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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 06 February   2016

Global Power v Local Power
Much of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, is set in Sri Lanka. But the island has seen something of a modern epic in the past year or so, with the crashing fall from grace of the family which once appeared to run most aspects of life there. Once Mahinda Rajapaksa lost the presidency a year ago, his successor set about unravelling the network of power the Rajapaksas had built. In the latest examples, this week the former president's wife was questioned over corruption allegations, and one of their sons was arrested over suspected money-laundering, as the BBC's Charles Haviland reports.’

They say in Hinduism that the King slays (punishes) immediately but the Lord’s system waits and slays. To my mind, this means that where two cultures do not merge – the returns would come after natural separation of the two groups – each one being able to make the connection between cause and effect through their respective systems. If as per  Mr. Rajapaksa’s mind, when eliminating the LTTE, he was eliminating Terrorism – as defined by his People, and similarly – as per the LTTE – they were fighting to eliminate interference with Tamil freedom – then the it is likely that both would suffer Common pain around the same time. The two sides seem to be experiencing Common Pain as parents. 

As per the article [Sri Lanka opposition invoke curse with 'forbidden nuts'] – at :

Mr. Rajapaksa’s supporters have declared:

"We have no faith in the police or the courts and that is why we seek the help of the gods to get justice,"

This is the People’s parallel of the Vaddukoddai Resolution which was hijacked by the LTTE.

If therefore Mr. Rajapaksa also acted as per his own belief in Natural Justice – then he would accept the pain of a parent just as Tamil parents are accepting. As per the above report:

[The United People's Freedom Alliance dissidents who support former president Mahinda Rajapaksa had organised an event on Saturday to dash 100,000 coconuts to invoke a curse on the government.]

A curse on the Government would be a curse also on the members of Rajapaksa Government included in the current Government – to the extent this  government is enjoying the fruits of the work done by the Rajapaksa regime. Likewise, a curse on the current Government would extend to Mr. Rajapaksa also if he was instrumental  in bringing the current government to power. This is explained as follows in the article:

‘The ritual of cursing involves dashing coconuts as well as grinding chillies, black pepper corns and ginger.   The grinding should be carried out with guidance from a temple employee. A slight shift of the grinding angle could mean the curse will befall the person casting the curse and not the “cursed” target.’

As per this report: [Seenigama  temple is possibly the only place of Buddhist worship where devotees seek divine help to punish people who had harmed them or stolen their property.]

Such reactions are not based on Lord Buddha’s wisdom. To my mind, Lord Buddha would have done his duty and let Natural Justice do the rest.

Lower Natural forces are animal forces and they can combine with similar forces to manifest ugly outcomes. The educated mind uses Higher Common Laws/Theories  to work out the connection between Cause and Effect so all practitioners would become one-minded. Majority Sri Lankans did not use this pathway but were driven by majority power  mixed with gun power. Once  brought to the lower level – the animal takes over the mind to produce physical level outcomes to ‘see, show and tell’.

This does not mean that the animal is unjust. Each species has its own characteristics. So long as it stays within its natural habitat – a species would not harm another unjustly. Hence the demarcations of Sovereignty. Once external assistance was had in eliminating the LTTE – the official  Habitat of Sri Lankans became the Globe and not just Sri Lanka. The battle now is between those global powers that possess that external power and are asking for their share of victory and the local representatives elected by the People. Those driven by the physical / majority power – would keep changing  the form of their expectations. Hence the expectation as per the Rajapaksa Government was expressed as elimination of  Terrorism. The expectation as per the current Sirisena Government is to ‘show’ elimination of  the Rajapaksa Government representing breaches of global laws. If Mr. Rajapaksa had not separated representatives of these global powers from the war zone – both LTTE as well as Rajapaksa Government would have continued to be in power.

The grave risk in Democracy is the intrinsic nature of majority power which is animal power when it is not rooted to Common Faith. It is the Common Faith that gives form to higher laws that would work for two or more relatives. Yesterday, a young local guy in Vaddukoddai – sought our blessings to successfully manage a public event. When we bless we bless our own investment in a junior. Likewise, when the junior seeks of her/his own free will – our blessings as seniors – s/he is blessing her/his investment as a senior. Hence Lord Krishna says through Bhagawath Geetha – that He is the Killer and that He is the one being killed.

The investment made by Sri Lankans in the system of Democracy through global laws is new, relative to their investment in their respective religions. When Tamils seek through their own religions – their inner Truth – that would free them from dependence on others – including to blame when something goes wrong. The more we ‘own’, the deeper we look within for solutions. That is real Independence. Once we seek and find our Truth as per the pathways in which we invested – outsiders are naturally separated from us – be it the Sinhalese or the Americans. Hence we need the acceptance that we killed and we got killed.  As a community we have enough strength to escalate the problem to the higher level – and we will become independent so long as we are free of majority power, weapons power and idle-welfare power. 

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