Friday 15 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 15 April   2016

Mergers and Takeovers
Sethu in North and Port City in South

When one steps back and observes the ‘past’ – if one ‘sees’ costs and benefits/losses and profits – it is confirmation that one continues to live by using the past. If one recognizes the structure that supported or disappointed her/him – relative to other structures – s/he is a senior or junior  in that structure as seen by her/him. One who discovers the Truth through a structure and lives in that Truth becomes that true structure and  empowers and is also empowered by the causal forces that represent that structure. Hence Tat Tvam Asi/Thou Art That in Hinduism.  When we migrate from one land  to another also we physically exit one structure and enter another. Those who do so without releasing themselves from the past – tend to take the old structure with them in their mind. This leads to continuing under the old structure for better or for worse including  in relation to new relatives. Majority Australians of Sri Lankan origin are of this category. The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is such a structure and attracts members to whom there is no higher past than the one they had in the past. They suit De Facto systems.

Then there are those who continue to draw benefits from that old structure and therefore disintegrate the structure to cost-benefit level. They would make themselves incapable of recognizing any structure. They may be queens and kings in name but they would see only benefits and costs. Such persons eventually orphan themselves.  A relative of ours who claimed in Mallakam Court in Northern Sri Lanka – that her father gave her a donation and not a dowry – confirmed that she was of this kind. Children who ‘forget’ their inheritance through parent – weaken their capacity to become parents. The dignity of Dowry comes from respect for that system of marriage in which dowry represents the blessings of the parents and other elders in the family that is being physically and often structurally left behind. One who takes only the Truth with her is naturally promoted to mother position from a daughter position. When a true parent blesses the daughter – and the daughter accepts such blessing humbly - parental energy is shared naturally. Dowry gives form to that sharing. One who sees it as donation is confirming that she was not ready to be a parent – that she found it more comfortable to remain a daughter. This happens when benefits are not sacrificed towards forming structures and costs are no incurred to maintain those structures. Such voters – when they think they are ‘free’ would tend to make ‘policy on the run’.

The current revelations about Port-City project in Colombo – reveal that Mr. Rajapaksa is of this category. The status Mr. Rajapaksa got from his people was disintegrated to ‘benefits’ level – the same level from which he ‘took’ victory by showing removal of  the physical form of opposition to his rule – the LTTE. Like LTTE who eliminated all their supervisors – Mr. Rajapaksa also seems to have been driven by ‘freedom’ through elimination of opposition. Both thus became examples of the Tamil saying that the ‘Harvest of the young does not come home’. Home is the structure that supports the family, community.

By working out the role played by Truth in my life – I now realize that I was actually ‘blessed’ by the real structure when I was ready to develop my own. When I sought to leave the University of NSW – the then executive officer Jeff Warnock said words to the effect that I was giving up too early. Back then I was not sure. I had done my job as I saw it fit and could not go further without having to fight my seniors in Financial Management who like the above ‘Donation-relative’ were seniors in name only. Now I realize that the spirits in the University – the true powers – not only blessed me but empowered me to record my experience – so as to recognize my own ‘ownership’ investment in that Australian Institution of Higher status. I went on to become a Channel partner at the University of Technology – Sydney which ‘happened’ when I stepped back from my past. More importantly for me I wrote my True experience through the University of NSW by accepting the low status the then current Administrators allocated at the time of physical departure.

 There was no real higher position in that institution at that time and there was not enough positive value for a migrant to develop in one lifetime in Australia through that institution without neglecting other aspects of one’s life. Hence the institution itself ‘promoted’ me to have the global experience at that institutional level. When we are blessed by Truth at the time of physical departure – we are empowered to develop structures at least as high as the one we leave behind.

Now I realize that at each stage of my life – my Truth released me from a structure that could not support my genuine work. Likewise from each relationship – at family and workplace.

When Mr. Rajapaksa left his job – he did not receive this blessing. The claim of victory over LTTE was not made  as real Head of State but rather like voter/beneficiary of the structure. Hence the blindness to ‘takeover’ attempts by China. Had Mr. Rajapaksa taken the Tamil Community as whole as his opposition – his real structure would have been elevated and he would support any successor of his through his Truth as Sri Lankan. One who allocated shares in return for wins – confirms lack of ownership power. The Port City project needs to be strengthened first to free itself of such weaknesses.

As per Colombo Gazette Report:

[Minister Premadasa, who was part of the delegation which visited China, said that the Port City project will go down in history once it is completed.
He said that earlier the forger Government had agreed to give ownership of part of the property to the company involved in the mega project.
The new Government has however refused to allow the company to have ownership rights to the property and has sought amendments to the agreement on the project.
“We have looked to convert this project into something more productive. This will be one of the biggest financial hubs in South Asia with big investments flowing in once the project in completed,” Premadasa said at a public gathering in Anuradhapura.]

This means that this is part of the Business Capital of the Sri Lankan Government. Now that ‘foreign’ minds have been demoted – the challenge is for Sri Lankan minds to provide the ‘intelligence’ needed. They need also be broad enough to think South Asian and not ‘Sri Lankan only’ or worse ‘Sinhala only’.

 The risk is manifestation of the Tamil parallel as natural opposition to Port City – is Sethu project in North. Confirmation of ownership interest  was the communication from a Tamil Diaspora leader who shared the article ‘Religion and politics block development of new deep water route between India and Sri Lanka’.

When Sri Lanka fails to strengthen its Sovereign borders through inclusion of those to whom that part is ‘home’  - the borders shift naturally. To those who are culturally bound to the people of another land such shifting becomes natural boundaries redrawn. When such owners are treated as outsiders – the home of the group that is responsible for governance becomes open to takeovers by bigger outsiders – like China. India is the land of the spiritual and so long as we believe in Rama – Sethu project will not pave the way for takeovers.  Mergers are certainly possible and healthy. Man may let the needy down but God is always there to confirm ownership one way or the other. The true seeker identifies with that Power. 

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