Wednesday 21 December 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 December   2016

Balance of Powers

Reading the News Report ‘SL probes man who tried to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi for ‘plot’ against Sirisena ‘by Deccan Chronicle, I was reminded of a parallel issue in  Northern Sri Lanka – in an area where there was very low order in relation to marriage laws. In that matter in which my advice was sought by a close relative of the victim – the man concerned was seeking to separate from his wife saying that an astrologer had predicted that if his sister in law got married – his wife would become a widow. About a week before his sister in law got married he accused his wife more strongly of loose conduct – and unable to bear it any more – the wife complained to her siblings who brought her to her parents’ place. During the inquiry by siblings the wife revealed that this guy had demonstrated desires towards his sister-in-law. They are now living separately and effectively his astrologer’s prediction became true. But the question is whether it was ‘Astrology’ or ‘Psychology’? To my mind, it was the latter in the case of marriage  by a man who wanted more excitement in life. The Astrologer might have read his weakness for desiring pleasures outside marriage – as President Clinton is known to have enjoyed – and express that as a prediction. The guy made it happen and is now suffering due to his own foolishness, dressed up as cleverness.

About the alleged threat to the Sri Lankan President, the above news report states:

Vijithamuni Rohana de Silva served two and a half years in prison for trying to murder the former Indian leader as he inspected a naval guard of honour in Colombo in 1987. He has since turned to astrology.
On Tuesday, Sri Lanka's Information and Parliamentary Affairs ministry secretary said police were investigating whether he was part of a plot to kill President Maithripala Sirisena.
Nimal Bopage said authorities could not ignore claims De Silva had posted on Facebook and other social media over the past five months, in what he called a sustained campaign.
"This man claims to be an astrologer and he is predicting that the president will be killed by January 26," Bopage said.’

Mr. Rohana de Silva was in the Naval Force at Karainagar in Northern Sri Lanka and the ‘Cause’ of elimination of the LTTE would have become his cause. It’s the parallel of ‘Independence Cause’ shown by the LTTE to the Tamil Community and the world. One of the Naval Officers stationed at Karainagar, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe was the immediate past Higher Commissioner to Australia. Part of Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe’s service was common to Mr. Rohana de Silva. The order in which promotions happen within Sri Lankan Navy is thus seen and the expectation is registered as per that ‘seen order’ which happens in a subjective system. Hence the Actions of Rohana De Silva would have been the actions of his seniors’ mind to which he gave form.  The parallel at family level is the expectation of the above mentioned guy desiring to keep his sister in law as a mistress, due to his self-promotion as head of family. This is a high risk in areas where there aren’t enough males to match marriageable females and majority  females in that area are not strong minded and independent. These are indirect social problems faced by Sri Lankan Tamils – especially from rural areas. Abuse of women by male seniors is likely to be stronger due to such factors – especially where women leaders are lower in numbers. Hence the higher risk of rape in such places where male fighters were quickly promoted to high ranks and are now outside the threat of corporal punishment that LTTE leadership was known for.

Given that the ordinary Sinhalese considers himself as the Sole Owner of Sri Lanka – Indian rulers would be seen as ‘threats’ by such persons. This permanent message would have been strengthened by the fact that the LTTE were funded and accommodated by Indians. Hence Mr. Rajiv Gandhi would have been seen as LTTE patron by this simple mind, sans the depth of Research or experience based knowledge. In addition,  the Indo-Sri Lanka pact of 1987 would have been evidence of betrayal of the armed forces expecting to ‘win’ – one to one against the LTTE. The attack on Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 was a shade of suicide bombing through which Mr. Gandhi was killed in Tamil Nadu – the place that the Tamil Tigers are most comfortable in, due to the patrons like Mr. MG Ramachandran to their ‘Cause’.

In both cases – my conclusion is -  Truth manifests Itself where both opposing sides are equally disorderly, provided that someone has placed higher order at that place – through sacrifice of earned benefits. When Professor Bruce Hall’s ‘Scientific Fraud’ matter surfaced at the University of NSW – my contribution to higher order in reporting which led to me being treated like a ‘Pariah’ was already in place at the University. It was as Independence Energy due to me resigning and not taking revenge. The Hindu example is Lord Muruga of Palani who renounced His parental wealth to establish His Global position. The two chancellors of my time – Sir Anthony Mason and Dr. John Yu – added their own status to uphold my credibility and my right to complain. The judgment came through Bruce Hall matter which was surfaced by migrant staff who were equally disorderly in Administration and hence went prematurely to the media. The problem resulted in the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor whose negligence of duties resulted in me going to prison for Peaceful Assembly. Truth never fails. To date no remorse has been demonstrated by the University Administration and hence the risk would be carried and would manifest Itself when the Balance of Opposite Powers become Equal.

The recent report about the action by the Sri Lankan President in relation to his communication to Mrs. Sashikala without an Administrative portfolio – would have been interpreted by the likes of Mr. Rohana de Silva as Mr. Sirisena joining the Enemy – the same way active members of the Tamil Diaspora teased me when I went for a conference at the University of Jaffna – stating that I went to have an audience with Mr. Rajapaksa. This was particularly so because of the fact that the conference was organized by Mr. Douglas Devananda who was the Tamil partner in the Rajapaksa government. At the 2010 conference I found fault with the organizers through Subject Matter – of Equal Opportunity for Women. As for Mr. Devananda, I took his consolidated value through my own experience during Tsunami reconstruction time – when I was facilitated to meet President Chandrika Kumaratunge, to obtain approval for the projects proposed by our group – connected to Kathirgamam. Independence is a natural part of me and hence will support me when I consciously need Its support or if I abandon the institution / place – It would manifest Itself through my heirs at that place. I have observed this with awe not only in Sri Lanka – but also here in Australia within family and social circles and most importantly in Public Administration as a facilitator.

One could say that Mr. Sirisena contributed to the ‘risk’ of internal attack – by abandoning his Administrative Order when writing to Mrs. Sashikala – and this has been picked up by Mr. Rohana de Silva who was officially punished for doing what many of his counterparts did during war – when they were ‘free’ without Administrative supervision – as Professor Bruce Hall was in relation to his research at Liverpool Clinical School – far away from the base – as Karainagar Naval Base was from Colombo.

As I said recently to a Vaddukoddai migrant – when Vaddukoddai order is applied in Australia – the opportunity to become Australian is weakened. There are others who are seeking to merge the two systems – for example – the Hon Selvam Adaikalanathan – Deputy Chairman of Committees of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, meeting with the Hon James Berry – Member of British Parliament and  Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils. Such is confirmation of Administrative structure – that regulates our globalization. Where we contribute to disorder – we need to dig deep to find the Truth to know why something happened. My advice to the Sri Lankan President is to take the publication by Mr. Rohana de Silva as a serious warning from within and protect himself by positioning himself through the order of his position – so all of us can contribute to the protecting force or limit himself to his Truly earned position with the People of Sri Lanka. This would be the net value of his contribution over his lifetime as a citizen as well as in government. Under this method – it is between us as individuals and the Land.  The Land with Common Power will do the rest. 

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