Tuesday 2 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 02 August    2016

How Mr. Rajapaksa became Hindu

I am indeed thankful to the royal astrologer Sumannadasa Abeygunawardene for sending Mahinda Rajapaksa home early. It is ‘Sumane’ who brought the Rajapaksas’ who were travelling in ‘ahas yatra’ back to earth to hold ‘pada yatra’,” - Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake – as reported by Daily News.

Mr. Ramanayake needs to be thankful to many of us who empowered the outcome. I myself did so through the article “Horoscopes & Politicians” published on 02 December 2014 at http://austms.blogspot.com/2014/12/appapillai-amirthalingam-horoscopes-i.html    through which I stated as follows:

Until today, I did not know that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa also believed in Swami Sathya Sai Baba.  Now that I know – it makes sense that he would choose Swami’s birthday – 23 November as the day on which to announce the 2010 elections. LTTE leadership on the other hand categorically stated to me that Sai Baba was a fraud.   Hence on  belief  basis – between Mr. Rajapaksa and Velupillai Prabhakaran my support certainly would go to Mr. Rajapaksa until I consciously override.  I would, where there is merit based credit earned by one side or the other as per our common structure – for example Public Administration – my skills in which were shared through the LTTE during ceasefire time.’ 

I wrote also :

‘On 04 May 2009 – I  received communication from our nephew here in Brisbane -  that his father who was in Yoga Swami Home  in Kilinochchi and got displaced along with other inmates of  the Home – and ended up in the camp – had passed away.  I had already booked to travel to India and onwards to Sri Lanka about a week later.  I wanted to see Swami Sai Baba whom I was yet to see physically – even though according to my belief He helped me during my trauma at the University of NSW.   There was miraculous manifestation of holy powder on my picture of Swami in confirmation of His blessings. Hence my booking to go to India first. But with  the report of my brother in law’s passing away came the request from our nephew to go first to Sri Lanka to perform the last rites for his father.  I rearranged and participated in the ceremonies to my satisfaction.  Before leaving Sydney I received requests for me to go contact the Health Ministry in Sri Lanka towards assessing the needs of the victims. My previous experience in this field was considered to be valuable. While I was waiting for the clearance of the Government I went to the Sai Baba Center at Barnes Place – Colombo.   I did not know the leaders on either side to form an opinion on which side needed my services.   I was confused and kept dwelling on the subject while participating in group singing at the Center. Then the question ‘who started this?’ came to my mind and with that the report of the 13 soldiers killed in 1983.  Just then the flower from Swami’s picture fell – which to me was confirmation of the answer I received.  Hence instead of feeling sorry for the LTTE combatants or blame the government – I was able to work the system to serve the victims of war in common.’

Had Mr.Rajapaksa been a strong follower of the Law – he would have  been unaffected by the People’s investment in Astrology. Given that he was not a strong follower of the Law he was able to defeat the Tamil Tigers who were losing favor with Tamils who could not identify with Krishna or Muruga through the Tamil Tiger leadership.  If the Tamil Tigers did not condemn Sai Baba who was God on Earth to a good proportion of Lankan Tamils as well as Indians - they would not have been affected either way. By condemning actively – they invoked the other side to happen at a later time against themselves.  Truth once manifested cannot be easily overridden/negated. Paatha Yaathrai / Foot Pilgrimage is also a way of invoking the Truth. Earth carries true Energies as per the Truth manifested at that place. Such Energy empowers those to whom that place is ‘home’. Hence the power when  Paatham / Foot touches that Earth. The deeper our investment in an issue – the stronger the connection between our causal forces as individuals and our identification with our experience of  effects.

Just this morning I was thinking of my home ownership and the amazing connection I felt with Prima in this regard. I bought my land in Colombo in 1978 while I was working for Prima Ceylon Ltd. – which has/d its base in Singapore. Even though I did not know it when I made the offer – that land was owned by Mr. A.T.Benedict to whom I often attributed credit as my Accounting  guru.  At Prima, I advised and coached my Singaporean counterpart – and yet my pay was local. I pawned my jewelry and borrowed at very high rate of interest from private lenders to buy the property – bare land. The following excerpt from a judgment in relation to this land best describes the need I had back then:

‘‘The Plaintiff went overseas in 1982. She said that she went abroad to find money to put up a house on this land and that before she went she entrusted a relation of hers Sinnadorai and Sentilnathan and Balakrishnan to look after the land. ……She said that later in 1992 she carried on her business in Australia and at that time she informed her  Attorney Balakrishnan to put up a building on the said land.”

