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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
13 August   2016

Sinhala Also Policy

One of the main damages of war as observed by me is mental disorder especially in those who have power of the external media/listeners. Mr. S.V.Kirubaharan,  who is part of the Official Tamil Diaspora states in his Colombo Telegraph article ‘Pirapaharan’s 2008 Sermon To The International Community!’ :

 “The Sermon on the Mount is the longest pragmatic and widely accepted element of Jesus’ teaching in the New Testament. It is widely accepted by Christians all around the world. During Jesus’ period, terminologies like ‘Terrorism’ never existed. Otherwise Jesus also would have been branded as a ‘Terrorist’, and the smart oppressors would have made the world believe that Jesus was a ‘terrorist’. Fortunately, Jesus’ preaching laid the foundation for Christianity to come into existence.”

A Tamil who could draw parallels between  Jesus and the  Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran  – deserves the rule of armed Buddhist monks. I hear in Vaddukoddai where the first Political Declaration  of Tamil Independence was made in 1976, the observation that there is an increase in mentally ill persons  in this area relative to past levels. Those who rely excessively in Political power and/or welfare monies tend to develop that kind of disorder which helps them escape the reality of responsibility. I have often wondered whether the increase had its causal forces in the Vaddukoddai Resolution. I have written about the connections I made between Malaysian pensioners and the Vaddukoddai Resolution. In essence – the foreign pensioners formed a natural community of migrants who were denied equal status in Malaysia under British rule. To my mind, these returnees took the place of the British due to their money wealth combined with their Malaysian status which placed them above locals to whom Malaysia was wonderland. I myself identify with that power here in the Vaddukoddai suburb of Thunaivi where not many are comfortable with English but are used to showing respect to the British. That is a  chain connection of influences, I am able to identify with. So long as they are as per the Truth I have realized – the conclusions I give form to and express, are votes that work the Natural Forces of that area covered by my mind.

Where I have already been the ‘other side’ of my expression – for example a victim of the official system – the picture gets completed to become part that place’s culture at that time which would also be my culture. The place is demarcated by the land where it began and the land  where the completion of the experience happened. Migrants who began that experience in Vaddukoddai for example and completed it in Australia – thus become Natural Global forces – provided they complete the experience. Likewise the few of us who were victims of the Australian system – completing the experience in Vaddukoddai. In order to be part of this natural system – we need to  decide as per our Truth as to which system caused us the pain. Mine started in Australia and I found completion in Vaddukoddai. I have the power to influence global and regional outcomes covering both nations and their cultures.

Mr. Kirubaharan’s seems to have started here in Sri Lanka and is yet to be completed in France where as per my knowledge he lives currently. To draw similarities between the statements made by Tiger Leader Pirapaharan and the teachings of Jesus is confirmation of mental disorder of the kind mentioned above.

The first paragraph in the excerpts of speech by Tamil Tiger Leader  is reported as follows:

[This land which the Sinhala state is trying to occupy and enslave has never belonged to it. This land is ours. Ancient Tamil civilisation stood long and firm on this land. Our ancestors lived and belonged here. Our ancient Kings built Kingdoms and dynasties and ruled from here. On this land where the roots of our Nation have sunk deep, we wish to live in peace and with dignity and make decisions on our lives without the intervention of foreign rulers.]
If it is recognized through inner faith that the land we consider to be our home is ancient then all those who occupied that land before us – are our elders. Given that the Tamil Tigers killed many of those elders and the values developed by many of those leaders – they became foreigners in Tamil homeland. To claim ownership rights through current custody – we could use current occupation as boundaries. That’s the merit based lateral pathway. One who uses time based seniority – through phrases such as Ancient Tamil civilization – needs to be clean of disrespect for the elders local to that place during the period covered. The two systems cannot be indiscriminately mixed towards legitimate claim. When they are so mixed the claim is not legitimate. The root and the branch become visibly one when the tree is dead. The Tamil Tiger leader thus made himself a foreigner to the Ancient kingdom of Tamils and contributed to the death of his own cause by trying to enforce the branches to physically align with the root.

The second quote is as follows:

In the beginning, it was a peaceful and democratic struggle by our people for justice. The racist Sinhala state resorted to armed and animal like violence to suppress the peaceful struggle of the Tamil people for their political rights. It was when state oppression breached all norms and our people faced naked terrorism that our movement for freedom was born as a natural outcome in history. We were compelled to take up arms in order to protect our people from the armed terrorism of the racist Sinhala state. The armed violent path was not our choice. It was forced upon us by history.’
First of all – one who carries the name ‘Tiger’ needs to show respect for animal power/Azura force. Such would be the parallel of respecting our ancestors who were independent due to their high level civilization. Each species has its own special quality. Likewise, the various sections of a society/community. When we fail to carry forward the culture of our time and place – we lose our special identity as a species. We become ‘common’ at the lower or higher level of evolution.

