Friday 19 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 August   2016

Sri Lankan President promises Separation!

Body, Mind and Soul in that order is  accepted as the reliable  pathway to Independent life. This leads us from pleasure to bliss. I learnt from  spiritual guru – Swami Sathya Sai Baba that  there are three I’s – (1) the one who others think I am; (2) the one who I think I am and (3) the real ‘I’.  As per Sri Lankan President’s Media Division – the President has claimed that :

‘Theravada Buddhism is only religion that heals restless minds -

As a True Governor of Sri Lanka – I do not identify with the above conclusion. This kind of political statements through low level ‘freedom of expression’ is also the reason why we had the war. In a just Nation, the Head would not belong to one group only. Did I need Theravada Buddhism to heal my restless mind? Even this morning – I felt deep gratitude to Swami Sathya Sai Baba – Who came to me during my time of need at the University of New South Wales – in Australia.

As per my personal experience, I prayed from childhood - to God  in the form of Nallur Murugan also. Here in Jaffna we are currently celebrating the 25 day Nallur festival. One of the rituals undertaken by young men is to roll on the ground around the temple. When I participated in the Flag Hoisting ceremony on 08 August, I felt deeply touched by the devotion demonstrated by such young men. The sand was too hot for my feet and yet these men were rolling on the ground. There would be thousands more on  Ther/Chariot  Festival practicing this ritual. I believe that it is my prayers to Murugan – Who as per Hindu legend was a minority power as the second child – and sought to fight  for  merit based rights – and established His own Kingdom as an Equal to the Traditional power when His parents could not deliver at the physical level – at the level of who others thought Murugan was.  

I believe that my true prayers and submission to Nallur Murugan earned  me the deservedness of a Spiritual Guru in matters relating to my Sovereignty whom I had not seen nor was a devotee of at that time– and when through my experiences I felt the need to preserve my Sovereignty – God came to me in the form of Swami Sathya Sai Baba on Nallur Ther / Chariot. Since then I have looked more strongly for the Divine connections between Cause and Effect.

I do believe in Lord Buddha’s Divine Powers but I was meant to be protected from my submission to ‘who others thought I was’ – by Nallur Murugan in Sai Baba form – so I the human person would relate more easily through my own past to realize who I really was. From then on – I did not recognize the endorsement of anyone else but just Swami Sathya Sai Baba – Who came to me during my deepest moment of need. Yet, I pray to Lord Buddha when I feel the need to invoke the Divinity in the other person who is a Buddhist.

I did this as an Australian also, but when it came to Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty being damaged through me – I relied on myself – of who I thought I was which was closer to who I really was than who others thought I was. The low level of status attributed to me by the Court in Sydney – CBD (Appendix) is not very different to the status attributed to me here in Jaffna Courts by those in uniform – including judges. Politicians who rely heavily on who others think they are need the balancing power of the likes of me – the real Governors of Sri Lanka to be physically present to clean and purify the wrongs of ignorance. One of the steps taken by Magistrate Pat O’Shane to cure me of my alleged mental illness was to send me for Counseling and the ‘white-only’ looking guy Counselor  – who claimed to be a Buddhist – blamed it all on my parents! What he did not know was that my real parent – made up of all those who completed my other side as parents – was invoked and this resulted in him not being in that position after I wrote about his use of Buddhism with a non-Buddhist. In other words – they punished him for talking out of turn – about his own weaknesses when he had the duty to counsel me through Common secular pathway. Likewise, after the Judge at Mallakam district court  labeled my high level conduct to preserve my Sovereignty as a Mother - as that of a street woman – he was no longer hearing our matter and his weak judgment revealing the low level of  Northern Sri Lankan Judiciary  was published through his judgment.

I now realize that according to the system of Natural Management whatever we do to others in an unprotected environment – is returned to us for better or for worse and the longer the return takes the stronger the value – be it positive or negative. Therefore the younger I was when feeling others’ need as mine and doing what I could to address that need – the sweeter the current returns for me  in a ‘free environment’. This includes separation from some on the other side who failed in their duty as per their positions. Often even clever Australians driven by desire separated beyond relativity – to become foreigners.

