Friday 28 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 28 Aug  2015
Premier of Ontario at Canada Kandasamy (Murugan) Temple 

Lord Muruga Blesses America

It is quite common these days for us to see Politicians visiting Temples of various faiths. Yesterday, I  prayed  to Nallur Murugan of Jaffna Sri Lanka, through the internet. Yesterday was the 9th day of Nallur  festival. Nallur is very significant to me and Nallur Murugan is in my heart. The feeling invokes higher consciousness during festival time. Yesterday, I was also looking for an appropriate day for our students of the School of Human Values in Thunaivi – in Northern Sri Lanka to visit and was checking for the day of Mango Festival – the Mango competition being the time Minority Power was established as Equal power to the Parent – by the second son in the Hindu Holy Family. The students of the above school are preparing for a competition through an article as to  whether as per their assessment - they are Ganesh or Murugan to their parents. This would help rebel peacefully in democracy by the physically active and not practice reverse discrimination against intellectuals.  Hence I was looking for the day of the Mango Festival. A brief excerpt from my book to confirm the significance:

Muruga and His elder brother Ganesh were offered a special mango as prize if they came first in the race to go  around the world. Muruga who travels on the Peacock – flew around the world and observed with His six faces – to claim the prize mango.  In the meantime, Ganesh the elder of the two – went around His parents – claiming they were His world.  Muruga got upset and hence His renunciation. As per the Legend, Muruga  stood on Palani Hill in South India – from where He has aerial / 360 degree view. Hence my belief that Muruga represents  the Power of Democracy.” JAFFNA TAMIL HERITAGE      –       NALLUR MURUGAN – Chapter 13 - Naan Australian

I was therefore happy to note that the Hon Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of  Ontario – not only visited the Canada Kandasamy Temple but participated in the religious ceremonies. Likewise her team. I noted similarly that Sri Lankan Premier the Hon Ranil Wicremesinghe also visiting Ponnambala Vaneswarar Hindu Temple in Colombo. They may or may not believe but they respect other faiths as equals.

Yet, a Canadian Tamil wrote to me on the subject matter of ‘ Tamils Have Earned Opposition Leadership’:

‘Your writings are replete with catchy phrases like objective pathway and subjective pathway, Divine Powers and Universal Power.
It looks though you are a hotchpotch, mixing religion, politics, philosophy etc. Gaja Param, you should know only a section of the UPFA/SLFP has joined the national government.
About 60 MPs have decided not to join the government but remain in the opposition.
In that situation, surely one of the 60 MPs must be appointed to the post of Opposition Leader.
For Sampanthan with 16 MPs to function as Opposition Leader is extremely ridiculous.
The situation at the time Sampanthan wrote the letter is different from the situation now.’

My response to the above was:
My work may seem hotchpotch to you. But your interpretation of the law certainly is miserable to my mind. Opposition Leadership is on the same basis of eligibility to form government. Party as a whole is taken and  the Government Party cannot be split. They have formed a coalition and they have to honor that. That’s the philosophical  picture as well as the legal picture which  has been confirmed by Mr. Sampathan. You seem to dispute that also???????????’

I doubt that many Tamils consciously know why Lord Muruga is known as the Lord of Kali Yuga – the current era. But those who pray with faith and/or believe through experience – have little difficulty going Global through Democracy.  Such will respect  Democracy in Public Administration as well as Politics. Similarly – Leaders who believe in Democracy would be comfortable with believers in Lord Muruga and both groups would comfortably use each other’s work values by paying the due price. Once in the other’s area/structure – they need to demonstrate respect. Then in common area – where they disagree – they would respectfully disagree and demonstrate respect as equals.

It is therefore important for Tamils to get educated about democratic practices in Administration – now that the Sri Lankan Government has announced that it is moving towards Zero Base Budgeting system from 2016 onwards. My expertise in this was developed through Australian Public Service based on my private sector experience.  As written yesterday  to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Australia ‘As per my Australian experience, I expect the Sri Lankan Government to face stronger resistance to the changeover, than we face/d in Australia.’

