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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 05 February   2016

Sri Lanka is Maatha to Sinhalese also
The weekend Nation article ‘Media depicts the animal in human’ by Arthur Wamanan and Dimuthu Attanayake extends also to Politics. An aging country driven by majority power brings out more speedily the animal in humans than a young country that Sri Lanka was in the 50’s.  It’s a natural process and unless overridden by stronger forces, would manifest the animal behavior.  One driven by Truth and / or Intellectual discrimination would lose consciousness of the majority power at the physical level and become independent of the body/land and use higher measures to live beyond local boarders of time and place.

The National Anthem of Sri Lanka being sung in Tamil also, on Independence Day anniversary 2016 - confirms that in terms of Politics, we Sri Lankans have a different mind order to the one that existed prior to 2015 – when the new Government was given birth to. The new Government was not naturally elected by Sri Lankans through their own free will. The voters were the messengers who wrote the message for Sri Lankans. The Sri Lankan National Anthem being sung in Tamil is the talk of the media here in Sri Lanka and in India. In its article ‘SINGING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IN TAMIL’, Ceylon Today reports:

[The Tamil people too are Sri Lankans and they too deserve equal rights as the Sinhala people. If they are to feel the effect of the National Anthem it needs to be sung in a language that they understand.]
The author of the above article is confirming that s/he is yet to realize the value of Independence. To my mind, relative to Sinhalese - more Tamils merged with the British when the British physically departed almost seven decades ago. They completed the experience of British governance and their descendants yesterday celebrated that completion and not the physical departure of the British.
At the physical level – especially when ‘Sinhala Only’ rule was being introduced by short sighted Politicians, significant section of the Tamil community mourned the departure of British to whom Tamils were an important part of their investment in Ceylon. The real political ‘freedom’ for Tamils happened in 1976 – through the Vaddukoddai Resolution. Natural forces combined to confirm this Equal status through 1977 when the Tamil Political party became the Leading Opposition in Parliament. Vaddukoddai continued to sing Sri Lanka Maatha (Mother) in Tamil including through the Vaddukoddai Resolution. The strength of courage to do so had its source in British minds all over the world – especially in Malaysia & Singapore – which were a sources of Financial Freedom to many Tamils – especially to the architects of Vaddukoddai Resolution. It was therefore Vaddukoddai declaring its Financial Independence by going global. To majority Tamils – financial freedom is all they expect to live in harmony. To the extent the British system facilitated this – we are Common owners of each other’s Nation. Nation is not limited to Land alone – but to the higher minds and common policies.
The Tamil version of National Anthem being sung by students confirms that the main avenue through which this financial freedom is achieved by Tamils is Education. In many ways the aridity of Northern Province left us with lesser choices than the Southerners had, to earn a living. Given that the system of education continued to be based on British structure – our investment in education was real celebration of financial freedom through British investments.
It is therefore valid to say that we were as ‘free’ as the British to the extent we included them in our living. In contrast, Sinhalese who have the responsibility to Administer the whole – depended largely on ‘majority’ rule. They thus replaced British Rule with Nationalism Rule to ‘look’ good to the voters. Voters becoming the bosses of Politicians is reflected down the line as employees becoming the bosses of employers and customers becoming the bosses of suppliers and at family level children becoming bosses of parents. That is the way of those driven by the physical. That’s when reverse discrimination happens – as confirmed by JVP in South and LTTE in North. The greater the hearsay knowledge / copied information – relative to the earned knowledge – the lower the mind order. An extreme example of this is Australian Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.
As emphasized recently to our students in Vaddukoddai - the order in which we organize data that is raw material to the computer determines the quality of the root of outcome which becomes the causal force for the next phase. Hence the dictum ‘Rubbish in Rubbish out’.  When we arrange our position relative to the person we are learning from – the Root Cause/Energy flows direct from the Guru to the Disciple. Many British minds would have thus been placed in Ceylonese (Tamils included) through the Education system. At our Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka – we learnt largely through British order. 04 February is therefore Memorial Service by those who continue to carry that order.
The greater the dependence on Majority Rule – the lower the mind order. The lower the mind order – the greater the dependence on ‘external influence’ – even if they are our juniors – especially our juniors -  if we stay on as one unit and the juniors are physically and/or financially more powerful than us and are unable to limit themselves to the former level of the senior to become Equals.  This is the risk Sinhalese face without Tamil opposition – and hence tending towards higher status than British from whom they inherited a large percentage of the global/international section of the current system.
Minorities/juniors in turn can only be Equal to majority / seniors of the completed whole. Where minorities / juniors claim victory over majority/seniors and show off – we are declaring that we are guilty of plagiarism and invasion into other’s area. That was how the Tamil community allowed itself to deteriorate and become of the mind order of the Sinhalese who are dependent on votes. The Politician on her/his own may not be independent of the voter. The victorious politician would be. But by recognizing within her/himself the truly independent Governor through the system of Truth – the Politician prevents her/himself from  spending most of her/his time in government as a Politician – as Mr. Rajapaksa did.
We have the god as well as the animal in us. When our brain is programed through our inner Truth – the god in us leads and guides us. When we are idle and take the easy path of majority – the old animal listens to her/his master’s voice – the master being the voter / junior. That is how we lose our self-dignity once we step into positions we did not earn. To claim independence from the British – we need to have renounced all benefits from the British and started from zero base. Truth takes us to this neutral position. The benefits so renounced become the structure we start with – as British Heritage we have rightfully earned. That would naturally match the heritage that the British carry of Ceylon. They have the natural right to confirm that heritage without activating it in their current structure and v.v.
One to whom Sri Lanka is Matha / Mother – has the intuitive power of ownership. This could very well be Tamils who have absorbed the pain of loss of loved ones and hard earned and saved property. THEY are the ones who would confirm who the father / political ruler is. At this point in time – Tamils who have suffered more as Sri Lankans than any other race in Sri Lanka have the realized Right to sing their National Anthem in their Mother tongue. It is the lullaby that postwar Sri Lanka needs, to comfort herself and develop on the basis of her own Truth – that excessive freedom brings out the animal in us.
Rights like God – exist naturally without form. Only rights that are realized qualify to be expressed freely without higher authority. This time it is the turn of Tamils to lead that expression of rights and not be the tail end of Political shows.  We have the right to say who the father is – whether it is  the Global community which includes the British or the Sinhalese majority which include the Rajapaksa regime that manifested far more political outcomes than it had the right to. Sri Lanka means different values to different investors. All genuine owners will naturally respect other owners.

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