Tuesday 18 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
18 April 2017

Heritage or Business?

Our granddaughters were discussing how their fathers often did not allow them to present their project reports as prepared by themselves (our granddaughters) but made changes to them which resulted in disappointment to one  looking for her own identity. Having groomed their parents, I am now able to observe and enjoy, recognizing that the parents are involved and that is all that mattered – for it confirmed continuity of our heritage-investment in Education. I believe that if we had studied merely for the grades and the jobs that would give us money for a living, we would not be able to enjoy such interactions. Once when the discussion was heating up – one of the younger ones said that she got only 2 out of 8 for religious education, after getting help from her parent! We all burst out laughing. The parent argued that he was trying to bring out the true response rather than the one that would please the teacher! I concluded that educated parents would often find this conflict with teachers – especially if the teachers were foreigners.

I thought of that when reading Sri Lankan news this morning – especially the Ceylon Today report -  ‘No foreign investigators – Swaminathan

Our parallels as grandparents in family, in the alleged War-Crimes inquiry is the USA. It’s now almost eight years after the manifestation of events, based on which the war-crimes allegations were made. As I often say to my students in Human Values, if wrongs are not corrected during the currency of the applicable measure, they get carried forward as sins. Likewise, rights get carried forward as virtues. Both work autonomously and we cannot control them but the wise  go along with them.

There is matter, mind and Energy. One who operates close to Energy would not be conscious of matter. Hence the Hindu message ‘Tat Tvam Asi’/‘Thou Art That’. Such a person is the source of Heritage value. The place that is ‘home’ to us confirms our Sovereignty due to such value. Education was the topic of discussion in our home due to such Energy. Towards this freedom of speech is facilitated for even the youngest members to present their cases.

Our Truth comes with us as a Sovereign power. When we are conscious of this there is a structure in our mind, through which we receive what happens and what others are expressing. The higher that structure, the more inclusive it is of  juniors. The weaker the opportunity to develop our heirs due to external blocks – the greater the natural lateral spread and wider the pathway  through which this is shared. Whether or not we are entitled to ‘foreign’ judges depends on our own sovereignty and lack of local opportunities through which to develop heritages for future  generations.

As per the above mentioned report:

[The minister also added that the government was now in the process of expediting the release of lands in the possession of the armed forces.]

My reception of this is as per my own experience shared as follows recently:

[As is my way, I thought about your message below in the consciousness of my wisdom about Northern folks as they are now and also Xxxx Anna with whom I had discussions about such matters while Anna was in Colombo as a displaced person. I was told off by Anna for donating part of our temple land to the folks of Thunaivi for Post-war development work.  To him the lands would be neglected when given ‘free’.  Now, after having lived there as part of that village I better appreciate why Anna spoke as he did.
In terms of our Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai land, our family temple is there and it continues to be private and under  the Joint name “Dharma Udayar Valavu & Australian Tamil Management Service . Even yesterday we heard about damage to the temple gates. 
During our discussions with Anna during the time your family wanted their land registered as per Government’s new rules I formed the impression that Anna was against the occupying folks. While it may be costly to oust them and then hand it back to them, to legitimize their continued occupation may amount to condoning unlawful occupation of another’s property – resulting in encroachment when the owners are not there. ]

When Land is occupied without Belief that it is ours, but in  the knowledge that it is legally not ours,  it confirms disorder of the mind when we live amongst those who follow law and order in majority aspects of their living. Belief is of Absolute value and would override all other orders. Be it the Armed Forces or the Victims of War, where there is Need, Belief is confirmed. Unlawful occupation without Belief promotes disorder of the mind.

If the occupies that land without belief of the need to occupy, the true owners have the power to access the accumulated Energy of that place and their powers would naturally take their heritage laterally beyond local borders.   Thus the real Sovereign borders shift beyond the physical. When judges from those areas come to Sri Lanka they are NOT foreigners to those of Sri Lankan origin who have invested beyond local cultures and / or whose investment in Tradition has naturally spread due to ‘blocks’ at the local level.

Global Risks Insight article ‘Under the Radar: Are Sri Lanka’s ports the next Great Game for China, India and Japan?’  highlights the return karma of  unlawful occupation without belief  by other governments through the business pathway as follows:

[As the regional newcomer, China has less to lose from such an arrangement than existing Indian Ocean powers such as the US and India, and to a lesser extent Japan. This effectively makes Sri Lanka a demilitarized zone, in turn negating the regional superiority enjoyed by the US and India.

Mounting unrest over mega project terms
This competition has also led each of these countries to invest in various Sri Lankan port facilities, with China focusing on Hambantota, India and Japan on Trincomalee, and the US in Jaffna. Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa even went so far as to publically state that Sri Lanka plans to divvy up control of these ports accordingly. With economic growth the lowest in three years at 4.4% in 2016, Sri Lanka sorely needs foreign investment to boost its growth, yet this very scramble for Sri Lankan assets has created domestic problems of its own.
Sri Lankans have protested what they consider to be unfair concessions by their government to foreign partners, especially with regards to infrastructure projects. One of these flashpoints are plans for majority Indian control over a jointly operated oil storage facility in Trincomalee. Another sticking point are efforts to extend Colombo Port by eight to ten miles, making it the largest in the Indian Ocean, at the expense of surrounding land. The main focus of domestic anger however are Chinese plans for the extensive expansion of the Hambantota port and 15,000 acre Southern Industrial Zone special economic zone.]

Unlawful occupation without belief in one part leads to takeover of the occupier’s home by a greater power when there is ‘freedom’ of movement. Those of us who are global have the power to limit such invasion by the so called Superpowers by making those parts our home and hence by upholding global values which would automatically reject ‘foreigners’ those who practice their local habits in another’s home. If on the other hand we are able to live harmoniously in Sri Lanka – with the heirs of these  Superpowers – then we confirm that we are part of the Energy that globalizes Sri Lanka. 

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