Sunday 30 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30Aug  2015

Majority Numbers & Minority Energy to confirm Sovereignty

It was indeed such a relief to learn this morning that TNA is claiming its duly earned position as the Leader of the Opposition. As per today’s news:
[The TNA statement said that both President Maithripala Sirisena and the Government had gone public “in a commitment to treat the Tamil people as equal citizens of this country.” It added, “However, a reluctance to recognise the democratically elected representatives of the Tamil people of the North and East as the main opposition party when such is clearly the case can only be reflective of an unwillingness to honour this commitment….”]
Whether TNA Leadership read my emails or not – the common mind-order is good to identify with. Eligibility  to lead at physical level through majority, is raised to the Administrative level through the law that says that the Opposition has Equal status as the Government. The rule is that one cannot be on both sides at the same time. That really is Commonsense which seems to be getting weaker and weaker in Sri Lankan Politicians.
How can 60 be Equal to 16 asked a Canadian Tamil? It cannot be at the physical level only. At Grade 1 level – one is marked only as per performance at that time in that test. But as we get educated more and more – we are assessed as per our cumulative performance – until some of us get to philosophical level and claim PhD qualification. That higher elevation is possible only when we carry our past achievements as motivating force in our mind and this is confirmed through higher status compared to one who counts at physical level only. At the highest level – there is only identity with the whole and this is what Self-Governance is about.
Here in Australia I was marked down by Central Administrators of the University of NSW – for having philosophical differences with Australian qualified Accountants! If true – then at least one side – myself or the other – had to be a PhD and the other a fake. At philosophical level we cannot have differences. We integrate naturally at that level through our Truth. Truth being absolute – we do not relate but are self-sufficient – as in self-governance.
When we copy and do not get caught – we start thinking that that is the right pathway and others who research and find theories – are wasting their time! So they downgrade the real Philosophers by telling them what to do. Then when members of minority communities,  like Man Haron Monis of Australia and Bryce Williams of USA kill  - taking an eye for an eye – we give surface reasons – such as bail laws and  gun laws to satisfy the masses. There are no PhD’s truly researching and finding the Truth about why they resorted to such violence. They just did not feel that they belonged. The law says they are Equal but their mind said they were not treated as equals.  Minorities who downsize themselves to the status allocated by those in power through Law and/or through numbers – would identify with the other side – and merge. But this requires sacrifice of earned benefits – leave alone ‘expected-benefits’.
Truth when manifested at the physical level has two Equal & Opposite sides. To measure and know the values we have to have no time based differences. Hence to have half the view we have to stand parallel to the vertical plane on which the physical is assembled. Where we have two persons to measure – Time is frozen.  That is voting. To measure the whole we need equal numbers on both sides. Hence if a Parliament is a true representation of the whole – it must have equal numbers on both sides. When they come together they represent the whole.

In Democracy, majority forms government and how does one find the Equal other half to represent the whole? We use laws to elevate the value of the second group through status – which is the beginning of Administration. Where the minority number side does higher level work and/or makes deeper sacrifices, to bring  the laws and the law-makers and practitioners into themselves to fill the gap – in numbers – they do become Equal or greater in value. It’s like Force being equal to mass times acceleration. Those who believe in Newton would accept that there is an equal and opposite to every force. We cannot see it. But by sacrificing our status and bowing our heads to Newton – we bring Newton’s mind-order into us and then when we use it – we realize the Truth of it through experience. Likewise with any law – including Laws of Equal Opportunity. The higher practitioner of Law should not be told by the lower practitioner directly – but needs to submit from lower position. To merge to become Sovereign as a whole – a mere politician therefore must bow her/his head to an Administrator however much smaller the community of that Administrator may be compared to that of the Politician. Numbers need to be weighted by true status earned to know the value. The current election outcomes in Sri Lanka – have confirmed this Equality of Tamil Community with that of the Majority race. Without showing  this in its structure – the Sri Lankan Parliament is not entitled to be called a Democratic Parliament.

In Democracy, one who sees and declares the value from one side is not entitled to do so from the other side also. To do so is to claim that one was entitled to bat as well as bowl at the same time.

In terms of Sri Lanka, given that the Sri Lankan Government failed to apply the law in terms of rebels – but used majority force to eliminate them -  Tamils as a Community are now seen to be even more of a minority – due to the status reduction. The status we are allocated is the confirmation that we have made greater contribution than another to elevate the physical value to higher level – to cover more persons than are physically known to us. Our emotions are invoked through our physical observations and contacts. To raise them to intellectual level, we need to prevent expressing them at the emotional  level and raise them through common measure to higher level so the brain can discriminate and know right from wrong. This would then serve and support also others physically away from us.

Under the subjective system – when we bring our seniors into us – we get their mind order and hence we operate as One. The junior does not need to calculate rights and wrongs nor present the completed service to outsiders. But where the seniors’ mind order when worn by the believing junior does not lead to such Union – we need democracy with Equal Status to both sides. Like in immigration – we do not calculate but allocate them as Equal with zero advantage at the starting point. Towards this  the two are pooled and the whole is divided through the middle to represent the whole. Then there is level playing field to measure current performance on merit basis.

Many religions – including Hindu religion through Shiva-Shakthi formation confirm this philosophy. At family level – under the traditional system – man’s status was elevated to the higher level on the basis of  man needing to think he was stronger to go out and bring provisions for the whole family. In physical numbers man and woman are counted as equals. In terms of status – a wife is a combination of mother and daughter and a husband is a combination of father and son. When the two positions are equally taken by both sides – husband and wife are equal and are seen to be so. Hence the Shiva-Shakthi formation and the yin and yang formations in Chinese philosophy. Until we find this Equality – we are yet to discover our Sovereignty.

In Governance – a Sovereign Nation would reflect this Equality in Structure through the formation – by using Administration/Law to fill the apparent gap. Force is not seen but at elevated level it exists. Shakthi / Energy is not seen but Shiva/Consciousness cannot function without Shakthi.  Members of Parliament elected through Belief – represent Consciousness. They cannot function without the Energy of the less visible but equally powerful minority – even if it were minority of One. Truth is absolute and even if One member of minority community  identifies with the Parliament – that minority side would work the Parliament. They would have Divine Blessings towards this. It is the natural duty of Nature to support those who support Nature. This Energy which naturally connects self-governors becomes motivating Force is not seen or known but is identified with through Experience. As sung by a Hindu elder – every day which passes without me identifying with this Sovereignty within – is a day not lived.  

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