Between 1986 when we bought our first home unit in Coogee, NSW, Australia – and 1992 when we activated the Colombo ownership – my mother asked me many times to do something about the Colombo Land. I kept saying to my mother that I did recognize the risk of unlawful occupation by those disrespectful of lawful ownership – but that I could not afford to put up a house in Colombo due to my commitments in Australia. In 1995, we bought our current home-unit which has fulfilled our dreams of homeownership in every sense. It was expensive and my husband thought we would not be able to afford it. Something within me urged me to keep going. When we went for the auction I was pleasantly surprised to note the Chairman of Prima Ltd. at the auction – as part of the selling team. The Chairman seemed physically weak and feeble. When I first met him in Singapore he said to me that they liked to employ Tamils because Tamils worked hard. At the auction I went over and spoke to him. He did not seem to remember me. But I think I intuitively sought his blessings. I received the blessings through my own investment in the Chairman of Prima. In other words by paying my genuine respects without any expectation of returns, I became part of the Chairman of Prima and Chairman of Prima was also buying the property with me. From then on I said to my mother that I paid in Colombo and was getting the return in Coogee!  This morning I realized that it was no coincidence that I had bought that Land when I was in Prima where I had worked sincerely with feeling of ownership – as is usually my way and that the home in Coogee was constructed by Prima Holdings. Once we feel ownership – we carry the credits beyond local borders. Those of common faith empower each other.

During the start of  the 2009 battle – I wrote an open letter to Tamil Tiger leader  Prabhakaran – very similar to this very article which may not be read by the individuals concerned. In that letter I urged Prabhakaran to surrender to Nallur Murugan which would have been surrender to Northern Hindu Tamils. To the extent I had invested in the genuine rebel leadership within Tamil Tigers – I made the surrender on behalf of the Tamil Tiger leadership.  Hence that part of it was not defeated by the  Lankan Government headed by the Rajapaksas. When Mr. Rajapaksa paid his respects to Nallur Murugan after the war – they were received by this true Rebel leadership which is part of  Nallur Murugan – who is described by some as god of war.

Paatha Yaathrai / Foot Pilgrimage – is a holy ritual known to many of us through Jaffna Saint Yoga Swami who walked from Nallur in North to Kathirgamam in South. The parallel in Sinhalese to the best of my knowledge is Perehera. Hence yesterday’s Paatha Yaathrai again is taken as Mr. Rajapaksa paying his respects to Lord Murugan devotees who saved him from becoming a victim of the Tamil Tigers. Once you become Common with true rebels – in this case the true Rebel forces which are part of Nallur Murugan – you work them as yours. The current Government which seems to dismiss the official opposition – the Tamil National Alliance – as small irritation – has been unable to ignore Mr. Rajapaksa who confirmed through this choice of expression -  that he is carrier of  Tamil Rebel forces also. What a wonderful example of how karma works!  Next week is the beginning of Nallur Festival and to my mind that is additional influence on true Devotees. Thank you Lord Muruga for continuing to forgive and protect Mr. Rajapaksa and his loved ones. Members of the current government who are enjoying the fruits of the work of Mr. Rajapaksa need to not excessively punish Mr. Rajapaksa who rewarded himself financially  along the same pathway as he chose to eliminate the Tamil Tigers. Excessive punishment would bring back the Tiger problem unless the punishing person has high credits in Law and Order – enough to override excessive disorder by her/his own side. Colombo Tamils who speak to us freely are saying that they appreciate the Colombo-Jaffna transport links – which were initiatives of the Rajapaksa regime and which are yet to be matched by the current government. The average on both sides of the ethnic border forget the less attractive outcome unless it excites them with new thoughts of fighting  the old enemy.


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