Thursday 15 December 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
15 December   2016

Inherited Separation Powers

However, Jaya’s closest aide Sasi must produce a proof or a will duly signed by the registered owner (Jayalalitha) which would officially declare Sasikala the owner of the asset.’ - Who Will Inherit Jayalalithaa's Legacy of Wealth? – by Meher Onisa

Today is the deadline for submissions in relation to the Testamentary case regarding the Estate of my husband’s brother Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan of Vaddukoddai. Mr. Yoganathan was a bachelor. The Testamentary case is between his siblings. In Court – the Petitioners are the ones who physically lived with him. In the case of Madam Jayalalitha (the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who passed away on 05 December, the parallel of the Petitioners in our case, is her friend and caretaker Ms Sasikala. The force that influences the Petitioners in our family matter is the Australian sister who claimed in court that she was the caretaker of Mr. Yoganathan. I do not know who the less visible force is in the case of Madam Jayalalitha’s Estate. But, it is important to ensure that we accept only that which belongs to us – including for the sake of all Nations concerned.

When I brought action in Supreme Court of NSW against the Australian forces who directly or indirectly accused me of playing the role of Ms Sasikala in the Chief Minister’s case, the Court claimed that they did not have jurisdiction because the defamatory statements were made in Sri Lanka. By ‘avoiding’ the responsibility, the Australian Judiciary contributed to any  negative forces being carried within Australia. Yesterday, I quoted Dr. Nesiah as follows:
The three fundamental common components of race and caste are heredity, hierarchy and endogamy. In a racist society your race is determined by your ancestry and so too your place in the social hierarchy. These are also features of a casteist society.’

I went on to state that about the above three components ‘In terms of Judgment they are Truth, Law and Facts

When we draw up the picture of  facts through common law – we get the common picture. When we draw up the picture as per our own genuine expectations the picture confirms our own laws which may or may not fit the common law.  In our family matter the picture drawn up is like the Sri Lankan war picture – with each side codifying as per their net investment in Commonness. Where the net value is positive – that would fit well with the Common Law. Where the net value is negative – that would cheat someone of their dues from the common estate.

Like Madam Jayalalitha, the LTTE also received funding from Mr. M.G.Ramachandran - actor turned politician. Mr. MGR and Madam Jayalalitha were both popular Tamil film stars attracting strong following amongst Sri Lankan Tamils also. Both left behind monies way above that which is needed to maintain their heritage values. Relatively speaking Sri Sathya Sai Baba left behind much less in money value than  is needed to maintain the Heritage Values all over the world, in the minds of Humans and as Spiritual Energy available to all those in genuine need.

Truth as mentioned above is like a catalyst. It does not directly participate to become part of the manifestation, but it is there in every manifestation. Hence sacred or  haunted places. When we bless or are being blessed – the value shared is as per this Energy. When we ‘inherit’ we receive a share of this Energy.

When MGR funded the LTTE, the LTTE inherited also – the weaknesses in the way that money was received by the donor – i.e. – the weaknesses in Tamil Nadu Politics. LTTE also left behind monies that were way beyond those needed to service their heritage. Likewise, when the LTTE received money from the former President to stop Tamils from voting in the 2005 Presidential elections. The way Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the LTTE the LTTE leadership was killed by the former President who is also reported to have amassed wealth through the political pathway. Their children / heirs would inherit the Separation powers.

As per Wikipedia report, in relation to this part of India’s Spiritual Guru of our times:

[On 2 September 2012, Satyajit Salian, a close aide of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, released to the media a declaration made by Sai Baba, and registered on 23 March 1967, in Bombay saying his relatives had no authority over the Sathya Sai Trust assets. The exact text of the declaration was:
I, Sri Sathya Sai of Parshanthi Nilayam P.O. Indian Inhabitant hereby declare as follows:-
1) I was born in the village of Puthaparthi District Anantpur and am at present 44 years old. I joined the school and gave up studies and dedicated myself spread Sanatan Dharma. I am unmarried and I left my parents house at the age of Twelve and have taken up religious order with saffron dress and I have no worldly/or family attachments. I declare that when I left parents' place permanently and adopted Holy order with no intention to revert back. I relinquished all my right title and interest in the family property moveable and/or immovable whatsoever and wherever they may be and that I do not own and possess any personal property, wealth or estate. Whatever is given to me by my devotees is under my management, supervision and control as a Trustee to be used for public charitable purposes. This declaration I am making so that nobody can claim under or through me in the family properties, if any.
Satyajit Sailan also attached the attestation of Indulal Sha, who is the sole surviving witness to the original document. Satyajit Sailan said he has been in possession of the document since 1998, per the directions of Sai Baba. Officials from the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust stated to the media that they would respect this will]

The parallel of this in Hindu Philosophy is reflected through Palani Murugan – Who also renounced His parental wealth and set Himself up on Palani Hill. It is interesting to note the following account in Wikipedia, confirming the negative Energy of Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers who failed to separate their Cinema wealth from their Political wealth – the latter  belonging to the Common Public:

[The original idol of the presiding deity is believed to have been made by Boga Siddhar using highly toxic herbs, which could kill people with its very presence. Over the years, some believe that the idol has been wearing away or dissolving, by virtue of its repeated anointment and ritual bathing. However, long-time devotees and priests of the temple maintain that they perceive no visible change. Since Hinduism forbids the worship of an imperfect idol, suggestions have been made, at various points of time, to replace it, cover it, or stop some of the rituals, which could have resulted in its erosion. A new 100 kg idol was consecrated on 27 January 2004, but coming under severe criticism from orthodox believers, was displaced and worship of the existing idol restored, shortly thereafter. During the regime of M.G. Ramachandran, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during 1984, attempts were made to replace the idol and also during the first tenure of J. Jayalalithaa during 1994. Both the attempts were withdrawn along with the latest attempt during 2002. ] Wikipedia

Buddhist Political Leaders seeking the blessings of Lord Murugan would need to stay within their current earnings to be blessed by Murugan. Those who activate the past victories – be it those of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa or King Dutugemunu would not connect to Lord Muruga Energy – be It in Kathirgamam in South  or Nallur in North. 

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