In the Value system - Desire, Duty and Divinity are the parallels of Body, Mind and Soul. In terms of Governance they are Political; Administrative and Governance.

If Political – the place where it happens creates the natural vacancy for the return or is the return of the other side of past politics in that area – which is the foundation of Sinhala only kingdom on the claim of Kandyan law.

As per the above report:

[The President said he, together with the government will be dedicated to build a better society based on the Buddhist philosophy, while respecting the ideas of other communities. He further stated that the Buddhist philosophy consists of the solutions to develop as a country by building national unity]

The way there are three ‘I’s there are also three levels at which the above has value. At the body level – the President promises Buddhist Sri Lanka and NOT multicultural Sri Lanka. . At the mind level the President promises some acknowledgment of other religions of minorities. At the true level – the President is free Sinhalese in Sinhala first area of Central Province – with Kandy as the Capital. Hence the President would be a foreigner in Hindu, Muslim or Christian areas of Sri Lanka. This limits Mr. Sirisena to laws strictly applicable to  manifested outcomes with no space for internal corrections using Common faith.

That is also what his parallel – Mr. Wigneswaran wearing Hinduism - is asking for in Northern Province. Mr. Wigneswaran is encouraged by majority Tamil Diaspora using mere outer forms to claim ownership. One email headed ‘Harvard Tamil Chair_Theme Song....... A Tamils should listen to  this song!!’ at s/review/164728168/aded530e3d  came to me for the second time today. Parts of that clip are Western fashion copied by Tamil speaking kids. They are Tamils to be popular with  others. The Tamil only pundit who recommends the viewing of the above is recommending Separation – including his from other cultures in his biological area – if he was not officially a politician doing his duty. These other cultural people may be his own children – separated by time. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has separated his children also from other presidents who did their duty as Administrators before claiming Head of State.

In Hindu Mahavamsa - Mahabharatham, there is a legend about Karnan – the illegitimate son of Mother of Minority side. Karnan – while he lacked status as a Royal by birth was known as the king of donations. At the time of his death – caused by the same trait – of donating – this time to his mother who was responsible for his illegitimacy - his weapon to defeat the enemy – who were his brothers – Lord Krishna who was chariot driver on the other side took the form of a Holy person – and received the value of Karnan’s charity. That is like the last submission before death.

These rituals are included to make the values ‘Common’ at the third ‘I’ /soul level. I learnt about this by thinking about a saying when I was with an old uncle who was  reluctant to leave his mortal coil. A lady said that his attachment to family was not letting him leave. The lady said that in the olden days loved ones would wash coins in water and feed the water  to the dying person – so  he would think that he was taking the money with him. At one point I was the only person with the uncle at the hospital. I whispered into his ears that he had lived a good life and to go back and come again. Within minutes the hospital staff confirmed that he was gone.

I later made the connection of dissolving the ‘attachment’ to be to free the mind. Lord Krishna was being kind to Karnan and hence He received the mental values of  Karnan’s charity. When raised to the Lord’s level – the value is exponential and is therefore unaffected by time and place related changes that the physical is prone to. Lord Krishna thus raised the good of Karnan to Divinity so Karnan’s next birth would be at a higher level gene structure which would be empowered by this Divine power of his charity in previous life. Each time we restructure as per time and/or place changes – we have the opportunity to go through this Divine procedure to escalate the value and restructure our mind. Swami Sathya Sai Baba also received my good charity to Australian Administration – so I would have the independence of relativity through Australian status – while providing Global Service. The Independent mind takes us direct to the experience of the whole.

