Friday 21 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 April 2017

Australian Values

Yesterday, I wrote about my appreciation of our Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull being Indian when in India. To my mind, that was the best promotion of Australian global values which would motivate the average Indian who does not leave India. The core purpose of my stay in Sri Lanka these days is that sharing of global values with the local folks who have little or no intention of leaving Sri Lanka. Last night I was rewarded by the message from the Prime Minister that new migrants must demonstrate commitment to Australian values and value their citizenship. The values as stated by the Prime Minister are:

["Freedom, equality of men and women, mutual respect, the rule of law, democracy, a fair go — that's our Australian values," ]

They are different to Indian values as stated by Political leaders and yet Mr. Turnbull was able to be ‘free’ with his Indian counterpart. This confirms in action the successful completion of ‘Australian citizenship’ at the stated global standards. The Indian Prime Minister is due to visit Sri Lanka in May and we expect demonstration of Gandhi values especially in respect to the development of Oil Tank Farm in the eastern port city of Trincomalee. It should not have the effect of ‘invasion’. In terms of  Commonness the current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka could easily be identified with our current Australian Prime Minister.

Valuing Australian citizenship starts with bringing with us our original values – not in form but in Spirit. Often it would take some renunciation of earned  benefits to complete the old and free us to begin the new. Often Tamils of Sri Lanka are criticized for the exercise of caste hierarchy. But where it is functional as per our work – it has positive value. Where a new system is officially in place, the old must reside within us in Spirit only. Renunciation helps raise matter to Energy level. It is the duty of every migrant to therefore raise the old benefits to Energy level by renouncing them which clears the pathway  to invest in the new. Attachment to past benefits often is a block in this pathway. Even when we never leave home, we need to raise them to structural and energy levels to pass them on to the next generation. Cash values of our work are as temporary as our gross body which ages and perishes.

One who so renounces develops natural structures that would support her/him at a later time and/or at another place. One who fails to do so before emigrating becomes indebted to the country s/he leaves behind. If the person emigrates to protect her/his developed values, those are shared between the nations through their Common values – but only through those who respect structures above benefits. Others who fail to so respect would not have membership in this Common area – even if they were the top leaders of the nation. This structure based sharing is like bilateral agreement. Where the person takes only the wisdom of her/his experience – the sharing is global/universal and empowers anytime, anywhere   - so long as the person feels ‘homely’. Such a migrant would show all of the above values through her / his conduct. Those who genuinely believe in such a person have natural membership through that belief. The value then is a heritage.

Where migrants are expected to commit themselves to Australians who are not committed to those values, that in itself is suppression of Freedom. When I sued Law enforcement officers who  were far less committed to Racial Equality and demonstrated it by listing me as Sri Lankan national instead of Australian national, despite my strong protests – were protected by the Judiciary as well as the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. If I ‘forget’ that experience, I would end up cheating myself of global experience. I raised the pain and loss to ownership Energy and hence my successful globalization. Had I hired a clever lawyer and gotten compensation, I would have gotten ‘even’ but not become part of the source of Common Belief that we are all Equal until known otherwise for purposes of maintaining manifested matter-order.

Every value needs to have been established through action on Australian soil – for it to qualify as Australian. Until then separation is needed for each group to practice its culture in its own ‘private’ quarters and coexist with others of different culture towards the above mentioned matter-order/harmony. Equal Opportunity laws facilitate this separation.

A Sri Lankan law expert of global status stated when asked about Equal Opportunity Laws for Sri Lanka, that they were already provided for through other laws. This was after more than 30 years of  ethnic conflict !  The law helps us think in Common. Like the traffic lights, if we observe the law we do not need to think about who is coming from which direction.

In a country/state where majority are yet to appreciate the value of Gender Equality one needs specific laws to habitually show such respect and develop gender equality which is natural for majority Australians. Once it’s natural in majority – we need to repeal the law in confirmation that it is now Common Belief.  In Australia  not so – racial equality. The Prime Minister confirmed this Truth by leaving out commitment to racial-equality which is still not natural to majority Australians. To that extent it was a true Political statement. 

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