Sunday 21 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 August   2016

Not Zero but Absolute Tamil Power

The low standards of The Island have been revealed through the article ‘The inflexibility and untrustworthiness of Chief Minister NPC’ by Australian – Kanthar Balanathan. This guy rang me once in Australia and it did not take me long to assess him of ‘cheap taste’. I just placed him where he belonged in my order of importance. Subsequently when others lamented about this guy’s cheap approach – I shared with them my assessment and placement – so they would know that  they were not alone.  Wonder how The Island chooses its contributors? Cheap readership?

Given that the article has been published by The Island without any disclaimer, we have to take it as a contribution by The Island. The email that brought this vulgar article was headed ‘Excellent article by Nathan on CMNPC’ !

  This guy concludes ‘Probability of merging of Eastern Province with the Northern Province is zero.’  One of the main achievements of the Tamil Tigers was the merger of the two provinces for the purpose of defeating the  common opposition – the ‘Sinhala only’ government which was a ‘foreign’ government to Tamils due to lack of common faith between the two cultures. This merger was confirmed by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution which in substance confirms the victory of the Rebellion part of Tamil Tiger actions. This real merger may never be ‘shown’ and ‘seen’ by surface players but to the extent of suppression – Tamils who truly merged to become Common  - setting aside their lesser differences – carry exponential power to invoke the cooperation of Tamils all over the world. Such power is like a Mother’s power – and is creative. THAT is the real power of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution – the Absolute Power of the Independent minorities. It’s not Zero but Absolute – due to Common Faith.

This guy’s states ‘It is wise that the Tamils accept the current level of provincial administration – Northern Provincial Council (NPC), and live socially integrated and humanely with the majority Sinhala people in the North

This confirms that he has assimilated in Australia and hence is preaching to his parallels in Sri Lanka – like for example those within the Island newspapers who allowed him this space.

The guy claims as if he were a Muslim ‘Muslims of Sri Lanka are not fools to be charmed into your foolish diplomacy and sneaky plans. They would like to administer the East as Sri Lankans.

Muslims of Sri Lanka chose to go with Tamils during the period of war. This is natural given that they are also minorities in a strongly Sinhalese nation wanting to control through majority power.

I am no fan of Mr. Wigneswaran but – he has class – something that this guy needs another lifetime to develop. Tamils voted for this class that was getting weaker and weaker within our Community – largely due to premature freedom – including freedom of expression. Thus far – Mr. Wigneswaran has satisfied that ‘class expectation’. The rest is truly secondary to the Jaffna Tamil.

Often one hears the criticism that the higher caste Tamil abused power to suppress lower caste. While this was true in some instances – the benefits from that class system were greater for the lower castes who according to their inherited tradition sought manual labor above intellectual labor. Without the caste system – and premature ‘freedom’ the lower castes are suffering joblessness more than the higher castes. Those who accepted the discipline of the higher castes continue to find job opportunities even in their old age. They enjoy Common ownership with their employers. Those who have separated by rejecting the caste system – have difficulty accepting discipline and therefore the regulated highly mind that is difficult to develop in one generation.

It is common knowledge within the Tamil community that the Jaffna Tamil tends to take leadership over other Tamils – including Colombo Tamils when the latter escape Colombo during civil riots. It’s a natural structure within the Community. Like the caste system – it is healthy when used naturally through Common Faith. Living in Thunaivi – a toddy tapper village in Vaddukoddai – I was initially upset by the disrespect by young ones to common order. I almost gave up after trying and trying and resigned myself to accepting their rejection as reality. But just two days ago – the folks were celebrating in their own way – the power of Lord Vairavar in a fashion very similar to the folks of Mankerni in Eastern Sri Lanka. Previously they would have celebrated without prior permission at our temple. But this time they held the celebrations outside – in the public area. I felt touched in realizing that they finally understood that I expected them to use the Common Order as per our rules - when using our common facilities. Today the young ones invited me – through due process to their annual general  meeting. Once that placement as per real contribution happens – the system is strongly supported by natural forces. It would be foolish of any National Government to ignore this power of the Jaffna Tamil Community which now includes Mr. Wigneswaran as part of its leadership.

In the meantime – The Island would do well to improve its standards in public reporting – so as to not earn media control by weak Politicians. When the media, in the name of ‘freedom’ reward weak contributors they confirm the need for the iron fist. As I said to some little ones who sought my blessings this morning for the 5th grade scholarship exams – they would get the return for their daily contribution and my blessings would clear the pathway for those who share common faith with me. In turn I prayed to my own mother who wrote our exams with us when we were students. That is the exponential value of faith.

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