Saturday 16 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 16 April   2016

Sinhalese thinking mostly about Tamil Tigers

1.      Labour Party leader backs self-determination for Tamils
2.      146 Sri Lankans applied for asylum in Switzerland last month

Both of the above headlines are from outside Sri Lanka
3. Majority of Tamils claim LTTE fought on their behalf - if so this puts them as aiding and abetting terror as LTTE was designated a terrorist outfit by 32 countries and that ban remains active even after 2009 military defeat – Sinhalese
4. By ‘including’ LTTE I have confirmed consensual government on the part of Tamils. Most educated Tamils known to me have done just that.  If you absorb your side’s weaknesses – I would appreciate and accept that to the extent you demonstrate higher thinking than your side. - Tamil
3 & 4 above are from insiders – writing in more or less ‘free-mode’.
The ‘gap’ to my mind, is that 3 is  from a mind driven by direct benefits and not as part of  a higher structure. Civilization is based on immediate benefits being sacrificed towards structures that would facilitate ‘saving and preserving’. Once work becomes heritage it is a Natural Power that protects the person, the institution and the place.  We have that system in terms of savings from our salary  - as Provident Fund /Superannuation contributions. Governance empowered by such savings would be good governance – even though it may not show much cleverness. Without such forces in the Tamil Community as a whole – it is highly doubtful that the British Political leader would have expressed the above support. Nor would Switzerland continue to accept Sri Lankans seeking asylum at a time when we Australians are rejecting them. Such diversity in decisions would be right for the ‘whole’ due to the level of regulations by law.

My  response to the above Sinhalese was at total level. But the Sinhalese insists on seeing the LTTE as Terrorists. That brings to mind the story presented through British Tamil TV program recently. It was taken from the Hindu epic Mahabharatham.  It goes like this:

Arjuna’s wife Subathirai is given by an ascetic,  a special mirror which would show her who was thinking most about her. All Pandava brothers (Arjuna’s brothers) tested and were happy to learn that those who were dear to them were thinking about them. When it came to Lord Krishna – Subathirai’s brother – the image was that of Sakuni – the villain advising the Opposition of Pandava brothers who were protected by Lord Krishna.

At the physical level – the mirror showed the person who was thinking mostly of the other – not necessarily out of love but also due to the other leading by opposition. The above Sinhalese – and many others like her – would think mostly of the Tamil Tigers who are seen to be their ‘other side’. Likewise LTTE supporters to whom the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa is the real opposition.

Within the Tamil community there were / are parts that were led by the LTTE. They were mostly those who did not have knowledge of the laws and rules of common government. LTTE leaders became their leaders due to their ability to complete their experiences locally. Where the Government found that to be in breach of the law – the government had the authority to intervene and punish as per the law. But when the government brought into the picture Sinhalese who had not been  practicing the laws applicable to the official armed forces – it was risking highly, the charge of war-crimes. It became ‘tribal’ from that point onwards. The confirmation that the Government knew that it was being unlawful, came though the evacuation of  foreigners from that area. It was more recently confirmed by former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms Navi Pillay who revealed as follows in her ‘free’ environment:

I became high commissioner for human rights in September 2008. That is when the high level UN summit where heads of state attend and that was my first. And I received a specific request that the SL President wished to see me. So it was president Rajapaksa. And he told me he is about to embark on a huge campaign to end terrorism in his country, and that I should not criticize him. So when someone tells you not to do something you pay particular attention to that issue"

In the eyes of Dharma, using the same laws that were applied to ‘judge’ one part of the whole - that would have been a warning that crime was going to be committed. In the Court of Natural Justice – justice is never denied. By applying the very laws that they knowingly acted in breach of – while holding the official position to use arms on behalf of the whole the UN Member  who so warned the UN loses all authority to call the group being attacked  ‘Terrorists’ or it must accept that label for itself also. Ms. Pillai herself failed in her duty to publish this – through that position of  Representative of Human Rights towards prevention of damage to the Sovereignty of the people at the receiving end as well as those who voted that kind of leadership into power. One has the official  authority to punish only through the law. Unofficially one must be empowered by one’s own Truth. Laws of Privacy facilitate this through smaller units of governance – starting the family. When we are bound as one institution – we have the authority to discipline and do so ‘confidentially’ – as if one part of us is disciplining the other. When we go beyond that point – we are no longer disciplining but attacking to ‘takeover’ – to invade another’s sovereign area. It’s indeed a great pity that Ms Navi Pillay was lacking in such wisdom at that time. It is NOT about saving lives. It is about protecting the dignity of Sovereignty even at the time of death.  

Those who continue to use the Terrorism accusation after knowing they acted in breach of the laws of the very institution that authorized the use of Terrorism charge – become that themselves. Laws are the pathways that regulate our thoughts to achieve  the common mind. The higher the mind structure the lesser the personal emotional and/or selfish element. Laws help us act through the issue to eliminate / weaken negative traits in a group. The path of Truth is the highest and most reliable law of all.  The person committed to Truth by sacrificing earned entitlements develops natural structures of the mind that would ‘include’ all as per their Truth – beyond time and place borders.

Electoral representation in Democracy is also towards  including Truth from those who are physically distant from the Government and have used their own local avenues to complete their experiences. To the extent the LTTE acted through alternate governance to ‘attack’ in revenge – it lost its own credibility with Tamil leadership. There can be no greater punishment than that for genuine Rebels. Some  Sinhalese keep invoking the Terrorism label – even after such ‘internal-punishment’ by the Tamil community which actively voted in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections – and thereby rejected the armed struggle. This would activate the selfish within the Tamil community to show their cleverness against the armed Sinhalese. One can protect oneself from losing benefits including status by occupying high official positions. But one cannot protect oneself from the fears of one’s own desires.

Truth is a cure and it helps complete the experience. There are no rights and wrongs in terms of Truth except the manifestations that are attributed to Truth itself and this is known through oneself. Until this is appreciated by the Government – it does not have the authority to establish Truth Commission made up of Sinhalese first persons. The place where Truth is brought out is purified and protected even if the person/s so doing die in the process. Truth is to reconcile with oneself. The desire for credit would invoke fear of loss. When we accept Truth we would feel comforted even when we have been found to be in the wrong through a particular measure. If that measure which marked us wrong  is alien to us – as UN and Sri Lankan laws were to the LTTE -    then we would be unaffected by the charges. If the measures are ‘internal’ to our system – as Hindu & Christian Dharma is to majority Tamils then accepting the Truth would be painful but the pain would be curing pain.

The Government that promotes use of Terrorism label must therefore disqualify itself from the Opportunity to be part of the Truth Commission. Benefits escalated through Structures that lead to Truth would fill the mind with Peace. The greater the sacrifice of earned benefits to become Common – the higher the structure that would support wider cultures also to realize that Peace through our discoveries. THAT to me is what life is about. 

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