Sunday 14 February 2016

DBS Jeyaraj

The Lion Roared on behalf of the Tiger  as well - both being Common Rulers of the Jungle ;
They both got Mother Energy – as Durka & Kali to keep them as vehicles ONLY
- Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
 14 February   2016
No Terrorism! No War Crimes
Jungle Law - for Sri Lanka
Sri Lankans are now facing the challenge of Local vs Global in terms of Terrorism and War Crimes. What do the laws of Natural Justice say in this regard? Would it be just for a soldier driven by commitment to her/his government through his politician of common faith and/or her/his job, be punished through global laws of which s/he has little or no knowledge? Law and Order in remote areas with very little access to Common Central facilities -  is maintained through local faith. If nothing more is available – it is the faith of the individual in her/his own-self. To the extent we believe in our Commonness we have the authority of Human Rights to judge and to punish. A judge – be s/he local or foreign – has the responsibility to limit her/himself,  to her/his investment in this Commonness. The validity test for laws used for judgment is this Commonness.

This morning I received communication from a Tamil Diaspora leader regarding the hypocrisy of  Sinhalese political leaders – described as follows:

‘A tremendous outcry is now being raised by interested parties that our war heroes should be protected. The bitter irony is that some of those at the forefront of this campaign were responsible then for the arrest and imprisonment of Sarath Fonseka ! Furthermore the army was utilized  to arrest the former army commander.’

As per my standards, once the General was punished by the Government – no officer below that rank could be punished by that government or any other external body – including the Judiciary – be it Sri Lankan or Foreign. Hence any judgment on the basis of Sri Lankan experiences needs to cease with the personalities at the top – above the level of the Army – which would be for  Policy weaknesses. Likewise, LTTE cadre cannot be punished  by anyone after LTTE Leader war punished jungle-style with the death penalty for his family and for its members. Any new action needs to be on merit basis – using current measures as any other citizen. The Terrorism label was buried with the death of the maker of LTTE. To judge someone for actions prior to that – and / or through the Terrorism label is to make business by using  Terrorism label. Likewise war-crimes protests.

Sri Lanka, which is Constitutionally bound by the Buddhist pathway – has the Responsibility to protect the path of Faith – however primitive it may seem to Western minds. On that basis the punishment must also be left to karma after the expiry of the current period. The current period is determined by the job / responsibility undertaken. In this instance it was to eliminate LTTE. To do so the Sri Lankan Government  needed to understand the law of the jungle to understand the thinking of the LTTE. The mind most suited for this was that of the Rajapaksa Group. It is easy for others to use the intellectual pathway – now that the LTTE threat is out of the way. 

The LTTE also used Jungle Law to elevate itself to power above those who invested in the intellectual pathway – through direct active contribution and/or through faith. They were entitled to do so when the Government was not accessible in their home-areas. If they were driven by local faith and thought that they deserved the   freedom to live away from mainstream they were harmless to other parts of society. To the extent they interfered with other parts – such as Muslims and Sinhalese or even the members of other nations – they themselves  became unjust. This turned them into the medium used by civilians who were unjust in their parallel areas of influence. The internal reasons started with when those carrying status through the educational pathway – used the LTTE through whom to take revenge for racial discrimination at the workplace – a common area available to majority to enforce their ways one way or the other.

Judgment and Punishment is therefore valid only when we separate each side into global, national and local – as per the faith of the person/s being judged. Under those circumstances – the UN needs to be first investigated for its role in this issue – starting with when LTTE was listed as Terrorist organization. Those who have invested in global standards are owed this outcome for their own purposes.

The rest who are local need to be again separated as per the knowledge of the other side of the commonly applicable laws and principles. On that basis – the Tamil Diaspora which supported the LTTE and the Sinhalese and Sinhalese  Diaspora  that influenced Politicians – need to be tried  by Sri Lankan judges. Those who followed their respective religious faiths – are untouchables – be it by the Lankan Government or the International Community.

This morning I explained to a young trainee – driven by her local cultural faith – the way she received an outcome would be different to the way I received it – due to our cultures being different and her not being able to commit herself into our workplace cultural norms. When I asked her for a Hindu example of her situation – she said ‘Rama had all the facilities of the palace and I do not have those!’ That is exactly what a Sri Lankan soldier from a village would say about Mr. Wickremesinghe with his Western flare or the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr.Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. I said to our trainee ‘But Rama went to the forest to confirm respect for his father’s word of honor! – you are living with your parents, criticizing them when you have less than others!’ The parallel of that to the soldier on either side of the Lankan war would be ‘I went to prison to uphold my earned status as an Australian through the non-violent pathway of Peaceful assembly’  The word of the law was thus honored by me but not by either side soldier who relied on her/his local pathway.

The snake does not harm us except when it considers us to be a threat to it. The Lion of the jungle does not attack the Tiger and v.v. but they both  up the tamer beings to satisfy their  hunger. If we separate as Sinhalese,  Tamil or Muslim – but stayed within our natural habitats – we would not harm others. But we would also ‘compete’ for the tamer citizens to satisfy our own appetites for  exercise of jungle power. The LTTE may have died in the last battle but the genuine amongst them,  together with citizens saved the Tamil community’s dignity through their deaths – which led to the war-crimes threat for the Lions. Now the have gone back to zero base in politics through the last parliamentary elections. This has been possible by all of us who naturally pooled our Energies as per our own Truth. When there are enough Sinhalese to match this at global level – they also would not need to fear. The other alternative is to embrace Tamil leadership through Truth known to the Sinhalese as Sri Lankan and not as Sinhalese Only.  The confirmation is when the same measure of local faith is used to measure the two side combatants. Where this is not possible – we must travel parallel to each other and merely observe ‘outside’ assessments – knowing they are foreign to us – even when they are known as Sri Lankan laws. That separation is the destination of racial isolation.

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