The dignity of the Tiger is confirmed when it shows that quality as part of its nature. Others may fear, look down upon or admire that special quality from a distance. There is a saying in Tamil that the Tiger would not eat grass even if it were hungry. The Cow’s parallel is that it would not eat meat even if it were starving to death.  One who uses physical strength to rule and overpower – has no jurisdiction to comment on the intellectual pathway used by Tamils as if they were also part of that intellectual group. The physical has a limited period of use as both-side ethnic communities of this war have the opportunity to learn. The community that facilitates the intellectual pathway to lead the whole is the more civilized community. One who is committed to Ancient Tamil civilization would not have eaten flesh however hungry s/he may have become for physical ‘freedom’. The Cow would have found independence through the loving heart of the mother and the Bull/Nanthi – through intellectual discrimination of the father. At the physical level – the cow is not free of  the tiger nor the lion. But through its intrinsic qualities it would have stayed in areas naturally separated from the home of meat-eaters..  

The Tamil Tigers were compelled to take arms by their nature. That has now become part of our Tamil culture. Such a force, to claim partnership in Ancient Tamil civilization – ought to have completed the journey / experience by taking their place below the intellectuals and not by dictating to the intellectuals. By dictating, the Tamil Tigers made foreigners of themselves to the Ancient Tamil Homeland. Thus we now have two Tamil kingdoms – One the homeland of the gods – Thevar (those driven by  higher mind) and the other the homeland of Azuras (those driven by physical force). So long as the former takes leadership of the latter – we would continue to be heirs of  Ancient Tamil kingdom. When we try to equate them or worse – elevate the Azura force above the Divine forces – we commit suicide as heirs of that Ancient Tamil kingdom. That which is ancient should not be given new form. At the physical level, it’s a heritage only so long as it keeps its old form. Only the power needs to be an inner force – shown merely as respect. As per my knowledge of Hinduism – the Nine Planets / Nava Kirahams are away from the main altar of the temple. They represent the past. The individual’s parallel of that shrine is the horoscope.   Like ancestors – they should not be given current form through ourselves. If activated – they would work with ‘interest’ and disintegrate exponentially. Where the other side has stronger positive past and given that we would not be able to identify with it as outsiders – Natural forces would rise to become an exponential power to override the genes activated in current form.

This is the link I see in the displacement of  Mr. Rajapaksa by the force of Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga whose credit as President rose when her current merit was overridden by blaming the father – who is part of her horoscope after she got married. Mr. Kirubaharan for example makes this connection as follows:

The sweet terminology ‘Federal solution’ is today supported in the South by the former President Chandrika Kumaratunga whose father advocated and rejected the same in 1957. To be noted, Chandrika’s father S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike was one of the Sinhala leaders who sowed the seeds of rampant racism in Sri Lanka.

Since Madam Kumaratunga has herself not activated that heritage – be it positive or negative – she had the power to displace Mr. Rajapaksa who failed to attribute credit to that First Lady within his own ethnic group – Madam Kumaratunga  who publicly honored the likes of  Tamil leader - Neelan Thiruchelvam. Madam Kumaratunga as the victim of the LTTE had the opportunity to complete the experience of President of the whole nation – by not lowering her standards to buy their silence during voting time – as did Mr. Rajapaksa in 2005. Hence the current Common formation – not so much as two opposing political formations from within the major race but common to intellectuals as well as the physically driven political forces. By including the higher intellectuals on her side – even when they were Tamils – Madam Kumaratunga strengthened her own intellectual force relative to the internal opposition that tried to keep her away.

I myself identified with Madam Kumaratunga in 2005 when I was taken to the President on the auspicious day of Masi Maham – the day on which one could settle ancestral debts / pithur kadan more strongly than on other days. Masi Maham is a water festival. I learnt all these details recently – when identifying with Natural connections. Given that I am a Tamil whose investment in higher education was also naturally affected by the Bandaranaike ‘Sinhala Only’ policy, where it ought to have been ‘Sinhala also’ policy – to preserve the British heritage to our governance – the debt was settled when Madam Kumaratunga engaged actively with me – even though I represented the same community as the LTTE and Madam Kumaratunga lost sight in one eye due to LTTE attack. In my mind, I said sorry to the lady – and thus cleared the debt generated by the LTTE. Back then I did not know the connection of my meeting with the President  and Masi Maham. I went to the temple as usual and witnessed the grand poojah at the Nava Kiraham shrine. Now I realize that my experience  related also to Masi Maham – festival of  Water – Tsunami water that was a common link to both ethnicities and also a significant part of the legends around Masi Maham. As per one legend – Lord Shiva broke the pot of consolidated net negative karma to cause deluge and the water formed natural tanks at places where there are now temples specific to settling Pithur Kadan/Ancestral Debt. Lord Shiva – the Lord of the Mind – transforms and elevates the physical to the less limited mental level. That was the significance of Tsunami for Sri Lanka. Given that I did not expect personal return for the service I provided in Eastern Sri Lanka – the pathway was cleared for me to have the Presidential endorsement – confirming the standard of my active work.  This would not have happened if Madam Kumaratunga was carrying more negative karma than the highest Tamil leadership.

