Saturday 29 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
29 April 2017

Religious Leadership and the Law

Sri Lankan Leadership
[Speaking on this occasion, the President said the building of the peaceful nation we all expected to build would not be difficult if all of us are determined to live as Sri Lankans in one Sri Lankan nation.]

Australian Leadership
[While the link between mental health and terrorism is controversial, Mr Fuller told The Australian “we’ve got to be courageous enough to say some of these people have got significant mental health issues.”
Police hope the new unit would help them identify and stop individuals like Lindt Cafe gunman Man Haron Monis, who ­attacked the Martin Place, Sydney, cafe in December 2014, resulting in the deaths of cafe manager Tori ­Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson.]

As an Australian of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, I believe that the Lindt CafĂ© tragedy would have been prevented if the Australian armed forces had actually practiced the Racial Discrimination Act 1975,   at least to the extent they were found fault with through this legislation. I found fault with them, including on the basis of evidence that they listed me as Sri Lankan despite my claim that I was Australian by law. If they were driven by the Law, and they did not believe me, they ought to have called for documentary evidence to prove that I was Australian by law. If they did believe me then they had the duty to change the records to read that I was Australian National. It was sheer disregard for the law that led them to carry on with the ‘habit’ of naming ONLY others like themselves as ‘Australians’ when they think they are in a ‘free’ environment. They were ‘free’ with me because I was stripped of my earned status as a professional. Truth is facilitated to surface in such an environment. Truth then surfaces to support one who made the greater sacrifice not necessarily to win in the eyes of others but certainly towards confirming her/his Sovereignty to her/himself.

An institution, where wrongs against true belief  is yet to be corrected and the pain and loss repaired, lacks the authority to ‘judge’ the victim’s home group – in this instance migrants of Asian origin. The NSW Police is such an institution. This institution carries mental disorders due to irreconcilable differences between the Law and their personal habitual thought orders extended beyond their home-group. A rule such as the above, would lead to increase of Terrorism risk due to irreconcilable differences between cultural thoughts and the law – leading to the natural empowerment of true believers who make the greater sacrifice to stay within the institution. The Police and the Government have the duty to first test the new rule internally on themselves before injecting such viruses into the Public mind. 

Reading the Sri Lankan President’s message, I thought of how I felt at the New Kathiresan Temple at Colombo 4 last  morning, when I was asked by a male to stand aside – as if my positioning in the queue was disorderly. It was during poojah/mass and hence the ‘instructions’ by someone who did not wear any particular uniform did upset me more than the usual margin allowed. I joined the poojah rituals mainly to support other devotees. My prayers is deepest when I am on my own with the Lord. After the above disciplinary action,  I came outside and sat on the outer platform and thought about what had happened. The previous time this happened, I recognized clearly  that the person taking action did not have management authority and  was of Equal status as I as a fellow devotee and I was able to discipline her. On that occasion, I was eventually able to position myself through natural forces, in the front line and view the grand ceremony like a VIP. THAT to me is the value of Spirituality. The rule in Spiritual part of a matter is that the deeper believer is the one with the real authority to regulate – so the other person stays connected to the core along the same line order. When such a person is punished after the person acts within  her/his duty as per her/his official position, the institution so punishing gets the return karma. In other words, a self-governing person has the power to return the karma as weakness in the institution that lacked belief deep enough to be entitled to the higher authority. When the believer takes up the real position to bring the official in line with her/his order – and does so without breaching the applicable laws and/or by accepting the punishment as per those laws, the line of return karma is visible to such a person.

The Australian Human Rights Commission and Judiciary both failed in their respective duty to uphold the law above ‘habit’ / politics – and hence injected themselves with the anti-ownership weakness.

The Hindu legend that comes to mind is that of Lord Shiva who relieved an old woman of the royal rule  to contribute to building a bund:

[Legend has it that King Thirumalai Naick had ordered his subjects to build a mammoth bund near the Vaigai river to protect people from flood. An aged woman, Vanthiammai, was unable to carry baskets of mud but offered to trade a handful of ‘puttu’ to those who would help her. Lord Shiva is reported to have appeared in the guise of a young man and offered to work for her but dozed off on the riverbed after eating the ‘puttu.’ On noticing this, the king’s guard  struck him with a cane and a miracle is reported to have occurred as the blow landed on everyone’s back, including that of the king himself.]The Hindu

When we celebrate with belief, it is as if that Experience is happening now. In this context – those of us who Believe and have done our duty as per our official position, have the power to return the punishment to the official who failed in her/ his duty. Mine in terms of the University of NSW and the Federal Government went to the dismissal of the respective CEOs – Professor Rory Hume and Mr. John Howard – the royalty who failed their subjects. Both happened through the power of the Common Public – the Governing Council in the case of the University and voters in the case of Mr. Howard. This is true Soorasamhaaram which to me is the closest Tamil description of Jihad.

