Monday 13 June 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 13 June   2016  

St. Anthony’s Church  – Kochchikade – Sri Lanka –

Spiritual Powers

Today is the day we celebrate the feast of St. Anthony. I have felt the Blessings of St. Anthony during my times of need – including in relation to Legal experiences. I guess it was after Sir Anthony Mason – the then Chancellor of the University of NSW who is a celebrated legal expert here in Australia – instructed the Deputy Vice Chancellor to carry out an investigation into my complaints that I started connecting St. Anthony to legal experiences. The faith was always there – thanks to my parents. This was a specific pathway – which was reaffirmed today – 13 June 2016.

I was going through the court papers regarding my complaint to the Colombo Courts – against an unlawful occupier of my land in Colombo. I read through the evidence given by Cousin Bala who passed away a couple of years back and thanked him. That land was bought, out of much sacrifice on my part. The primary judgment was not in my favor and I am now preparing to represent myself in the Court of Appeal. The more I went through the papers myself – the more I realized that I was needed to establish the Truth and that the lawyers had missed many important ‘facts’ that have been coming  to my attention. It was as if those ‘facts’ were saying to me to take notice of them. One such very important ‘fact’ was located this morning. My husband knows to read Sinhalese but does not understand the meaning. I know enough Sinhalese to speak and also work out the meaning but lack the knowledge to read or write. Together – we were able to workout the ‘fact’ registered in the court papers. Even though we had paid for the translation – this ‘fact’ was not in the translation. I felt again – that it was a miracle on this holy day. I thanked St. Anthony and continued to work on my paper. I felt that Bala’s spirit was with us through my husband. Bala was fluent in Sinhalese and I believe that to the extent my husband was receptive to him, Bala would work through him to support me.

Then when I looked up ‘Sri Lankan News’ I came across the Ceylon Today  article ‘BROTHER’S SPIRIT PROTECTING SISTER’ which is about a sister believing that her brother who has passed away was helping her spiritually. I was touched by that story and went on to look for a photo of St. Anthony of Kochchikade; Colombo – for my article. Then I noted the picture of Neelan Thiruchelvam who was one of the best legal minds of our times and yet was killed by those who were seeking premature freedom. The pictures were on the same page of OMLANKA website. To me it was no coincidence that I came across this on this holy day. This meant that whatever the Court of Appeal may say – I am a winner in the world of Truth. I have  the Experience of my Belief. This would help me support those who need support to recover from the blows of the official systems. This is possible only where we go BEYOND the official system and not take shortcuts to freedom.

As I keep saying to those who do not seem to care about logical connections beyond those they can make – we know the connection between Cause and Effect when we have the Experience. Towards this we need to bring the other side into ourselves. Then we ‘see’ the other side while we are on our side as part of  our side. At the physical level we cannot ‘see’ both at the same time. Hence the delay in outcomes in the vertical – time based system. But in democracy the ‘other’ side needs to be seen instantaneously – as our the other side of our Truth. Towards this we need to come down to that level and eliminate all authority from rights for us and wrongs for the other side. Hence Equal status to opposition in Parliament even though the 2nd highest party does not seem Equal in a system where  vote of every  citizen is equal to the other . That gets rid of the ‘advantage’ one side or the other may have due to familiarity. Once we take authority – we limit ourselves to one system. If we identify with the opposition as our Equal – then when we combine – we are able to ‘see’ their other side.

Authority is often taken on the basis of merit in the past. Then we are NOT able to ‘see’ the other side. Where no authority is taken – the connection between cause and effect becomes clear. Democracy clears this pathway by allocating Equal status to the winner of 2nd highest votes. But those who cling to the past while enjoying democratic leadership status – keep losing power by failing in their duty to produce outcomes to confirm completion.

We get almost instantaneously – the answers to our Google Searches. We do not seek to find out how that system works. But to the extent we are able to identify with the outcomes shown – we rely on that system. Towards this, such ‘outcomes’ of work need to be as public as possible with least ‘attachment’ to having custody over them. In other words, they need to be Common. The higher the pathway – the greater the Commonness. Belief, brings the other side to us – whenever we are in need. Our credit is written when we invest genuinely through any avenue available to us. The difference between out costs and benefits – when we surrender to the experience – is that contribution to Common faith at that place at that time. The longer it stays there – the higher the value until it becomes instantaneous.

St. Anthony of Kochchikade is such a Common place where all ethnicities come together. It’s a  place that keeps that Common spiritual Energy that all of us with faith  could drawn on. With such sacred places – Sri Lanka would continue to be a strongly multicultural  nation. Thank you St. Anthony and thank you Neelan the Hindu husband of a Muslim lady. 

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