Each species has its natural traits. Killing is a natural trait of the Tiger and being the pet, employee  and companion of the Farmer is that of the Cow. To change from one character  to another – one has to undergo inner transformation. When current ‘external’ reasons are shown – and we accept them as logical, they disconnect us from our time based roots.

Sinhalese community is the Equal Opposition of the Tamil community through parts that are driven by current merit. That is healthy. Tamils fought for it – and now that we have achieved that at the Political level – through TNA being the OFFICIAL Equal Political Opposition in National Parliament. We need to recognize that each time we go back officially to our past we dilute the forces that support our current position. To the extent we are genuine – through the time based system – Natural Forces would empower us at root level to produce current outcomes. This transformation happens naturally to the extent of our Truth. Those who genuinely invested through one system – but did not receive the credits and benefits through that system would not lose it – but would carry the credit until they need it. At that point – the True Reserves made common beyond time and place – would manifest themselves.  That is the way I believe that the system of Natural Justice works. Those whose accumulated karma is negative – would be able to redeem it through positive services – beyond their call of duty in any position.

If Tamils who are settled outside Sri Lanka seek to participate in current politics and governance of Sri Lanka – they need have direct experience in Sri Lanka through the current order of mind. If they keep activating the Tamil Tiger leadership – they activate their negatives also – for the people of  North. Tamils physically living outside Sri Lanka, have to be global to have natural powers of influence over what happens in Sri Lanka. They are part of  the waters in the pot that Lord Shiva broke and the tanks are globally placed. Only a few tanks  from the deluge are in Sri Lanka. The rest could become local to where they were formed or they could  merge globally through the higher mind –independent of both side brawn forces. Prabhakaran had his strengths but they did not include leadership of the Tamil Nation.
The highlight of the limitations of the LTTE mind could be recognized through the following except from the leader’s speech:

‘Meanwhile, the Sinhala nation has used its armed forces to set the Tamil land, ablaze. It has wiped out peaceful life on Tamil land, making Tamils destitute, displaced and wandering. Sinhalam has refused to offer the basic rights of the Tamils, split the Tamil land into two, installed anti-Tamil armed groups in the seat of administration while conducting a tyrannical military rule. It is now continuing with the war, offering to submit its plan to offer a solution only after the LTTE is defeated. Does Sinhala nation want to offer a solution only after the Tamils are suppressed and killed?
Does it want to wipe out the true representatives of the Tamils and their bargaining power before offering a solution? The Sinhala nation is refusing to acknowledge the historic homeland of the Tamils. In such a situation, how will it offer a just solution to our people?

Rights are recognized as per our internal experiences of ownership - as individuals and/or as a group. One who ‘waits’ for another to ‘offer’ is dependent on a relationship with that other party being the higher authority. One who is independent would produce her/his own outcomes as per her/his system of rights and wrongs. The above statement confirms that the LTTE leader was not an independent leader but one who focused on physical freedom through physical separation – producing through his form – Sinhala only’s parallel outcomes.  If such leadership is activated by either side – Sri Lanka would collect bigger pot of consolidated karma and more tanks would be needed to pay our Ancestral Debts.

The indicators are coming from Kerala which by culture – is the twin Indian state of Sri Lankan Northern Province. First we learnt about drug trafficking from Kerala. Now we are being informed of  Jaffna being used by Kerala Islamic Separatists -  as part of their common route to Islamic State. Colombo Telegraph article – ‘Jaffna now a route for radicals attempting to join IS in Afghanistan’ refers.

When I first went to Kerala in 1997 – I was surprised to note the similarity with Jaffna culture – including the fences and the food – including the rotti that is my signature dish within our family circle. My attention was drawn after reading the above article, to the similarity between the Jaffna University Chancellery Building entrance and the Kerala Sahitya Akademy building. It felt as if they were vibrating  similar cultural spirit.

If Jaffna therefore continues to focus on its rebellion of recent times more than the inheritance from Ancient Tamil culture – we would not need the Sinhala Buddhists to eliminate our unique identity. We would ourselves lose it due to ignorance of our own heritage.

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