Monday 30 March 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30  March  2015
Temple in the heart

Natural Justice in Indonesia

I was waiting all day – feeling out of sorts – knowing that the Appeal  against the ruling by the Indonesian President in the case of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran was due to be heard again today. Just a little while ago I read the news that the expert had given evidence.  According to the Australian ‘Mr. Otong Rosadi of Ekasakti University on Monday gave his opinion in support of the challenge. The law expert said in his opinion, all "products of the law" can be reviewed, even clemency, which he argued was not purely a matter of presidential prerogative.’

I identified very much with this. To my lay mind, the President’s ruling was still part of the Legal Process and not beyond the legal process. If it is to be beyond the legal process – one needs to be like god – impartial and beyond calculations. Under those circumstances – Judge needs a still mind – which holds  the decision that the person being punished cannot be cured by humans. I blessed the above Indonesian law expert who has contributed to Indonesia saving itself from committing a sin. A wrong becomes a sin when it is not corrected within reasonable time even when facilitated to do so. Indonesia needs to get this right for itself.

To my mind laws help us develop common faith. The path of Truth / Karma – is the highest law of all.  One needs to take a matter step by step to the highest legal level possible within one’s means and then leave it to the system of Natural Justice. If one is genuine in this process that person will identify with the outcome that ‘happens’. Every one of us who identifies with one side or the other – add our own Energies to the experience by others concerned. In the process the visible outcomes truly become secondary to that sharing of experience – as if we are part of each other.

I felt with those who were grateful to Singapore’s first Prime Minister the Hon Lee Kuan Yew and wrote as follows in relation to Tamil being National language in Singapore as well as Sri Lanka:
Sinhalese demanding that the National Anthem be sung only in Sinhalese are disrespectful of the Constitution. Tamils failing to recognize their Equal status are doing likewise. Neither group in the Diaspora would have facilitated their folks back in  Sri Lanka’s villages to feel economic self-sufficiency. It is far healthier for countries like Australia to have economic migrants with close family ties in the villages of Sri Lanka – than to have war-affected migrants who have forgotten their families back in the villages.’

A member of the Tamil Diaspora responded by stating that  ‘none of the Tamil people in London—would  go back to Ceylon / Sri Lanka to retire or live.
The above response is similar to that of the Indonesian President’s ruling. It is not based on law nor on Truth. It is therefore damaging to the group that considers this person to be a leader. One could state that one did not feel like going. But if it is true that none of the UK Tamil Diaspora would go to Sri Lanka to live – then they have no right to represent Resident Sri Lankans and argue on their behalf. They become observers. My response was as follows:

Each one as per their own experience. To the extent we care – the feelings will generate progressive energy in those living in Sri Lanka and in whose name we are continuing to fight to confirm our right to self-govern. Those who care deeply would develop in their hearts – like Poosalar Nayanar’

Saint Poosalar Nayanar built a temple in his heart – at the same time the king was building the visible temple. The Lord appeared to the king and said that He would first be at the shrine by Saint Poosalar Nayanar before appearing at the king’s temple. Likewise – the real Power that would cure Indonesia of its drug problems – would happen through hearts that forgive and include – like that of Mr. Otong Rosadi of Ekasakti University’.  In Tamil Eka Sakti means One Energy.

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