Had Mr. Sirisena as part of the  former government   been generous beyond his duty, to eliminate alleged Terrorism, Lord Buddha would have appeared to him at the end of the war and preserved that value as Energy to support any time any place where Mr. Sirisena needed support. Then Kandy would have healed itself by the feet of Mr. Sirisena touching Kandy. But with that attachment – no religion can cure the people of that area of sins in the name of that place. Now Sinhala only war is evolving as Buddhist only war. Not only Hindus  but all minority religions in Sri Lanka, that are independent of the government – have earned the blessings of Natural Forces. The President is turning his followers against their own higher-selves.


COPYRIGHT RESERVED NOTE: Copyright in this transcript is reserved to the Crown. The reproduction, except under authority from the Crown, of the contents of this transcript for any purpose other than the conduct of these proceedings is prohibited. Z2556 908/05 DM-H1 CRS

 .26/07/05 1

Sergeant MacFarlane for the Informant
Ms Goodwin for the Accused
--- 15
HER HONOUR: I found the offences proved and I placed her on a section 11 remand to undertake psychological 20 counseling which she refused to do. She would not sign the papers and in those circumstances she was placed in custody and she was there for a few days and I think that is how you came and the matter was transferred down to Central Court, which is the custody court. And that is 25 when you became involved in the matter, Ms Goodwin. I asked the duty psychiatrist there to interview Ms Paramasivam at the Court complex, which he did, and he made a recommendation upon which the Court had her taken to, I think it was Caritas, or St Vincent's Hospital for 30 assessment and she was returned to court the following week. I think that's when you became involved with her, in fact.
My understanding was at that time that she agreed to 35 undertake psychological counseling and to continue in such counseling for some time.
GOODWIN: And she did do that, your Honour.
HER HONOUR: The last time that you came before the Court you indicated that you had a report.
GOODWIN: That's correct.
HER HONOUR: But you didn't have it to hand up at that time.
GOODWIN: That's correct and since that time Mrs Paramasivam has instructed that she does not wish to 50 proceed by way of a section 32, which of course the report was directed towards.
HER HONOUR: I see, right, I understand. Sorry, I didn't understand that originally from you. 55
GOODWIN: I am terribly sorry, it was because I asked her, she did attend upon a psychiatrist for the preparation forZ2556 908/05 DM-H1 CRS
.26/07/05 2

court, she has in fact, complied with your Honour's bail to the letter and a report was prepared but it was prepared for the purposes of a 32 but she does not wish to proceed in that manner.
HER HONOUR: That is fine.
GOODWIN: With the counseling, your Honour, she indeed did attend the counseling as your Honour directed. She attended on 27 May, 3 June, 9 June, 17 June and 23 June. 10 I don't think there has been any further since then. She is just indicating 9 September is the next one.
HER HONOUR: Is there anything further, ma'am that you wish to put to me? 15
GOODWIN: Your Honour, there is nothing more that I could usefully put to assist the Court, unless your Honour wishes submissions in some way. It is a matter, your Honour, as I understand it, it has gone on for some time 20 and it was your Honour's concern that she wouldn't comply with court orders, but as I have indicated I can assure your Honour she has complied 100 per cent.
HER HONOUR: A section 9 bond is only available in cases 25 where a term of imprisonment might otherwise be imposed.
GOODWIN: That's correct. It would only be a monetary penalty which these offences attract or, I suppose, a section 10 good behaviour bond is the only other option 30 available to your Honour.
HER HONOUR: Yes. Stand up please, Ms Paramasivam, and come forward.
I AM DEALING WITH THE MATTER THAT AROSE ON 22 OCTOBER 2004 IN RESPECT OF THAT MATTER YOU ARE CONVICTED. I think I might have indicated that to you on previous occasion, and you are fined. The maximum fine for this, I think, is six penalty units, which is equivalent to a monetary penalty 40 of $660.
IN RESPECT OF THE MATTERS THAT AROSE ON 29 OCTOBER 2004, SEQUENCE 1, YOU HAVE BEEN CONVICTED and again in relation to that a monetary penalty is fined.
In respect of sequence 2, that is, remain on inclosed lands, I WAS NOT SATISFIED THAT THE OFFENCE IS PROVED, NO CONVICTION IS RECORDED. 55
.26/07/05 3 

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