Monday 24 April 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23 April 2017

Karma of Impunity at Home

[“As far as the UN goes, they came here to protect us, but all they’ve brought is destruction.”] 21-year-old Haiti citizen Ms. Melida Joseph – as per Easwaran Ratnam’s report ‘Army Accused Of Turning Blind Eye On Haiti Rape’ published by
Lasantha Wickrematunge’s  Sunday Leader.

The above article confirms the need for Sri Lankan Army to be trained as per the structure of International Law. It was within the authority of the UN to suspend recruitment from the Sri Lankan Army until the war-crimes allegations were resolved one way or the other. But the UN failed due to lack of commitment to its own mandate to develop the higher global mind. Recently the UN sanctioned extended time to the Sri Lankan Government to address the allegations of war-crimes. Karma happened due to at least one Sri Lankan mind being cheated of her/his return from global investment. Hence the manifestation of the above scandal. When we give up, the system of karma (Natural Justice) takes over.

The structure through which the above report came to us includes the mind of slain Journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge. Reporter Easwaran Ratnam is the last part of the publishing work in bringing  this information to us. Those of us who value Lasantha Wickrematunge’s contribution to our Common mind, would read the report in that consciousness. This confirms the heritage value of Lasantha Wickrematunge’s life with us. Likewise, when our pleasures – including sexual pleasures are processed through the higher minds – starting with ours that carries the Common Laws, Principles and Values. The strength of that higher mind is the safety value that protects our work.

The parallel of the Sri Lankan war-crimes allegation in our family is the issue of Intestate Estate of my Brother in law – Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan of Vaddukoddai. Like the Sri Lankan Politicians of majority race – the sisters of Mr. Yoganathan had custody of the documents that confirmed the assets left behind by Mr. Yoganathan. Internally – they wanted my husband and his brother  to renounce their  share so the sisters could get all of it. In terms of money we seemed to have more than they. But that would not carry forward Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan’s discipline which prevented him from premature distribution of his earned and inherited wealth even when his sisters’ children came to Australia to further their educational qualifications. Had we agreed to ‘donate’ our share to the sisters it would have negated the ‘protective value’ that preserved the wealth during the lifetime of Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan, his father whose wealth was inherited by Mr. Yoganathan also and the rest of us who have contributed to the Common Mind of the family.  Hence when my husband flatly refused, I identified with it as preservation value of the family heritage. I recommended that the sisters sought the services of a lawyer to ‘settle’ the distribution with due respect.

In the process when I was struggling to get copies of the title documents and the Police wanted me to come through a lawyer, I was recommended the services of Madam Shantha Abhimanasingham, PC. I had one consultation with the lady for about 5 to 10 minutes but the lady confirmed my experience based belief that as per Thesawalamai / Customary Law – the law applicable to Jaffna Tamils in terms of inheritance, my brother-in- law’s wealth was Muthusam/inherited wealth  and not Thediya Thettam / acquired wealth. The lady lifted her right hand and said that the wealth must be passed through that level (meaning parental level) to qualify as inherited wealth and in the case of Bachelor it is taken as such. I often recall that picture and smile to myself in appreciation. Inherited wealth confirms the consolidated Common mind that we carry. This Common mind comes with the protection of time – that the pleasures have escaped the distractions from frivolousness and became out of reach of the physically stronger players in our environment.  

In the case of sexual pleasures, passing our pleasures through the laws of marriage raises the value to higher level.  Anyone who foregoes pleasures within a relationship,  for others to enjoy, is automatically developing or confirming a family structure and therefore relationships. These family laws could be laws Common to the whole or limited to our local cultures. When we do so, we naturally develop and maintain heritage values of that institution – in this instance the family unit. The second best is to pay money for pleasures so we would not become indebted to the pleasure provider. When families manage their relationships through money – they confirm weakening of the heritage value. This is fine so long as the one driven more by money does not have higher status than one driven more by common / heritage value. Without these – we would behave like animals where the basic rule is survival of the fittest at that time at that place – as happened in Haiti.

We may or may not win in Sri Lankan Courts that are swinging from current values of the young and the restless on the one extreme and attachment to the past by the old and the complacent, on the other. But to the extent we are genuine, the returns will happen when we need them, in the form we need them. The real rewards are based (1) as per our Belief in the Common Values not only of the parties concerned but also the Administrative,  judicial and social systems that have preserved the wealth and (2) Our current contribution to win through the official system.

The parallel of this for the Sri Lankan Government in terms of UN activities is (1)  the Belief of all Sri Lankans in the UN system and (2) our  current contribution to be in UN related jobs/activities. Political maneuvers  may result in temporary wins in relation to one issue but so long as even one believer is actively processing her/his thinking through UN values as per her/his experience, it would continue to clear some other neglected pathway to manifest wrongs attributable directly to the offenders who had impunity at ‘home’.

We carry the gunas (characteristics) that are natural to us – as in genes. Some gunas are developed  through habits. But the more we process our thoughts and conduct through Common values – our natural traits that are negative to that environment would be buried. If we seek and find such Common values we burn such negatives and clear the pathway for good order. Hindus wear the Holy Ash / Vibhoothi  on the forehead to confirm insight gained through this process of burning ignorance. The motto of University of Jaffna is ‘Knowledge finds Truth’.

Mental illness happens due also to lack of connection to commonness. One who is born with lesser mental order on the other hand could improve her/his mental strength by attributing credit to the provider recognized by her/him. If the Armed forces of Sri Lanka had been kept at home – under the close supervision of the Sri Lankan Government all concerned would have been ‘saved’ this pain and shame.

When we lie to those who believe in us, we lie to ourselves. Then Truth gets blocked by us and hence we develop mental disorder. Sri Lankan Government needs to invest more and more in sex-related education to cure their Armed Forces of ‘free enjoyment’ of foreigners. Without belief in UN laws – the Sri Lankan Armed forces were a foreign force in Haiti. If they are taken to have knowledge of UN laws, there is enough evidence to try them for war-crimes AND by Foreign Judges under UN supervision.  In either  instance – the person responsible for the structures – is the one with highest responsibility and hence must bear the highest punishment when the breaches are confirmed publicly.  Hiding them under the carpet would breed mental disorders within the Armed Forces and the government. That is the return for not punishing within due date. They say that Time and Tide wait for no man. Through Time, we punish ourselves. Through Tide victims punish us through their natural collective force. When information is belief based – the secrecy has the value of confidentiality and facilitates natural internal sharing. When there is lack of belief – the secrecy amounts to cover-up. Hence the need for Transparency when we discover lack of belief in a relationship.

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