Friday 21 October 2022


21 October 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



I was asked for my evaluation on Drug related problems in Jaffna. A family member shared with me a posting on this. I later found it on the Facebook page of my friend Sam Hensman. Below is the posting (P) and my response(R ):

P:  Trust me when I returned in April facing local elections here(only a paper candidate for North Harrow) I could not step into a single house to campaign.. Maybe I have been too sensitive...

Jaffna Today!

Drug Abuse/Addiction in Jaffna, Is it a real concern???


During March this year I happened to visit Jaffna. Unlike other times I didn't have my family with me so able to wonder around a bit more than usual..

While staying there, attended a birthday gathering and came across a young woman, who was innocent looking and beautiful 25 year old an ideal person to be my daughter in Law.

(R ):This means he was ‘recruiting on skin looks. Not on belief.


P:Soon come to know her family background, she was only child for the parents

Studied at a prestigious girls school in Jaffna and a university student.


(R ):She represents all these institutions as they are in her generation.


P: She approached me for some financial help and claimed to be suicidal with 2 failed attempts!

(R ):If she was truly suicidal and if this visitor was genuine, he would have spoken to cure her or facilitated for her to seek medical help


P:I was rather shocked and

gave her some of money towards her education/career.


(R ):This is a lie. The ‘giver’ had the desire to think he was a big man


P:Later I received calls from her friend too asking for financial help..strangely offering some personal services in return..

That's when I started my small detective work.

Soon I discovered they both addicted to class A drugs although both girls come from very good family backgrounds. My discovery was extremely shocking to me as something I never dreamed would happen to Jaffna girls ..


(R ):I do not know what class A drugs are. This person must have known through direct use or indirect benefit – for example from publicity


P: Later I offered them substantial amount of money provided they come out of their deadly habit and give me full information about who was behind all these and how they got involved..


(R ):This indicates that his real purpose was to find fault and not to ‘help’.


P:Unfortunately they rejected my offer. I am certain this was due to fear of their own life as well as their families..

I further researched into this through talking to youngsters and media..

(R ):Sounds like mafia.


P:This was started systematically in the Nothern Province immediately after the end of war around 2010 and it continues..

(R ):This means this person wants the war to return.


P:According to US cable review (intelligence report), clearly states the Navy, Army and EPDP were directly involved in this..


(R ):A Sri Lankan Tamil should not need American judgments.


P:We do hear few arrests now and then seems only an eye wash!


(R ):The government does not have money to do more.


P:The coastal islands of Jaffna mainly Delft became operational Head Quarters for this illicit activity for a very long time

:Drugs were brought here via Sea. Mainly a drug called 'Ice' or ' Crystal Ice' , it is a class A deadly drug become widely available. No shortage for cocaine, heroine...either.


(R ):That coastal areas in North are prone to unlawful activities due to lack of ownership  by governments – central as well as provincial and local. Hence like Katcha Theevu, these islands have ‘smuggling ancestry’


P:Since the foreign money heavily flowing in Jaffna, it became an easy target for drug trade.


(R ):If those who left are part of the ancestry, it is natural


P:Apparently this drug driving girls into engage unwanted sexual activities. It is highly addictive and they often engage in prostitution, in order to maintain their addiction. Also they are forced to sell it to their friends and acquaintances.

The latest I heard these girls are forced to engage in on line sexual activities/business.



(R ):What is ‘wanted sexual activity? Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world


P: I believe their addiction currently cost them at least 50k rupees per month.

When they stop taking they get depression, fits, teeth grinding..unless they go through proper rehab.

Apparently number of former EPDP cadres who are mostly 3 wheeler drivers, maintaining the drug supply chain. They seems to know who lives where and their family members..

Young men who are addicted, driven them to violent crimes such as rape, robbery, murder..


(R ):All these existed during the war also


P:While I was in Jaffna, within a month I came across 3 suicides. One should not be surprised if they were drug related.. One was a 19 year old young woman, another 16 year old school student, apparently the post mortem revealed she was 3months pregnant and a father who could not have any control over his daughter's activities..

Last month a mother of 2 children committed suicide, well known to me, own brother is a famous doctor in Jaffna.. It seems drugs and extortion played a part in it...


(R ):Does the doctor know of post war trauma? If yes, what has he done to prevent war in North?


P:Since our community extremely cares about family reputations they don't seek help, instead try to hide these issues.

Also there aren't much rehabs available they seem to be suffering in silence..

This matter has put me off quite badly.. Especially when you realise our own people are destroying our community!!! Just like others I have been very proud of my origin and upbringing. Trust me when I returned in April facing local elections here(only a paper candidate for North Harrow) I could not step into a single house to campaign.. Maybe I have been too sensitive...

The biggest question is how deep this problem has routed and what are we going to do about this???


(R ):Like Corona virus we do not know of a cure for this pandemic. But we can offset the negative with positive. If you are a teetotaller just become part of that community. Your good karma will cure them. That is what communities are for


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