Tuesday 5 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 05 April   2016

Sri Lankan Army paying Bride Price to become House Husbands in Tamil areas?

I believe that all of us carry positive and/or negative energies. Likewise, every home, village, institution, nation and beyond that as Issue.  Those who believe in that institution/issue are owners. Those who discover Truth through that institution/issue add positive Energy which adds itself to the Sovereignty of the institution. Such owners work the institution/issue naturally.

As per Asian Mirror:

[Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today challenged President Maithripala Sirisena to at least establish reconciliation within his party, the SLFP, before attempting to achieve reconciliation in the north and east]

If a political party requires internal Reconciliation – it confirms that it is NOT a true political party. Good Politics is based on Common Belief. Where there is belief there is no room for ‘proof’. Where there is no room for proof – there is no authority to produce independent outcomes. When there are no independent outcomes – there is no need for Reconciliation.

But when one reads more deeply as per the makeup/guna  of former President – one would read the above as a warning to not give in to Tamils who come with International influence which could prove to be negative in terms of Sovereignty. This is highlighted as follows:
Rajapaksa also said that the reconciliation should not be attempted according to the wishes of the terrorists.
He also pointed out that the government was taking the discovery of a suicide vest and other explosives from Chavakachcheri very lightly and that it was intimidating those who point out the facts to the people.’
A government that by law considers the Tamil Tigers – LTTE to be a Terrorist group – has the obligation to accept the advice and guidance of the person under whose leadership such group was defeated. If the government is of the same party as the leader who so defeated the group – then there is a moral duty to hear such a leader as per his intuition in the issue. Otherwise there is the grave risk of the current government taking credit without having earned it. As stated above – where Truth is discovered – the Sovereignty of the institution gets strengthened. In a group that is Sovereign or is working towards Sovereignty – one part often has to lose for another to gain. Hence the development of the Common Pool. Mr. Rajapaksa lost status at global level and the current government is getting the credit – including through Reconciliation promises.

It is however, doubtful that the current government knows much about Reconciliation. The Army website has published the following  at http://www.army.lk/details.php?type=article&id=924  :
Village of Reconciliation’ in Kokeliya Vested in Tri-services Personnel’
3rd April 2016
‘Sanhindiyawe Sathvirugama’ (Sathvirugama village of Reconciliation), the housing project with 51 new homes at Kokeliya, Vavuniya, built by the 56 Division troops of the Army of the Security Force Headquarters - Wanni (SFHQ-W) and 4 Corps of Engineer Services (4 CES) through funds of the ‘Api Wenuwen Api’ house construction project of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), was vested in serving Tamil woman soldiers and Army personnel married to Tamil ladies as a reconciliation project of the best exemplary nature on Sunday (3).’

Reconciliation is needed where two sides produce their independent outcomes. Changing those outcomes either confirms that there is no reconciliation needed or the shortcomings of the changer is being covered up. As an insider – within the victims group – to me the above is an attempt to cover up.

The Truth as it happened must be recognized by the Government which is bound by Buddha Sasana through Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. Recognizing this Truth is likely to demote the status of Sri Lanka to lower level than the current government is working for. But when Truth is the basis – development on that basis is blessed by the gods and we would develop far beyond the development influenced by external elements.  

The Army considered the LTTE to be Terrorists. They have the duty to uphold that and not override it now. Likewise LTTE considered themselves to be ‘Freedom Fighters’. The first reconciliation needs to be between three two labels. To my mind, that is the only Reconciliation needed. The LTTE claim that they were fighting for freedom is translated differently at different levels. Majority at the lower end fought to preserve their self-dignity. That is needed by any individual to feel Sovereignty. If the deaths of such persons – is greater in number than the deaths of official soldiers – then that homeland is Sovereign Territory of the group that endures more deaths.

 If the Sri Lankan Army is making a home in that war zone due to deaths of their members – then death becomes the measure of ownership. Tamils lost many more lives than Sinhalese and this needs to be respected and preserved as heritage. We Tamils owe it to our Common Community. If the Government goes ahead – then Tamil Political Leaders must renounce Reconciliation–credits and therefore also renounce the pat in the back from the UN.

Sinhalese soldiers marrying Tamil women should never be taken as credit for the Reconciliation process. It is indeed a polluted pathway that tarnishes the honor owed to those who died for their belief in Sovereignty – starting with the Sovereignty of the self. If these soldiers come with houses – then it is against the principles and values of Thesawalamai Law – the Customary law of Northern Sri Lankans. As per this law – the bride takes dowry and the husband must wait until the death of his parents to inherit ancestral wealth. Marriage separates for the purpose of expansion and given that women are often home-makers in Tamil culture – they get dowry to complete their relationship with the birth family – when starting a new family - and take with them only the Love/Truth realized through the biological relationships. Thus the Sovereignty of the bride is recognized to help her feel Equal in a new family – starting from zero base – as in rebirth. A woman who so practices Thesawalamai is blessed by the Tamil ancestors who developed Thesawalamai Customary Law to suit us.

The parallel of Dowry is Bride Price – where men become house husbands in the new family. As per the above project – which smells strongly of Colonization – the army are seeking to become house-husbands in Northern Sri Lanka. That is the way psychology works. All Tamils who took-up arms became the natural army of Tamils. It would be wrong to pollute this status by indiscriminately mixing Sinhalese soldiers with Tamils. It is also disrespectful of the Tamil system of marriage that most of us have valued and practiced over generations. If even one of them feels pain and loss through this so called Reconciliation - their curse is brought upon the government that is promoting this low level assimilation.

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