Wednesday 26 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 26 Aug  2015

Tamils Have Earned Opposition Leadership

We don’t hear enough voices for  independent Tamils being heard at the Political Leadership level. The voters have done their duty – either by calculating and voting for their share in National Governance or by voting through belief. Most of us voted through Belief. I shared my earned independence through such belief. My vote would have motivated all those who are independent and believe they are Tamils and/or Sri Lankans. Hence I would find some of my returns through election outcomes and the rest as Administrative Opportunities possibly at global level.

Most of us do not know enough about the Political pathway. Many Politicians do not themselves know. A Sinhalese would not know much about the Tamil Political pathway and v.v. – the same way a Muslim would not know the Christian pathway and v.v. But those who are active in politics must know what to expect from their own group’s pathway. As per my observations not many Tamils seem inclined to take the Political Leadership that is already Established and is waiting  to be taken. It has happened through genuine voters of all ethnities who are independent in their own local areas/groups. Those of us who are part of the Diaspora – voted through such independents  and through others who are humble with us – as many Vaddukoddai folks are with me. The former is the Objective pathway and the latter the Subjective pathway.

The Objective pathway where the Independent even if just a Homemaker would invoke the powers of all Independents when there is a need in the environment in which s/he feels ownership – is a reliable pathway for investors of global standards. It’s like the stock-market but will be reliable only if one is eligible to play the global game. When we pray to Divine Powers we invoke the Universal Power. We may invoke through different pathways but where belief is genuine – we support each other – even by being on the other side. Tamils who have written off Sinhalese and v.v. are not true believers in this power. Neither have they become independent through pathways outside politics – for example Public Administration, Family, Job, Business. Those who take the more sensational route – miss out on Beautiful Belief.

I believe in Belief. I therefore recognize that the Political Leadership that has evolved through Common Government by the Sinhalese Political Parties during Presidential as well as Parliamentary elections is confirmation that their beliefs are of One form. It confirms that they are not eligible to Oppose each other to show the ‘other side’ of Policy manifestations then and there. They chose to be one side before the  elections. If they change sides for the purpose of becoming Opposition then they are fooling the voters and worse - they are confirming Disorder in Administration.

The signs are showing already. According to Asian Mirror:

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that former Minister Kumara Welgama is a good candidate for the post of opposition leader.
 Speaking to local media, Rajapaksa said that many elected SLFP MPs agree that Welgama is a good candidate for the post.
 Rajapaksa added that he has no intention of becoming the opposition leader.
 He also maintained that it was easy to do politics with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe since he did not take revenge.

The highly destructive nature of someone attached to authority of a position without having earned it – is demonstrated by former President. Commonsense would confirm to most Administrators of reasonable standards that one cannot be right and wrong at the same time using the One measure. At the Political level – Rights and wrongs are represented by Government and Opposition. How could one party therefore be both in Government as well as in Opposition? President and Prime Minister by failing to confirm that as per the Law – TNA is the Leading  Opposition. I am surprised that Mr. Sampathan is failing to do his duty here.  Taking the position of Leader of the Opposition is his DUTY.

On 10 April 2015Mr. Sampanthan wrote to the Parliament through the then Speaker:

After the conclusion of the Presidential election in January 2015 the Leader of the UNP has become the Prime Minister and a number of  members of parliament of the UNP are Cabinet Ministers constituting the government. The Leader of the UPFA is the President and a member of the Cabinet ( in fact the head of  the Cabinet) and a number of UPFA members of parliament( in excess of 26) are Ministers some of them in the Cabinet, therefore the Government today is composed of both the UPFA and the UNP, disentitling both of those parties from occupying the seat of the Leader of the Opposition. No member of parliament elected from the UPFA or UNP can be the Leader of the Opposition. This clearly is the legal position as well as one that accords with parliamentary tradition, both of our country and the Commonwealth. the resultant position is that it is the ITAK that is entitled to the post of the Leader of the Opposition, having 14 members of parliament. The DNA has 7 members one of whom is also a Cabinet Minister now.
We consider it necessary to  write this to you in view of the views expressed by  you on Wednesday the 8th of April 2015.’

There is no question of who becomes Leader of Opposition. It is legally the position of  Tamil National Alliance.  Any other MP getting it would be in breach of the Law.

I am surprised that Prime Minister Mr. Wickremesinghe who is also a qualified legal advocate is failing to do the right thing as per the law and facilitate this earned Position of a Tamil leader to be confirmed. Failure to uphold this true outcome would confirm Mr. Wickremesinghe’s weakness in Administration also. We then get more of the same as has already started happening through the above suggestion by Mr. Rajapaksa who also brings shame to his profession. A profession is only as good as its members and the values its members believe in.

Well, true justice never fails. If TNA is not confirmed to have EARNED the Opposition Leadership – then Tamils must look more actively towards Global Administrative actions through the UN.

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