the policy position of exponential growth for better or for worse. When one is naturally  committed to one’s Sovereignty – that person influences through her/his soul and would often perform regularly beyond her/his duty. Such contribution endows Governing power on that person. When such person makes laws – they would be of positive value in uniting the group they are part of. But those with law-making authority who fail to do their duty and try to block others from doing theirs become disturbers of Peace and Harmony. Like those driven by Soul power these custodians of power also spread themselves exponentially to fragment society.
The first duty of a person who is responsible for regulating the administration of women’s affairs is to ensure that the common woman in the relevant area feels connected to the leader intuitively –as a child is to mother. All those who go through pain without compensating benefits – but accept the pain and loss  so the rest would have more than they have earned – have the power of this intuition. That Soul power is naturally shared with their group and beyond with those who are in genuine need of those services. Such power is Universal and often spreads Itself without us being conscious of It. Miss Vidya has become that power for Pungudutheevu and for all those who shared in her pain as if their Sovereignty had been  attacked.
At Thunaivi, we are already conducting sessions through which the respect for females is consciously developed and shared at family level. When the family is regulated towards  Sovereignty, the community it is part of is naturally empowered by such Sovereignty. That is the need of the moment for Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Excerpt from Naan Australian - Chapter 29
[In that Mallakam Court – Mr. Yogendra became the Judge. When Mr. Yogendra stated about my second marriage – and that because of that I was not family – the Judge did not discipline nor did he ask the question as to its relevance to the case.  But when I started giving evidence about my knowledge of what happened in the family in relation to inheritance matters – the Judge stated that it was ‘hearsay’…….
When asked by our lawyer as to why I sought Administration, I stated that I had been leading the Administration of the Common family after getting married to Mr. Paramasivam and that this was an extension of that. I said also my brother in law took over responsibility of the common family after his father passed away and that he paid for my husband’s education after the death of his father. I said that my husband was in the final year of his University education when his father passed away. It is significant that later when directing our lawyer – the Judge said that what I had said about distribution of wealth by my father in law was ‘hearsay’ because I was not part of the family then. But in relation to the payment for my husband’s University accommodation – the Judge said that because my husband had himself received money from his elder brother Mr. Yoganathan – he is not likely to have understood the wealth  distribution system.  In other words – THAT part of my evidence was not hearsay to the judge even though I was not physically present when that happened.
The Judge went further and said that we are not likely to have talked about any of this before my brother in law passed away. The Official Judge said that we were now talking about what happened for this specific purpose. To my mind it confirmed the same message to the Court  by Mr. Yogendra – but using different language – that I was desiring money that was not mine.
As the Judge went on elaborating how it would have happened – I kept shaking my head vigorously.  I knew that I was not allowed to speak in that court unless I was spoken to. I did prepare  a lengthy 34 page witness statement about the evidence I believed was needed by the Court to deliver its verdict as per the Truth and not through hearsay. ……….
I  was effectively ‘dismissed’ after the above question by Mr. Yogendra and my response to it.  I looked at our lawyer and he signaled that I could step down. I stepped down, wore my shoes and picked up the file of documents including the exhibits which were effectively dismissed by all that bullying under the leadership of Mr. Yogendra fully endorsed by the Judge. I carried that document file in my hand but this time the clerk said for me to handover all the documents needed to the lawyer.  I looked at our lawyer and he said to leave the file on the bar table. No documents were used in that Court. But they were already in the Court of Natural Justice as per my true intentions.

As I picked up my file I said to our lawyer ‘I am really disappointed with you.’ At that moment Mr. Yogendra who was standing next to our lawyer – at the head of the bar-table also looked in my direction – and I said to him in Tamil ‘na[f viAl maT ;lfAl’  / ‘I am not a prostitute’. So saying, I  walked towards the Public end of the Court. Then I heard our first lawyer Mr. Nadarajah say to me that I was being summoned. I turned around and walked back to the  witness box and removed my shoes. But I did not get on to the box because no one asked me to.  Then the Judge asked me in a stern voice ‘;T '[f[ ;dmf?/ What is this place?’  I was confused. I was wondering whether the Judge was referring to me not being accepted as  a Ceylon Tamil???  I did say ~mamf instead of Omf in Tamil, when giving evidence.  My mother spoke Indian Tamil as she was born and brought up in Burma.  I was wondering whether I was showing signs of my mother through my Indian Tamil for the word Yes.   ~mamf is Indian for Yes.  Omf is Ceylon Tamil. …..
Besides, Swami Sathya Sai Baba came in my early morning meditation and blessed me. Given that Swami was Indian – I may have brought that pronunciation during the court session. All this was running fast in my mind when the Judge said ‘;T nIti m[fbmf.  cnftil kAtkfkibmatiri kAtkfk PdaT ']fD etriyata? pdicfc ']fD ecalfli nirvak `tikarmf EkdfdidfD ;pfp `TkfKriy tKti ;lfl ']fD kadfdiyacfC.  ecalfLl ecalfbtvid  ndtfEtlfl kadfdibT Mkfkiymf.’ (This is Court house – Don’t you know that you should not show street behavior here in Court? You claim to be educated and sought Administrative authority. But now  through your conduct you have proven that you do not deserve that.  It’s not good enough to say in words. More importantly your conduct must confirm your claim) 
I looked blankly at the Judge for the first part of the above outburst by the Judge. Then the penny dropped – that somehow the Judge had got knowledge of my statement to Mr. Yogendra. It’s often mind reading.
So – on top of being effectively labeled as a prostitute and a cheat – I was now being accused of street behavior. I just stared at the Judge.  The woman in me broke down and cried – silently inside. It really was too much at this point for that soft woman within. 
Then our lawyer spoke out and said to the Judge ‘I apologize on her behalf but her behavior is understandable given that her second marriage was brought before this court again.’  The Judge immediately showed a smiling face to the lawyer and explained that it was not given consideration.  Our lawyer then said to me ‘You better apologize’ . I looked him straight in the eye said ‘No I won’t. I spoke the Truth. I have no reason to apologize for.’

  No one said anything for a few moments and I took my file again – this time from the floor and my bag next to it, wore my shoes and walked away. At the other end of the bar table I bowed to the Judge’s chair  – where my real Lord was seated as per my mind to the extent I spoke the Truth relevant to honor my dead relative,  and walked out of the Court room. ]

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