Thursday 4 February 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 04 February   2016

Flag of British Ceylon, 1815–1948


Are we truly Independent?

Today Sri Lankans officially celebrate Independence from ‘foreign rule’, claimed to have been obtained after 133 years. The question that comes to mind is whether we are truly independent ? Independence is Independence. At the deeper Common level – it is independence from the past. On 03 February 2016  the Government reveals its mind as follows through article headed ‘Largest Buddha Statue in Abhaya Mudra to be unveiled on May 19:

[The largest Buddha statue in a standing posture planned in the Southern Province since the time of Sinhala Kings has been completed by a team of sculptors at the Wathuruwila Wanawasa Sangha Centre (Mulasthanaya). It is due to be unveiled by President Maithripala Sirisena shortly.
This Buddha statue carved on stone was first conceptualised by the founder of the Wanawasi Sect, Ven. Wathuruwila Sri Gnanananda Thera.

Following his demise in 1986, the onus of making this a reality devolved on the Viharadhipathi of the Wanawasa Sangha Centre, Ven. Mahakande Ratanapala Anunayake Thera of the Wanawasi Maha Nikaya.]

While the above may seem to be an act to preserve the Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka, to the real victims of war – it would seem like a Victory Celebration due to the choice of day for the opening - May 19 – the anniversary of the  day the Rajapaksa Regime claimed to have defeated Tamil Rebels through use of their armed forces. As per my discovery – all manifestations have causes at three levels:

1.      Surface level through brawn power
2.      Intellectual level through Common Mind
3.      Force of Truth as per the Lord’s Creation (for example those we call Acts of god)

Once we are truly Sovereign/Independent of the past and/or the present – we would identify with the pathway of Truth. Until then we need Relativity to live in harmony. Hence the use of Laws common to all in a particular environment.  Conscious Seeking of  Independence helps us to develop laws for our followers – conscious or otherwise. If our Destination is Truth – the pathway is that of  Natural Justice. Every person/group  reaching this Destination is naturally empowering the place and time of such work and sacrifice that went towards reaching this Destination. If such was through Sri Lanka – then today we celebrate those contributors also – even though they may not have been  born in Sri Lanka and / or be legally defined as Sri Lankans.

If we truly became independent 133 years ago – we would not have any mental disturbance over the 30 year war – nor would we keep activating it in a country where thousands continue to carry fears and anxiety of suppression by brawn power. Surface memory / copied information is part of brawn power. Hence plagiarism is a sin for any person who is part of a University. Without Research and Discovery of the connection between cause and effect – there is no valid claim to University status. If  Tamils as a community contributed to Sri Lanka becoming of age 133 years ago  -  and they did this as Tamils and not as Common Ceylonese – then their continued struggles against Takeovers through ‘Sinhala only’ and Generalization through blind application of  the Secular law – are confirmations of the contributions made in the past. When the current activation is beyond the investment made by a person/group in Independence – it brings the mind order close to Brawn power driven by surface memory.

When one or more  members of the victims’ group absorb the ‘mistakes’  by the Government – so there would be harmony in the environment – and stability in the development of  reliable structures that would represent our Truth, such member/s develop ‘intuitive’ powers of mothers. They quietly influence through the minds of those they have included as part of themselves to cure and to protect the whole. Such intuitive power also manifests ‘Acts of god’. As per my discovery God does not act except in human form. We draw on the power of Truth within, to which we add another human’s Truth through our own Truth. It is easier for genuine seekers to develop this Soul Connection with those who are biologically related to them. But that relationship must end within the physical borders and not taken beyond – if we are to combine forces with others to have the  Global experience of Independence.  

The recent arrest of the son of the immediate past President – Mr. Rajapaksa confirms the risks in such continuity beyond local family borders. LTTE leader also was guilty of such extension. They both carried the past as is – beyond their ‘use-by dates’ and hence the return karma through family pain when the system changed to lateral democracy.

The discovery about rebirth is that -  we do not remember the past – be it seen as good or bad  but we could work out the essence through our genes. Celebration of Buddhism on a day when the Tamil Community’s defenders of Freedom were seriously wounded and/or killed is confirmation that the Rajapaksa genes are being carried forward by those who claim to be Buddhists. They have picked up the left overs of those who rebelled / terrorized without deeper cause – in a new environment – centuries later. Buddha’s name is being used in vain to show off such ‘cleverness’ in the past.

When physical power is exercised to express one’s investment in independence – and is so done to prevent damages to that investment it is Rebellion. Without this deeper value – every action to suppress another is Terrorism. Once expressed they qualify for visible punishment.  Every thought of such suppression – suppressed to avoid punishment - deteriorates the thought order of the mind. When left unaddressed by the self and/or by someone who includes the person as part of her/himself – it becomes negative karma / genes – which are beyond the influence of current measures of merit.

Becoming independent of the Past also makes us independent of the future and helps us live in the present. Every moment we live in our Truth and Truth only – invokes the Sovereign / Soul power that all of us are born with. The place where we so discover the Truth is naturally empowered and is sacred. If majority Sri Lankans of current generation - seek to remember May 19 – it must be openly facilitated through relativity. Tamils who genuinely lost more than those who celebrate May 19 but quietly absorb the loss because they feel part of the whole and its structures for the next generation – would carry the intuitive power to work Sri Lanka – the real Sri Lanka which includes those who are not biologically or legally part of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan body is limited to the land. The Sri Lankan mind has the capacity to make the whole world Sri Lanka and v.v. Some of those minds are called British. But to the extent they realized independence from their past through Sri Lanka – there are no borders for them nor for those of us who recognize them as such. It is strongly possible therefore that there is a large doze of that in the arrest of the son of the former President. This may be needed to prevent ‘take-over’ of the whole through armed foreign powers living off  by their past status. Today’s arms is information – as used by Channel 4 of Britain. 

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