As per my assessment in Northern Sri Lanka – Tamil Administrators need much training to move towards Zero Base Budgeting and this could result in Tamils not being able to take their win at the elections beyond that point. This inability – as demonstrated by the above Canadian Tamil could result in them boycotting parliament instead of taking their Equal position. I get emails of congratulatory messages to the TNA being forwarded to me but I am still waiting for TNA to claim its due place as EQUAL Opposition Leader. Whether they are facilitated to do this or not by the Subjects in power  is another matter. If they respect the Law above Politics, they would show that here and now.

But those who have to ‘see’ to believe – will keep looking for political majority by looking to others – starting with Indians. If TNA claims its position and files legal action, if another is given that position – then that would be the promise to everyone that TNA would work for Sri Lanka first and try its best to complete the experience within Sri Lanka. Otherwise Sri Lanka would continue to be led by subjective power and therefore majority votes and not by Reliable Administration independent of Politicians.

As per Colombo Gazzette : ‘Mr Tom Malinowski, US Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor is reported to have stated that when the report on Sri Lanka by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is released, the Government must not be defensive and that that the US will judge the new Sri Lankan Government, not by its promises but by its actions and achievements.

And in response to the question : ‘International probe on human rights violations is expected to be in favor of Tamil people.  What is your opinion on this?  In terms of the human rights violations that have occurred [inaudible] what is your stand?’ – Mr. Malinowski is reported to have stated:

‘The important thing is that there be a judicial process that is credible to the people of Sri Lanka and to the international community.  For that process to be credible, I don’t think it has to be a completely international process, but it does have to be independent of political leadership.  It has to be led by people who are trusted by the minority communities and it should have some degree of international involvement, even if it is a domestic process organized under the laws of Sri Lanka.’

Now, if  TNA lawyers fail to make their claim of Equal Opposition as established by Law – then they will continue to live in the past and isolate themselves. If that is the way they choose to lead – then their followers would be unfit for Democratic Administration which is more important to minorities than to majority.

Now in response to the question as to how equality is brought about where a section of one party has more numbers than TNA ? According to Wikipedia accessible to the Common Sri Lankan:
The Leader of the Opposition in the Sri Lanka is the politician who leads main opposition. This is the leader of the largest party not within the government, usually the leader of the second largest party in the Parliament. The post of Leader of the Opposition is a political office common in countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

If UPFA seeks Opposition Leadership then not even one of its members must be seen to be in Government. The other alternative is for those members to cross over to UNP and known as UNP before taking oath. This would still confirm that they fooled the public but structurally it would be correct.

One who seeks looking for majority support would stagnate at Political level. The problem in Sri Lanka has been this stagnation. Now even Tamil Politicians seem to have acquired this disease and as per Global Principles we are as guilty as the Government of Sri Lanka.

To be really Equal in position at the physical count – one needs to have exact numbers – as in a game of cricket which to be valid is judged entirely on merit basis starting with ZERO advantage in terms of number of participants. Who bats or bowls first (time advantage) is known through the toss. In Politics – at voting level – Time is frozen by no Parliamentary activity during elections – and the votes are cast at the one time. Majority leading Government is the parallel of the toss. The person with stronger Administrative skills but minority numbers will choose to Lead the Opposition (to bowl first) – so they can score points by defeating the Government through the Administrative and Legal processes. Those who are politically driven would tend to become complacent once they are in governance without equals on the other side. God’s creation is such that – when we have less but our aim is high –we would work more. If TNA is not ready to take on that position – all our efforts to go global are wasted at the Parliamentary level.

Tamil Hindu  Heritage of Global Democracy is through Lord Muruga with His six faces. Five faces represent our five senses and the center - our surface memory. When making our decisions – we use the inputs through these five senses which is combined with our existing common memory of the past lesson.  If in Sri Lanka – we had only five political electorates and a sixth (say Colombo) carrying common knowledge of the past that would be the Federal capital – as Canberra is in Australia. With that as the base – if the elections showed a result of  3,2 and 1 – the eyes, ears and smell saying one thing and two others another and the last one something else  – then the first group leads the FORM of the decision. The second and third groups facilitate the ‘other’ side to make it complete structure. The second group leads that Opposition. At the physical level – every manifestation has equal other side as in a flat coin.

