Wednesday 3 February 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 03 February   2016 

Brahma Emerging From The Navel of Vishnu with Lakshmi At His Feet
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Eliminating Inequality – through Hindu pathway
[Chief Prelate of the Malwatta Chapter Most Ven. Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Thera says instead of trying to bring amendments to the existing Constitution, the government should look to introduce a brand new Constitution by dispensing with the Executive Presidency.
The Thera also stated instead of attempting to formulate a Constitution in secrecy the government should seek the views of the people when drawing up a new Constitution.

The system of Democracy recognizes the rights of the Citizen and the Public Officer to be Equal. Given that the Public Officer by law has higher status relative to the Citizen – the Citizen is taken as right until proven otherwise. Likewise, the Customer. This Equal footing is the platform on which Democracy would work.

The Constitution is the Soul of the Legal & Administrative systems. If the Government does not already know the Belief of the People through elected representatives – then it disqualifies itself as Democratic Government. Seeking the views of the People – for political purposes needs to expressly exclude voters without demonstrated contribution to Law and Order – at individual and/or institutional level. Such voters are limited to votes to elect Government  and need to be excluded from direct participation through majority rule again and again.  

If majority opinion is the body, the source of  intellectual discrimination is the deeper brain. That deeper brain recognizes that Truth when manifested through a common measure / a still mind – divides Equally along that plane. Where the system of measure is Democracy – the lateral plane is used and the two halves are seen immediately and time is frozen. Where the system is Autocracy the vertical plane is used and place is frozen.

As per the above report:

[The Thera made these remarks when senior counsel Lal Wijenayake and a group of representatives called on the Chief Prelate at the Malwatta Temple yesterday (1). Wijenayake is the Chairman of the committee set up to seek public views on the formulation of a new Constitution.]

Given that no minority religious leadership’s Blessings  is reported to have been sought by the Senior Counsel Lal Wijenayake one concludes as per the deeper brain – that the system of Autocracy has been followed by this team.

The Law may or may not lead to the Truth. A law born out of the Truth of the person / place would naturally lead all those who believe in that person and/or place - to Peace. One believing in Lord Buddha would reach the destination of Nirvana – another name for Truth.

If we are true to ourselves we would know that the current Constitution is to uphold Buddhism as the foremost religion in Sri Lanka. This is best represented by the Presidential system and not by a flat democratic representation. This means also that non-Buddhists in Political environments would not think they are equal until proven otherwise. Merely stating that we are all equal – amounts to lip service. To state that the opinion of the Public must be obtained is to add insult to injury.

Where we need our past for our current operations – we an autocratic system – based on time – i.e. – the costs were paid in the past and the benefits are expected in the future. Where we do not need our past to be operational – we would naturally follow the system of Democracy. Computer  for example could be a trading stock or an asset. One who ‘shows’ it as an asset / heritage – should not try to sell it as ‘trading’ stock. To the extent we receive benefits on the basis of commitment to Democracy – we need to not use our past achievements to earn credits with donors/customers. If we do invoke the past – our mind order goes to the past and in Sri Lanka we could expect the turmoil of the past to be activated with such mind order – especially when the other side is also look for a fight to show its cleverness – as the LTTE did.

As per the above report the Buddhist Leader [also pointed out that if the electoral system is introduced then politicians will not be able to shirk their duties towards their respective electorates unlike at present when they are not so answerable towards the people in their electorates.
The Chief Prelate also stated that the public have shown much enthusiasm in giving their views to the committee mainly due to the shortcomings visible in the existing Constitution
I have shared my Truth as a Sri Lankan, towards a more democratic Constitution. Until there is Equal and Opposite manifestation from the Government it is wasted on the Government. But Truth is Universal and hence my contribution would travel beyond Sri Lankan borders to become global and/or remain in waiting – to be picked up by future generations. The current government is seriously lacking in wisdom in Equal Opportunity principles. I therefore conclude that the next Constitution by this team that has given preference to Buddhist blessings would continue to be vertical in its conduct and therefore a continuity of the immediate past government once the eyes of the global community’s wallet are turned elsewhere.
Tamils would be better off investing in Business Opportunities independent of the Government but ensuring that the laws as interpreted by them are followed. There is value in genuinely following the Common Principles and Laws. They open the doors to ownership as per our genuine investment in the laws at least to the extent of our knowledge in our current environments. If the return for the Tamil vote is expected to be handouts – then we would have repeats of the past. A clever worker would instead use the little raw material / policy s/he has and add fill the gap with current work. The best avenue I see towards this for the Jaffna man is Business basis. We are already practicing it here in Vaddukoddai.
As per Hindu depiction  – Brammah the Creator is from the naval of Lord Vishnu. This to my mind, means that Brammah gives biological form to the Soul.  If Sri Lanka as a whole is Vishnu – the Constitution is Brammah.  Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth  is at the feet of Lord Vishnu as well as in Vishnu’s chest. This to my mind means that by being humble to the Common pathway (the feet) – of the whole – we would earn to be in the heart of the whole.
With that belief – if we Tamils who have invested much in Equal Rights need to find the appropriate level at which we can function independent of  Government but within the pathway of the whole. This would be the Business pathway – including at Public institutions where the member of the Public is treated as an Equal to the serving Officer. Recently – at the Jaffna Kachcheri – when I went to register the power of attorney given in my name by my brother – the front office person ‘told’ me not to keep my papers on top of his files but to keep them on my lap. He then told me that given that I was not living in Sri Lanka that Power of Attorney was not valid. I informed him that that was not my understanding of the Law. I asked him to show me the rule in print. He then asked me to speak to the Assistant Registrar General. That lady said to me that as per the Power of Attorney I was ‘currently living in Australia as well as Sri Lanka’ and that could not be the case! I said ‘current’ covered a period and not just that minute. When I asked her to show me the law – she said to register it in Colombo!
This ‘telling’ happens more amongst the Judiciary in Australia than the Administration. I note this pattern in Sri Lanka too. One who treats the member of the Public as an Equal until known otherwise – is already a member of the system of Democracy. Others are continuing to use the remains of the old system.

This lesson is the parallel of the blessing by the Buddhist clergy – so the demon of inequality would lose at least a little power. 

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