Sunday 10 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 10 April   2016

Who owns Sri Lanka - China or India?

[Sri Lanka has asked China to swap some of the $8 billion the Indian Ocean country owes Beijing for equity in infrastructure projects and offered to sell stakes in Sri Lankan companies to Chinese ones, Sri Lankan officials said on Saturday.] - Sri Lanka requests equity swap for some of its $8 bln China debt  -

The article was forwarded by a Diaspora leader with the following addition:

[$8 billion the Indian Ocean country owes Beijing for equity in infrastructure projects” – Mahinda’s white elephants?
Perhaps as planned by China for Sri Lanka - the Mahinda-Peking trap!]

Whichever way it happened, the Common pointer as per my mind, is lack of  Opposition power to manifest Sri Lanka’s value at its highest.

The above is due to the one-way path by Sinhalese leaders. There is little change in the mind- structure of the leaders, relative to the previous leadership. Hence Sri Lanka has become the meat in the Regional sandwich – between India & China.

The simple test is to ask whose mind is influencing Sri Lankan leaders? At policy and cultural level – the natural influence is Indian. Even if Indian leaders sought to ‘use’ Sri Lanka’s fall from grace due to mismanagement of the ‘war’ – they would naturally be cautious due to cultural pulls. Where Sri Lankans  have completed their religious journey to realize their divinity – they are natural families to Indians who also have likewise completed the journey. Others would be relatives and there would be a proportion of their practices going towards becoming family ultimately.

Every completed experience elevates the mind towards the absolute. Absolute power influences without most us of being conscious of it at that time. It’s like in the internet system. We know there has been a connection even though we do not know details of the communication system. The system of Truth / Love works in similar manner. Often when we do not know the connection we tend to take credit for the wins and blame others – including the system - for losses. The current dilemma with India and China happened because internally – Sinhalese claimed Victory over Tamils and blamed Tamils for deterioration of the system – by claiming that it was a fight against Terrorism.

If China helped during that time – and if indeed it was considered Terrorism – then China would enjoy Regional power in the inner knowledge that it had eliminated Terrorism. If not any money ‘given’ by China during that period and soon-after – amounted to interference with Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty and internal relativity based on that claim of Sovereignty.

India itself did that by sending the Indian Peace-Keeping Force (IPKF) to take over power from the Sri Lankan Armed forces. They ended up abusing civilians due to lack of ‘ownership’. A good proportion of the IPKF was made up of Sikhs. Colombo needed the assistance of the LTTE to defeat the IPKF. By failing to write in its ledgers - that completion as a lesson learnt– the Sri Lankan Government made itself vulnerable and demoted its mind structure to the one-way path. Likewise the Tamil Community leadership ‘forgot’ that LTTE was not enough for them against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. The lesson there was when Tamils and Sinhalese join forces – we have the power to defeat foreign invasion – be it through arms or money. Tamil political leaders driven by ‘local’ glory – often tend to ‘forget’ these milestones achieved by us.

When we write the consolidated value of our work at its highest - in our Mind we ourselves would be motivated to follow that higher pathway. Every person who is able to reminisce and enjoy her/his work value and/or the support of her/his sacrifice through the structures developed –would have juniors – naturally through the pathway of  Truth. Such juniors would happen at that highest level to the one who is able to identify with her/his contribution at that highest level.

The current political leadership in Sri Lanka needs  to ask itself as to its own contribution to elimination of alleged Terrorism. To the extent Mr. Rajapaksa is considered to have swindled the country economically -  his claim of Terrorism must be discounted by the demotion rate of his status within Sri Lanka. If that brings the Terrorism charge down to just criminal charge – then all those who aided in demoting the status of Tamils through LTTE – have erred and are responsible for the deaths of and pain suffered by the Tamil community relative to the Sinhalese community.

India due to its cultural / religious leadership is a relative of majority Sri Lankans. Such relativity is not to be marked by Land takeovers nor ‘telling’ Sri Lankan government. It is by being there as an example for junior Sri Lankans to have hope and to follow. Money representation eliminates relativity of human values.

Where China is such an example of human value relativity – China also would become a natural leader. But as it stands – there is little cultural following at citizens’ level between China and Sri Lanka. It would therefore be misleading to convert the loan to a shareholding status as that would make Sri Lanka a small state within China.

When one refuses the mature junior community its earned Equal status – one gets ‘taken-over’ by the Big-Brother. Those driven by the physical – money and armed power – often become victims of their own abuse of power. However small we may be at the physical level – when we seek within and find our inner powers of Sovereignty – we project at the highest level that our community / nation needs. This is the value of ascetics. Gandhi of India continues to attract global relatives forming global families, due to completing the experience not at the local level of an Indian Cooley – but at the level of the British Empire. Gandhi ensured that the Cooley was not left behind in the excitement of  defeating the British Empire.

One must identify with one’s strengths and weaknesses to be ‘free’ of external influences. Until there is such a person in the minds of the Sri Lankan leaders – Sri Lankans would continue to be affected by Terrorism fears and excitement created by themselves.  We have thus invited foreigners to invade our Sovereignty by failing to elevate our mind to the higher level. Sinhalese Governments must fight against Tamils as a community – including the armed part but not limited to it. Tamils in turn need to fight to become Sri Lankan and not Tamil only. Using the lower pathway of Tamil Eelam is to disown our heritage and making ourselves part of India.

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