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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
22 April 2017
Swami Malai where Father Learns from Son

Alternate Australian Values

[Australia, which hosts one of the largest Sri Lankan Diasporas overseas, will make it more difficult to gain citizenship in a major overhaul of its migration process, the BBC reported yesterday. Aspiring citizens will undergo tougher tests on their English language skills and ability to demonstrate "Australian values", PM Malcolm Turnbull has said. Applicants must also have completed four years as a permanent resident - three years longer than at present. The move comes two days after Australia unveiled stricter visa requirements for skilled workers from overseas. Turnbull said the changes would ensure that migrants were better integrated into the community. "It is important that they understand that they are making a commitment to our Australian values," he said. In explaining what constituted "Australian values", Turnbull said migrants must demonstrate support for religious freedom and gender equality.]

Unless English is officially the global language and majority Australians were global minded, the above inclusion of language would automatically separate Australia from its geographic neighbors. Sri Lankan political leaders who took-over leadership positions from the British but lacked investment in their geographic neighbors declared ‘Sinhala only’ as the official language and alienated themselves  from the mind of majority. Those who are confident in governing positions would not fear someone else’s invasion.

I am responsible for the Energies I generate when listening to and interpreting Common expressions at a particular place. Mine would include my experiences as a Sri Lankan Tamil whose family was affected by the ‘Sinhala only’ message. The seeds of the Sri Lankan war during my generation were sown at that time. Others may genuinely have other forms of logic. To my mind, there would have been no space for the Tamil Tigers if not for the ‘Sinhala Only’ message from weak leaders.

A true Australian would naturally share her/his beliefs in her own language. Truth empowers the place of manifestation. If English is attributed ‘foremost’ status, Australia has the DUTY to repeal Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and also rescind its agreement to be a member of the group that upholds the values of the  International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Where a language becomes part of the selection criteria to win a ‘position’, we dismiss ourselves from membership in groups that practice Equality even when the Truth gives a picture of ‘inequality’ – as in President Trump’s ‘alternate facts’. That was the case with women in many communities. When our Prime Ministers (Australian and Sri Lankan) go to India and China and they need to have knowledge of their practices to connect to their minds. When People from those countries come to our home base – as migrants – we already have that mind connection to operate globally. Once we bring People into ourselves as part of us – we get connected at the roots. Where we are not able to do this due to one side or the other or both sides – we need to have laws of Equality that separate us from relativity.

If English in the case of Australia, and Buddhism in the case of Sri Lanka – are rendered ‘foremost’ status we cannot be equals unless all of us used English with the same level of correctness. In fact many White Australians of British origin, including Police Officers would rank below me in status on this basis. They are likely to either ‘avoid’ such persons or are likely to be ‘aggressive’ with such persons.

Most importantly, this would negate the investment we have made in respecting and attributing credit to Indigenous Australians whose mother language is NOT English. If time is the basis of Seniority – Aborigines of Australia and Veddhas of Sri Lanka are entitle to lead us as per their natural belief in the Land. If time is frozen – all cultures are Equal and hence all languages and religions are of Equal status.

Most of us have our own hierarchy towards developing belief on time based seniority. This starts with family. But once the junior fulfills her/his role and remains in that grouping Equal status is essential to confirm ‘commonness’. Otherwise the junior is entitled to be treated as an outsider. Some remain within by ‘internalizing’ their pain of disappointment. When they do so – they develop natural structures in which they are in the higher position. When they respect the external common law and keep that position status confidential – but continue to be part of the group – they become Energy that gets shared often without conscious knowledge in those so sharing. Even one such migrant has the power to invoke the Consolidated Powers of others who have suffered injustice under the official system. The power of the Aborigines who stayed within their territories, in this regard is a strong power – close to Absolute value. The mining issue and the promise Mr. Turnbull made to the Indian Businessman to ‘adjust’  the law to suit an outsider – seems to have triggered off this ‘English foremost’ message from our Prime Minister.

