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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 20 March  2015
Australian Tamil Management Service in
Vaddukoddai - Sri Lanka
Toddy Tappers of

Born with the Rights of the Land

As per  most recent news – some Liberal Politicians are reported to have stated that they were tired of hearing about Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran – the Bali 9 leaders. Amongst us – circle of Mothers – we continue to feel and include the statements of fathers – that since they have reformed – and been punished by time in prison – and have asked for pardon – they were entitled to be pardoned. I believe that David Hicks was repatriated to Australia due to Natural Forces of Australians – starting with his father – Terry Hicks. Our Natural Rights are determined by our Relationships.  Birth is one way of determining what they are. Thereafter it is Truth as discovered by us. Given that Andrew and Myuran are migrants – and Asian looking – they may not receive as much natural support from members of  majority race in Australia – as David Hicks did. In fact – Justice Tamberline who was required to be  Common Judge in   David Hicks case  and in my complaint against the Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales – around the same time -  was not Common at all. That feeling of Natural support was missing when Justice Tamberline ruled in my matter. Whilst other Judges like Justice Moore and Justice Gyles even though they dismissed the complaint through Racial Discrimination Act 1975 – acknowledged my contribution to the Judicial Process – Justice Tamberline punished me by ordering bond for costs as a precondition for the matter to go to trial. This was because I was ‘alien’ to the Judge. This means also – that that Judge needed to stick to objectively measurable evidence before him and strictly refrain from using discretionary powers. Discretionary powers are god-powers and one must first prepare one’s mind to be Divine – before using such powers. Clemency powers are Discretionary powers and hence when used on ‘foreigners’ the user needs to be Universal minded – and the thought order needs to be - that the whole world is his family. To my mind, that is the bigger issue in Andrew’s and Myuran’s matter.

Today like the above Liberal MPs – a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora wrote to me in response to my article ‘Who Owns the National Anthem?’:

Responder: ‘……As long as we do not break the law it is up to us to sing the National Anthem even in Spanish ………….Please be topic specific. You seem to bring Thesawalami law into everything. It is not the be all and end all. It is some personal experience to you in your particular case. What has it got to do with singing National anthem in Tamil.’

My response was:

Gaja: I ask you to please go back to your own explanation about Rights:

[As long as we do not break the law it is up to us to sing the National Anthem even in Spanish]

As far as Customary Rights are concerned - the applicable law in Jaffna is Theswalamai. In many instances this is different in form to Kandyan Law. If we leave this diversity out – our claim of self governance would not be supported   by  our Judicial system which was accepted by Colonial rulers. A Right does not become active by its mere existence.  It is our Truth/Independent Practice – that gives it Life.

Unless I feel personal about the National Anthem – I would not write about it. I believe Thesawalamai came to me because I  contributed to Thesawalamai despite deep difficulties – especially in terms of Inequality. I did not do so consciously. In fact it was just the name of a system for me until this need happened. Then I had to study the law of Thesawalamai.  When I did – I was so very taken up by the height of thought that had gone into its construction. It was like going back into those times to have the virtual experience. It is that SAME mind – that interprets for national and global purposes – as I did when I  was deeply hurt at the University of New South Wales. Then Racial Discrimination Law came to my rescue – to judge myself for my sake. They are both Equally beautiful as they are complex. To the extent I have EXPERIENCED the law itself by practicing it independent of the benefits it would bring – I do so on behalf of ALL users of the law. It is therefore not particular ONLY to myself. When for effects only – then it is particular only to that person/group.   This was the distinction I was making through that case law – ruled again through Kathiravelayutha Swami temple matter. To me  - Lord Muruga was preparing me for the larger matter through the family matter. Truth from which Natural Rights are derived – IS universal – however small the vessel/matter  containing that Truth may be. Only a true believer  in Sri Lanka - has the right to sing Sri Lankan National Anthem in Spanish.

We all have Natural Powers as per our Birth which is taken as defined by God – and as per our own Truth thereafter.  These Rights stand independent of recognition by others. Often we ourselves do not recognize these Rights. But when we do – we appreciate the Universality of such Powers. They should not be interfered with by human laws. Equal Opportunity Laws prevent interference of  majority powers from minorities accessing their own Natural Powers through Belief. Hence migrants are entitled to be protected by such principles towards enrichment of the whole.

Powers of a true Mother would naturally invoke the powers of other true mothers – including Mothers in Australian Political groups and all those mothers before our times and beyond our environments. Likewise the powers of our ancestors by birth are powers that we are naturally entitled to. As a migrant – it took me a while to develop belief in Australian ancestors – including Aborigines but not limited to them. Aborigines who live close to the Land are more conscious of such Natural Rights than are migrants.  This is so  due to being born Aboriginal. Likewise Sinhalese in South and Tamils & Muslims in North and East of Sri Lanka. Whoever recognizes such ‘Natural Rights’ is supported by Divine Powers. As individuals the powers of the ancestors who lived and died in a place – is the source of Natural Rights of every person born at that place provided that right is exercised at that place. By law this person could be Spanish. But through Natural Rights – that person is ‘born with ancestral rights of that Land’. One who lives in that consciousness is always supported by those powers. Relative to the British – Australians have the greater  opportunity of going global by recognizing the rights of Aborigines – the Oldest Traditional Minds of this land. Likewise Aborigines who recognize Equal Rights of all those who are born on this land and all those who develop belief in ancestors – all ancestors – whether they be Black or White – Chinese, Tamil or Indonesian. 

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