Saturday 9 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 09 April   2016

Solar Energy v CEB Energy

As per the Island article ‘Power crisis stage managed – Expert’:

[Several experts said the country should go for solar power which was cost effective.]

I was struck again that in my little world in Northern Sri Lanka – I had done just that – well ahead of other citizens. I did it because I did not want to depend on Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) for my basic requirements of Lighting which is part of our Security system. The urgency was felt after CEB disconnected power just before  Navaraathri festival – during which we Hindus Celebrate Mother Energy Herself – as Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. They heard the voice of the disorderly in that area – associated with smuggling activities. We installed security cameras so the negative energies did not dilute our investment in Education. That experience confirmed that the CEB was hearing its master’s voice – the voice of the disorderly.

Our daughter and son-in-law David groomed a dog – Barry who passed away last year.  As he aged  – Barry lost power in his legs. Yet, Barry would standup and look in the direction of the gate – and we would know that David was on his way. Barry would greet other members of the family eagerly but when it came to David – it was well before any of us heard the vehicle. I used to be in awe of this bondage between David and Barry. It must be true that the hearing and smelling powers of the dog is stronger than that of the human. But in this instance Barry confirmed that he was able to connect to the mind of his master/service provider. It’s a shame that majority humans whose ability to connect through the mind do not develop even a dog’s intuition. The more distant away  the physical body of a person whose mind we connect to is – the stronger the Oneness. We Hindus call that power  – Shakthi/Energy.

Holders of Negative Energies also pick up and connect to each other when they are not bound by relativity. Thunaivi is not a village trusted by most providers of Public utilities. In terms of Electricity most of them carry the heritage of ‘stealing’ Electricity. They probably think that it is ‘taking’ that which is theirs because they do not see the owners.   Where CEB workers carry idle time and laziness as negative energy – they would naturally do the bidding of smugglers and cheaters.

Our efforts to install Solar Energy also led to the discovery that the locals in Jaffna were not true to the customer but were filling their own pockets. We had to raise the issue to their Colombo Head Office – before the matter was resolved to our satisfaction. As a result, during the recent blackouts – we still had lighting – thanks to the Sun – the self-governing source of Energy.

The report highlights India’s role as follows:

[They said India had evinced a keen interest in Sampur and what it really wanted was the land and not the construction of a coal power plant. The other issue was that it didn’t want China to have a foothold here.]

To most technical minded readers – this would sound superstitious. But I do identify with the above. The response I had from a Common Sri Lankan to yesterday’s article confirmed that the invisible communication system is strong and alert. I learnt through my experience by making an offer when tenders were called  for by the CEB, for the drawing up the preliminary report in relation to Sampur plant – that the so called experts were copying Western models in relation to their specifications. Having done a similar report for UNDP – I was able to identify the similarities. Yet, the deliverables as per those specifications would have been beyond the average Australian worker, leave alone the Sri Lankan worker. As per the above report:

[Vidura Ralapanawa, an Environmentalist speaking on Social/Environmental impact said, the present concepts on energy were centuries old and one could not plan ahead for thirty years as it would be obsolete by then.
Ralapanawa said one could not trust the CEB unions. Battery technology was booming and by 2030 the country wouldn’t have to depend on CEB generated power.
On the other hand, Sri Lanka should not imitate power generation models elsewhere and instead develop its own system compatible to local needs the expert said, noting that none of the developed countries had copied other countries.]

There are many Sri Lankan qualified Electrical Engineers here in Australia. When those minds are also used in the development of Australian Energy system – is that part of the system -  Sri Lankan or Australian? Likewise, when Western structures are used in Resource Management and publishing – is the mind that transmits the outcome local or foreign?  

These are important in provision of service to the Public. Like a caring child becoming an effective parent – a caring customer would make an effective service provider. Engineers in management positions often tend to override such customers – who like Barry and myself intuitively pick up the problem and therefore the opportunity – well ahead of others who are close to the benefits. We then become Service Providers – through the mind of our Master – the institution’s policy itself.  That is generally known as ‘My Utility’ here in Australia.  This in turn would naturally go towards self-governance and defeat those who are looking for reverse administration at the lower level.

In terms of the dispute I had with CEB – given that I am not paying the disputed amount – but have been paying the subsequent bills – CEB ought to have by now taken further action against me – including cutting off supply. When that happens – it would make a mockery of the Government’s claim that it welcomes Diaspora contribution to post-war development.

Not only CEB Unions but even the Management cannot be trusted – for they were yesterday’s unions/workers who depended on unions.. In Democracy – the customer needs to certify the service provided. So far the CEB in Northern Province has failed the test. It could be due to LTTE influence followed by suppression by the Armed Forces. Now that LTTE is no longer there – these leaders may be taking their positions at least mentally. Professor Kumar David – an Electrical Engineer himself is reported to have projected  just that through the following message:

["rise of the LTTE in the shape of a militarist alternative is precisely the dialectical response, the antithesis, the rejection, that this [Sri Lankan] state of affairs gave rise to." The Tamil diaspora can drive the nationalist movement forward for decades, irrespective of the outcome of today's military campaigns”.]  Tamilnet article Tamil nationalism undefeatable - Prof. Kumar David

Is the Nationalist movement being driven forward (or backward??) by the CEB Engineers in North ?  If post-emigration -  remaining users in Northern Sri Lanka are the customers – then the likes of  CEB Engineers will replace the LTTE who took-over  the place of the idle Public Administrator. In the process they are likely to reject ‘foreigners’ including the Diaspora who may have deeper wisdom in Democratic usage of Common Utilities. Thus they would follow in the footsteps of the Sinhalese leaders who ‘sell’ their heritage for their current living – the very leaders Tamil Leaders claim to oppose.

If the Government would grant funds for solar energy panels – to individual households – it takes away idle power from CEB. This would also reduce the ‘overload’ that causes blackouts. When a  genuine customer who has completed her/his position is abused – the whole system gets the return. That is the law of absolute power. 

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