English is healthy in terms of Multicultural business. But one could remain local / personal and preserve her/his diversity and realize independence on this soil far more quickly than through majority culture. If so, that is of Absolute value. Hence the need to preserve diversity but without interfering with others’ culture. Equality gives us that healthy separation. Reacting to the reactionaries would take us down to their level of operations and we start dictating and imposing – as they do – as LTTE and JVP did in Sri Lanka.

If English is brought into merit based calculations – it would accumulate more credit in favor of reactionaries from the communities of those of us who have truly been denied our earned opportunities and  benefits by the official system but have ‘internalized’ the pain to become Energy that others victims would naturally be empowered by when they are in need.

Likewise, attachment to the physical aspects of our investment in our particular culture and work forms – when they go beyond their ‘correctable’ dates – become negative Energies that would be shared unless we are on our guard.  The Sri Lankan Government which carries the war-crimes allegations at UN level – carries such negative Energies and if the Australian Government is ‘free’ with such a Government – it gets infected by that Energy that is certainly negative to Australia in its current form and status in the Western world. A migrant to whom both are parent nations – through belief – is protected by the Commonness. Not so even the High Commissioner who partnered the Sri Lankan minister for Christian Affairs to promote Tourism related postwar development. Parents must learn from children who have become such Energy. Likewise, Government leaders from citizens. Lord Shiva is stated to have learnt from His son Lord Muruga and Swami Malai in Southern India – which is all about a leader becoming humble enough to learn from the citizen:

[As per Hindu legend, Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, disrespected Muruga (the son of Shiva) at the time of visiting Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva. The child Muruga got angry with Brahma and asked him how he was creating living beings. Brahma said that he was creating living beings with the help of the Vedas (Hindu scriptures). On hearing the reply, Muruga asked Brahma to recite the texts from Vedas. Brahma started to recite the text with the holy word called Pranav Mantra, "Om". At that time Muruga stopped Brahma and asked him to explain the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Brahma did not expect such a question from the child and could not reply. Muruga knocked Brahma on his forehead with his clenched fists and punished him with imprisonment. Muruga took up the role of the creator. The Devas (celestial deities) were surprised by the absence of Brahma and they requested Vishnu to negotiate with Muruga to release Brahma. Vishnu could not help and as the last resort, Shiva went to the rescue of Brahma.
Shiva came to Muruga and asked him to release Brahma from imprisonment. Muruga refused to release him stating Brahma was unaware of the meaning of the Pranav Mantra (Hindi:  AUM). Shiva asked Muruga to explain the meaning and Muruga extolled to Shiva the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Shiva behaved like a student to a teacher, listening with rapt attention from his son, giving Muruga the name "Swaminatha Swami". The meaning of this name is "The Teacher of Shiva". Following the legend, the shrine of the son Muruga is atop the hillock, while the father Shiva's shrine is located at the basement. ]

As worshippers at Sydney Murugan Temple would know Muruga is the personification of taking the long path of physical observation to Globalization. Hence Muruga would have become that Energy in His Father’s world – the parallel being Jesus being recognized as Son of God and not God Himself. When  Brammah – the Creator in Lord Shiva’s world – made mistakes of giving form to ‘Sovereignty’ at birth – Lord Muruga would have known that Bramma was wrong. This meant Lord Shiva failed in His duty to correct Bramma. Hence Lord Shiva had to learn from His son in the son’s language that which He knew in His own language. It’s now Mr. Turnbull’s turn to learn from a later migrant Australian than himself – that which he already knows as Australian Values but failed to be conscious of when in India and Sri Lanka where higher status is allocated more freely than here in Australia, carrying the need for Equal Opportunity systems by migrants starting with British migrants.  

If I were to accept and follow Mr. Turnbull’s leadership in regards to English Language, I would be wrong to share the Common Consolidated Value of this rich Hindu culture with members of other religions , including Mr. Turnbull who is a Roman Catholic as per Public Records. 

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