Thursday 14 September 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
14 September  2017

Long Term De facto Governance in Sri Lanka?

[The presidential elections are not far away. Who knows who the next umpire is going to be? The war ended in Nandikaddal in 2009. We all hoped for better dawns but they came wrapped in multi-coloured cellophane of corruption. Then the ‘man on the street’ voted in disgust and managed to change the team.] Capt. Elmo Jayawardena
To the mind that says that the war ended in Nandikaddal in 2009, the winners would have been the then Government, headed by the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa. That mind would have accepted the colourful wraps needed to motivate such leaders to act. The LTTE itself would not have become a powerful force without such colourful wraps which translated as wins to takeover governance. But then, the LTTE was transparent about its purpose. Not so the official government, even though they used their natural ways instead of the one regulated by the laws of war. One driven by Nature more than the Common Law is capable of forming reliable De Facto relationship – so long as one accepts Mistress status. When one kills the wife / officially elected politician, to takeover the official position itself – then one gets a government with lower structure. The Rajapaksa regime killed such a mistress and paved the way for the official wife to be elected to the Equal Opposition position.

But to kill the mistress the Rajapaksa team had to think like the LTTE. This was facilitated by money – as the LTTE was facilitated by Actor-Politician MG Ramachandran who lacked the depth to develop reliable Management structures to govern. His was more like a De Facto government, due to the money factor. Money kills relationships.

If indeed as reported, money was paid to the LTTE to stop Tamils from voting in the 2005 Presidential Elections, it was an insult to the law abiding Sinhalese. That would have divided the Sinhalese community itself into those electing Official Governments and those voting for De Facto Governments. Tamils were already divided on that basis. With the Nandikadal victory, a De Facto group that the Government had become, can claim only the land where they displaced the LTTE. To claim victory over LTTE as a whole – the Government would have had to preserve its official status. All Sinhalese who celebrated the victory at Nandikadal as victory over Terrorism, contributed to the lawlessness of the Government which like Soora Pathman – the asura / demon – changed form to become financial lawlessness.  Thus the celebrating Sinhalese had a taste of their own poison  recommended to Tamil militants.
As per Daily News report  ‘Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa can be taken to courts: Rajitha Senaratne’ :

[Co-Cabinet Spokesperson, Rajitha Senaratne said today that the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa can be taken to courts over his admission to having given the order to distribute ‘Sil Cloth’ to voters during the previous Presidential election campaign.]
It is doubtful that this action would have happened soon after elections or well before the next elections. It is therefore De Facto Administration like the defeat of the LTTE was.
I had to become part of the Toddy Tapper community in Northern Sri Lanka, to help prevent them from unjustly contributing to killing our official system. I ended up protecting  our temple grounds from such De Facto management which is the easier one for junior castes to follow. But that would have been an insult to my parents and ancestors whose blessings I seek during difficult times. Those Forces highlighted the Truth – that in a common system at that place they would try to rule over me as the LTTE had done over the officials.
Like Mr. Rajapaksa who continued with his De Facto ways – Mr. Wigneswaran became infected by the De Facto system and ended up appointing Ms Ananthi Sasitharan as Minister, instead of  one who would promote women to educate themselves. The LTTE did that and those genes are being carried forward, instead of Mr. Wigneswaran promoting the Council to use the system that groomed him to become a judge. This is what happens when the lines of separation are not drawn between mistress and wife. When women in family are driven by money more than bonding through belief – the family effectively is managed through de facto practices. When a woman sacrifices personal pleasures to support the family – she earns credit towards mother status and  needs to be shown respect. Likewise, minority powers in an institution.

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