In the case of the above temple,  I have been a long time devotee and when I started praying there – the temple, like Australia was 200 years ago,  was not as grand as it is now. Lord Ganesh was more quickly accessible without human regulations and more to the point, regulators. Even as I thought about the experience, I realized that the person who ‘told me’ what to do, was interfering with my belief based communication. One whose belief was at least as deep as mine, would have identified with me the way I was following the natural rule of not blocking other devotees unfairly and  therefore was self-governing. When such a person is ‘told’ by an official, the development and/or maintenance of belief at that place is disturbed.  During poojah / mass – each one is to her/himself as per her/his natural laws. Unless an act was so serious as to disturb the peace at that place, no disciplinary action ought to be taken by one against another from a higher position. During that time we are all Equals before the Lord. When the Police arrested me for seeking to share my Belief with fellow members of the University of NSW, through the position of Vice Chancellor who had the DUTY to hear me especially after he agreed through Court process to hear me as per the subject matter of Democratic Financial Management systems to establish which I also was recruited, the Police were doing the dirty work of the University which the Security Officers of the University had the DUTY to do. The Police even brought a caged van to the University and  were waiting for me to arrive. I was transparent at all times – an essential criterion for successful bottom-up process of democracy to connect me to the consolidated Energy of all genuine investment in Democracy. The Police therefore had the opportunity to seek and educate me. But neither the University Administrators nor the Police considered me important as  a person through whom their higher position is maintained. The relationship was weakened and eventually broken by the Police who became the security officers of the University.

This is the reality of migrants who dare to be Australians at a level higher than the positions allocated by custodians of official power. Their parallels are the likes of Man Haron Monis, who ­attacked the Martin Place, Sydney, cafe in December 2014, resulting in the deaths of cafe manager Tori ­Johnson and barrister Katrina Dawson.

To my mind, the above two died due to mental disorder, the same mental disorder in the NSW Police, that killed  the higher Australian Administrator in me because the Police lacked the courage to say NO to the University Administrators acting against a Sri Lankan woman. They were effectively marked ‘right’ not only by the Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission but also the Federal Court. The former has since been stripped of its Equal Opportunity portfolio which in turn leads to lesser opportunities for the Federal Court to practice Equal Opportunity Law at the litigants’ level.

Laws help us to think and express along one Common  logical pathway.  Those of different faiths would have their own respective logical pathway. One does not have the authority to regulate the other. Successful travel along reliable law, leads to Truth. Those who travel along the same pathway need to assimilate at the primary level. Those of different pathway, integrate at the destination of Truth. At that destination, we are all Equal and hence one should not tell the other One who so integrates would not ‘tell’ but share.  One with authority as per the law, needs to  remain silent in the presence of Truth through which a person completes the self-governing experience. As per the above news report, the Sri Lankan President:

[pointed out that the much discussed reconciliation can be brought to a reality through respecting not only your privileges and rights but also the privileges and rights of others. “We should be committed to build a country where brotherhood and reconciliation are strengthened by establishing  permanent peace”.]

Where one has belief as a Sri Lankan,  s/he would identify with another Sri Lankan of belief. Likewise, Australians identifying with fellow Australians. One who needs Reconciliation confirms lack of belief. Like in Mental Disorder, one who is able to recognize that s/he is un-reconciled  needs to stay and take the punishment of leadership through armed power resulting in loss of power due to belief based return karma by victims and members of their home group. Likewise, one who has taken official action against and institution on the basis of Belief has to stay and educate the offenders because her/his home-group now includes the offenders.   That is the case with me in terms of Australia and with Tamils in terms of Sri Lanka. It’s those actions that released us from the Tamil only claim. The moment we need a Sinhalese to elevate our position – we are confirming we are one home group. That’s catch 22 in relation to majority rule by Whites in Australia and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka through the benefits of the official positions they are attached to. When the Soorasamharam / Jihad is of the desires of the flesh – it expands our mind and therefore our world.  Without mind, matter cannot be commonly shared.  

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