Tuesday 28 June 2016

Nandanar was longing to see the icon of Nataraja in Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram.
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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 28 June   2016  
Land Rights – Sri Lanka & Australia

The Press Trust of India reports as follows through its article ‘Nine Sri Lankan Tamils held for bid to go to Australia’:

[Nine Sri Lankan Tamils were arrested at Tiruchendur in the district today for allegedly planning to travel to Australia  in a clandestine manner, police said…….. Australia has been warning against such ventures, saying it would not allow people taking illegal route to enter the country.]

Given that I am in ‘Prescriptive Title’ mode due to my Land case in Colombo I have been thinking more and more about what our karma as a community says in regards to Land Rights – especially in war affected areas. It is also a vital component when restructuring war affected areas. Our Land in Colombo was ‘taken-over’ by  Sinhalese-Buddhist claiming Prescriptive Rights. The way events unfolded in Northern Sri Lanka, we started occupying my Traditional Property from my father’s side. Now I realize that the risk of acquisition by Prescriptive Title was high and that our true feelings of ownership drew us to be active in that land. It is also ‘cure’ for the disease of Abuse of Rights including through Tamil Only claims – the basis is similar to the Prescriptive Title claims.

I wrote in my draft submission in this regard:

It is submitted that where the criterion used to claim Prescriptive Title  is Independence– the credit points must relate to laws and principles independent of each other – for example possession without any knowledge of the activities through the legal pathway and therefore like two diverse religions, the two never meet until the user of the  lower pathway completes the journey to realize the goal of  ownership at which point there is complete ownership. Under those circumstances – one uses the property / facility without needing the endorsement of any other authority – including the officials of the government and/or the judiciary. It is submitted that the governing authorities need such owners to empower their own systems of Administration especially where there are wide gaps between theory of Law and practice of order. It is submitted that this is the reason why we have ‘user-pays’ system in the system of Democracy. Under this system one who has realized ownership as opposed to theoretical ownership has reached the destination of being one with the Institution / Nation / Land. Native Title Act 1993, came about in Australia under the leadership of Prime Minister the Hon Paul Keating after Mr. Eddie Mabo – an Indigenous Australian, fought to retain the Native Title to his Land on ‘Murray Island/Mer’ – overturning the previous conclusion that Australia was Terra Nullius.

Now I realize that when we are true to the path we take and reach the destination through that pathway without polluting it – we realize ownership of the whole. Then the Natural Forces in that issue come to support us. Hence my often repeated statement  that the Pariah (Toilet Cleaner) and the Vice Chancellor of the University of  NSW were the same. Back then I knew I was right and hence I used this expression – as per my culture – especially the story of Nandanar – of  Pariah Caste - to whom Lord Natraj appeared. The Natural Energies  also rise to place  in the demoted positions - those who fail to respect the true ownership of such realized persons.  Hence the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor who failed to recognize my ‘Native Title’ (inherited Accounting wisdom from Sri Lanka) at the University of NSW.

As per ‘The Island’ article - Relief for people who lost their lands during war– by Mr. V. Sivananasothy :

[On the initiative of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, the Prescription (Special Provision) Bill which was shelved for a long period had been revived by the Government to provide relief to the people who were forced to abandon their properties due to the situation that prevailed in the country from May 1983 to May 2009 and to enable them to claim their titles for their properties due to prescriptive actions of the illegal and encroached occupants, Secretary Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs said yesterday.]

When we step out of the circle of ‘war-affected’ Community – and look at the picture – we show a picture – which shows on the one hand – folks who are running away to become Australian Tamils by Law on the one hand and those who have stayed on to claim ‘ownership’ by Law and/or by Belief based possession.

Many members of the Tamil as well as Sinhalese Diaspora who claim ‘Native culture’ to qualify as an influential community in Western Nations including Australia – have actually ‘Abandoned’ or sold their immovable properties in war-affected Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese occupier of our Colombo Land also sold the property. I never felt the urge to ‘sell’. I continue to fight to keep. Had the occupier been genuine – I would have accepted his prescriptive title. I had enough ‘Ownership-Energy’ to recognize that he was an unlawful occupant. This is because the property was bought out of hard earned hard saved money – in Colombo during times when ethnic divisions were strongly visible after the 1977 ethnic riots. A true owner is not allowed by the Land itself to abandon it. Where we were true to our profession/work – any investment out of those earnings would also be true in their value to us. Truth facilitates the Experience of the whole. Mere possession – be it physically and/or through legal pathway – influences us to ‘show and tell’ but not have the Experience.

So long as Australian Government is weak in ‘ownership-Energy’ to support its laws – it would attract illegal immigrants like the above Tamils to whom India would be more a home than Australia. To the extent Australian Government ‘rejected’ true migrants from taking their positions on Equal Opportunity basis – they weakened their investment in Democracy. One is entitled to take status through higher institutional position,  above a person who is yet to realize ownership. Likewise one who accepts lower institutional position despite having earned the higher position, and does so as per her/his needs in wider world, is not unjust. But when one who has realized ownership is allocated and / or takes lower position – Natural Forces are invoked to ‘Right’ the disturbance to Universal Harmony. Such Forces do not ‘wait’ to be asked; neither can they be stopped through mere surface prayers. They invoke themselves to place us at our respectively earned positions as per our respective minds.  In other words – the Lord comes to us to repair His own pathway to maintain the Balance of True Ownership – by matching Abandonment by Occupation – Measure for Measure.  

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