Since in Sri Lanka,  the first two groups have joined forces – the right to represent the Equal  other side belongs to the third one even if as Gandhi said  if you were a minority of One. The Truth is the Truth even if no one manifested it or recognized it. It manifests Itself to support the genuinely needy – in this instance the Sri Lankan civilians who suffered due to the war and the subjective powers that were taken by the winners on both sides.

When we eat – we send our pleasures and displeasures/pain  of that activity through our tongue, nose, hands to the brain. The eyes that see the food also send their own message. They are all different in looks but Equal in power. To this is added hearsay talk about that particular food or anything you hear during eating time. The mother who cooked has the value in her surface brain through her work of cooking. This may be zero for those who do not cook and/or those who do not have knowledge of the work that went into the final product. Such that is the sixth avenue. The value of the message that goes to the brain is the net of these inputs. The rest is not wasted  if they also did the work. But they may not have been active at that time. As per the system of Nature – we do not remember which particular organ gave us that decision/ memory. The ones that combined to make the decision are the governing organs and the rest are pooled as the Opposition – representing the Governed – with the one that dominated being the Leading Opposition. This is often the memory of the worker / mother with lesser voice.

Once the decision that the food was good or bad – nice or bitter – goes to the brain – it is time for Administration – on the basis of Health and no longer taste. Those who fail to so Administer – are limited to the physical and often are unable to enjoy long term satisfaction through food or other physical enjoyment. The mother who cooks without getting the winning prize – enjoys better health – because the moment our costs are higher than our benefits – we are service providers and when our contributions are beyond our official positions – we are independent of the structures and yet with the power to work the structures through that ownership power. A homemaker who stays at home without going to temple and develops this belief through every chore – works the family even though the money and status of others in the family may be far more visible and exiting. Thus the power of the believer is absolute. It is the Eternity promised in all religions.

In terms of  National Governance – a Politician in Parliament may be exiting to be associated with but the dull-looking  citizen who BELIEVES – will work the system through other believers in the system. This is often not visible but one feels inside.

Truth being absolute – it would form two Equal parts when manifested naturally at the physical level. Our laws take into consideration this law of Nature and hence in democracy this is facilitated through Equal Opposition at the beginning of the Administration and in autocracy – it is known through time by freezing the position to particular subject/s. Equality is that seen through time in the Subjective system.

 We use both in various combinations and that is fine so long as we do not do so to draw more than our benefits and/or to not pay our costs. The best system for a group is as per its own realized Truth. India due to its rich  human resources and deep believers in Divinity – can afford the Subjective system. Australia through its lesser human resources but higher per capita money resource – better suits Democracy. Sri Lanka as it is now,  better suits the subjective path which could be utilized better through devolution. But then Tamils need to not claim Equal recognition outside their devolved area. Tamils have Equal Rights at National level – ONLY IF they are ready for Democracy in ADMINISTRATION. This leadership position is the test to Tamil Confidence to go Democratic and be self-sufficient as Sri Lankan Tamils.

I believe that it is no coincidence that Mr Tom Malinowski, US Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor made this declaration in Sri Lanka during Nallur Murugan Festival when the powers that work  Democratic systems are most active in Northern Sri Lanka. God Bless America for its Democracy which is a treasure that would empower all democratic Sri Lankans who would also be believers of Murugan Philosophy of which Nallur in North and Kathirgamam in South are strong forms for Sri Lankan Tamils. We Northern Tamils do not see Kathirgama Murugan as often as we see Nallur Murugan. But when we believe we feel the same. Likewise Government and Opposition are both Political groups that give form to One Public Administration. Once in Governance there is no distinction and there is no need for Reconciliation. 

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